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S’il y a bien quelque chose que je regrette, c’est de ne pas m’être contrainte, avant d’aller voir Harry Potter à l’école des sorciers au cinéma en 2001, à figer dans mon esprit le visage que j’avais attribué à chaque personnage en lisant les premiers tomes du récit. 1.305 weitere Wörter

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Stefan Zweig 'Twenty four Hours in the Life of a Woman'

Can you trust a drug addict who promises he will stop of his own accord? Should you let him overdose if you think you can save him? 1.003 weitere Wörter

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Review: A Game of Chess and Other Stories by Stefan Zweig

A Game of Chess and Other Stories
by Stefan Zweig (translated by Peter James Bowman)
Alma Classics: 320pp.: £4.99

Mihail Sebastian’s For Two Thousand Years, which was… 2.299 weitere Wörter


#12: Explore Helsinki Synagogue

Visible to thousands of Helsinki inhabitants and commuters to the capital city passing Kamppi every day, yet very few locals know the answer when you ask them where the Synagogue is. 385 weitere Wörter

All Year


Translation of a poem by Stefan Zweig

I love each first anxious caress,

Still part question and already part trust,

Because after them more hours press, 90 weitere Wörter


Happy Birthday, Mr. Zweig!

I am so glad to have met you this year. Through your stupendously masterful Chess Story, you got into my book world like a summer rain; unexpected but alluring. 350 weitere Wörter


Review: Montaigne by Stefan Zweig

I received an advanced review copy of this title from Pushkin Press through Edelweiss.  Montaigne was originally written in German in 1941 and this English translation is done by Will Stone. 1.054 weitere Wörter

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