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I try to spend a lot of time reading, but one of my issues is that I read an article I like, leave the tab open because I want to try to save some information from it, and forget about it. 253 weitere Wörter


Doing the right thing for the wrong reason


Are investors doing the right thing for the wrong reason? Jason Zweig in a recent episode of Better Off with Jill Schlesinger… 644 weitere Wörter

Money Matters

Food 9

Country Hunter Turkey and Rabbit

Price: 0.82 pounds / 15 RMB per 85 g

Content: turkey 62%, rabbit 34%, black currant 1%, cranberry 1%, spirulina 0.5%, catnip 0.01%, yucca extract, green tea extract, grape seed extract, rosemary extract. 88 weitere Wörter


Food 8

AniForte LandChicken chicken with pumpkin

Price: 1.99 euro for 200g

Content: 70.0% chicken hearts, chicken meat, chicken liver, chicken kidney, and chicken breasts (? I am not sure if Google gave me the right translation…); 27.4% chicken broth, and 2% pumpkin. 114 weitere Wörter


Food 7

Auenland Rindfleisch-Thunfisch-Häppchen ( beef and tuna)

Price: 2.59 euro/ 36 RMB

Content: beef muscle 75%, tuna 10%, carrots, rapeseed oil, ground oyster shell. 85% of pure meat is not bad at all. 126 weitere Wörter


Food 6

Edenfood Bio Ziege (organic goat)

First day of lunar calendar new year oho!

Shared a big dinner with families last night, of course that includes Zweig~ This glass can specially reserved for this occasion 😎 and naturally he finished them all. 130 weitere Wörter