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Plum and apple crumble with vegan ice cream

Recently I’ve  watched ‘While We’re Young’. And it left me thinking, what the what?

There were few funny moments, but the whole film was making me wonder – did Noah Baumbach really made up his mind what he wanted to say or did he change it half way through? noch 644 Wörter


I've switched to Xylitol...and I like it!

Milky, caffeinated and sweetened with two spoonfuls of sugar. That’s the way I’ve always liked to sup on my tea. And before you judge me, I know that deep down you’ll agree that a decent cup of builder’s can do much to revive the senses and lift flagging energy levels. noch 213 Wörter

Review: WheyHey Ice Cream

All hail the ultimate ‘cheat clean’ protein indulgence. WheyHey Protein Ice Cream. Whether you’re a number crunching macro counter, a health conscious gym bunny, or just trying to eat a little healthier, grab yourself a tub of this creamy goodness and you won’t miss the regular stuff. noch 896 Wörter

Whey Protein

cranberry almond bars

“A gift this good’s just gotta be shared!”
(James, The Princess and the Frog film)

1 1/2 c. almond butter
1 egg
1/3 c. xylitol… noch 50 Wörter


My Sister's Cheesecake

You know what this is??… No, I’m not going to quote Kaye West’s ‘Celebration’ lyrics, although it is in a way celebration time b****s….

It’s this time of year again, when you watch ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and listen to the soundtrack while cooking or baking. noch 262 Wörter


Choc swamp cake: Version 2 - a shaggy, wild beast

If the previous choc cake was a swamp, this one’s more like baked chocolate molten lava! It’s dark, and even a bit fluffy –  a shaggy wild beast of a cake, to be sure. noch 189 Wörter

Sweet Treats


I leave you here a link to the article published in where you can see the discussion about the validity of the claim about the value of xylitol as oral care agent. noch 44 Wörter