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Which Natural Sweetener is the Healthiest for You?

There’s plenty of information on the harmful effects sugar can have on your body, but if you’re like millions of other people with a sweet tooth, you probably don’t want to give up that sweet pleasure completely. noch 475 Wörter


Sugar free tablet colostrum candy

Mint flavor / Lemon flavor / Pineapple flavor / blueberry flavor / Blackcurrant flavor

The main ingredients of the candy:

  • • Xyitol & Sorbitol;
  • • Freeze-drying powder for First milk of cow–colostrum (freeze-drying powder contains IGg>=20%, no sugar prescription;
  • noch 84 Wörter

Sugar free chewing gum (Xylitol & Sorbitol)

1. Packing: 6 pieces / blister; 1 blister / box; 36 boxes / middle box;

2. Flavor: Mint / Lemon/ Fruit

3. Composition: Gum base: 35%; Sorbitol + Xylitol: 45%; noch 20 Wörter

Mouth-rinse: Hydrosols and Xylitol

In conjunction with a toothpaste I made to help treat gum inflammation, it seemed wise to concoct a soothing mouth-rinse that could be used to: noch 384 Wörter


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We really hate sugar in a way. The world we live in are desperately trying to find a sustainable new type of sugar substitute that can permanently replace all the sugar in the food that we eat. noch 1.113 Wörter


Is Sugar-Free Gum Really Good For Your Teeth? New Study Call...

“Sugar-free chewing gum flavored with xylitol is often touted as “good” for oral health. But new research is calling that claim into question.”

Read the full story at: noch 7 Wörter