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Review: Montaigne by Stefan Zweig

I received an advanced review copy of this title from Pushkin Press through Edelweiss.  Montaigne was originally written in German in 1941 and this English translation is done by Will Stone. noch 1.054 Wörter

Literature In Translation

Johnson and Zweig Response

Some topics that stuck with me from the Johnson reading was about food, the royalty and marriage, being a bulwark of Catholicism and being multinational as compared to being nationalistic. noch 440 Wörter

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Review: Confusion by Stefan Zweig

I have not been very active on the blog this week, but I have a great excuse.  Classes have started again so that means I am back in the classroom.  noch 984 Wörter


Fantastic Night: Tales of Longing and Liberation (Stefan Zweig)

I first knew the name Stefan Zweig when I saw his bust in a park in Paris. It was raining that day, so the statue looked like it was crying, and the idea of a face cast in bronze, weeping and ignored, moved me profoundly. noch 2.600 Wörter


Stefan Zweig: ”Ljus och skugga över Europa”

Aldrig har jag älskat vår gamla jord mer än under dessa sista år före första världskriget, aldrig hyst större förhoppningar om ett enat Europa, aldrig trott mer på dess framtid än under denna tid då vi tyckte oss se en ny morgonrodnad. noch 373 Wörter


Dante-Gardel-Zweig, December 3, 2006

Still in September I had an article on great expatriates. I don’t really remember its content, but how I like the opportunity to put together men of unexpected times and places! noch 34 Wörter


The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) - Wes Anderson

Unlike most of Anderson’s output this really has soul. The characters are beautifully developed with subtle details in the manner of a classic European short story (Zweig, Hrabal) and the WW2 subject matter is not brushed aside by the decadent visual style and thematics. noch 33 Wörter

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