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What the world needs is a.........Xylitol

Xylitol could save your teeth!
So what is…Xylitol?
It’s a sweetener derived from the fibrous parts of plants. Similar in taste to regular sugar but with a significant difference—-the Xylitol molecule contains five carbon atoms rather than 6 found in most other sugars. noch 438 Wörter


Daeyoung Foods - Korea

This korean company ( might not be one of the big players in the country (Like Lotte, Haiti, Orion,…) but their product is outstanding. noch 184 Wörter

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SparX is Fine and Dandy Candy that is Actually Good for You {Review}

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I received three samples of SparX candy in exchange for this review. 

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Sugar Substitutes Compared: The Best and The Worst- Part II

Continued from Sugar Substitutes Compared: The Best and The Worst- Part I

Natural Sweeteners such as honey and agave:
Derived from a desert plant, agave nectar is a ‘natural’ sweetener with a slightly fruity flavour. noch 326 Wörter


Almond and Orange Polenta Cake

Some time ago Boyfriend and I started watching ‘Downton Abbey’. We haven’t watched it before. At the beginning we laughed a lot because it is a classic example of a British subdued drama, just like Eddie Izzard described: noch 794 Wörter


Are Artificial Sweeteners Safe?

Hi Blogger Friends

I’ve heard and even learned in some of my research over the last several years that artificial sweeteners may cause you to gain weight instead of lose. noch 418 Wörter

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Sweetener vs sugar: Which ones you should avoid

VANCOUVER – The only common thing about sugar substitutes and sweeteners is that they taste sweet.

But everything else is different.

Dietitian Melodie Yong says our bodies handle these substitutes differently and the chemical structure of each are different again. noch 281 Wörter