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How I choose cat cans

Now here are the standards I take into account and will enlist in my following writings:

1. High protein & low carb: proteins above 45%, fat around 30~40%, and no more than 12% of carbs. 310 weitere Wörter


Food 5

Lily’s Kitchen Organic Turkey Dinner


About 15 yuan for 100g.

This is the only patch of Lily’s Kitchen products I got before the packing changed from 100 g to 85 g. 204 weitere Wörter


Apollo's Girl


NY Jewish Film Festival
(January 11 – 24, 2017)

Film Society of Lincoln Center/Jewish Museum

NYJFF 2017 has a big palette; color it interesting. 1.068 weitere Wörter


Food 4

K9 Feline Natural freeze dried, chicken and lamb feast

It was suggested that a freeze dried feeding might be cheaper than cans, as this raw diet is much more filling and very healthy at the same time. 131 weitere Wörter


Food 3 

GranataPet Symphonie No.5 (Chicken)

A new can for our kitten today! I have heard of this series for a long time but didn’t find a chance to try it until quite recent. 64 weitere Wörter


Food 2

Nature’s Variety Instinct Duck Formula

Opened one for Zweig as soon as the package arrived! He had it once before, and it’s the only duck meal he has (happily). 131 weitere Wörter


Food 1

Trying to keep track of all the wet food Zweig has been having.

Catz Finefood is a brand Zweig definitely loves. And the price is quite fair for its good quality. 25 weitere Wörter