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gingerbread cookies

“Nearly eleven o’clock,” said Pooh happily. “You’re just in time for a little smackerel of something.”
(Winnie the Pooh, The House At Pooh Corner book) noch 76 Wörter


Xylitol in toothpaste may prevent tooth decay, but there is no evidence that xylitol in sweets and chewing gum has an effect

Tooth decay is a common disease affecting up to 90% of children and most adults worldwide. It impacts on quality of life and can be the reason for thousands of children needing dental treatment under general anaesthetic in hospital. noch 568 Wörter

Tooth Decay

"Hi, my Name is Liz. Nice to Meet You!"

First of all, let me start by introducing myself!  My brother-in-law, Brad, who is quite the gentleman in every sense of the word, is currently teaching my adorable two-year-old nephew to walk up to a new friend, extend his sweet, chubby little hand, and say, “Hi, I am Hiestand!   noch 1.336 Wörter


The Adventures Of Detoxing My Dental Care Routine

Dental health is a vital topic, but also it’s an area shaped by false beliefs, toxins, marketing blurbs, half-truths and highly contradictory advice. Who to believe and, most importantly, … noch 774 Wörter


Jack N' Jill's toothpaste review

I recently met the Jack N’ Jill team at Natural Products West. I am always on the search for kids toothpaste that my kids actually like.   noch 282 Wörter

Sugar Detox: Day 3

Still dreaming of sugar… Not as intense as yesterday though.

Today, I went grocery shopping at my local organic supermarket. Before I went, I googled ‘curb sugar cravings’. noch 179 Wörter


Coconut Rice Pudding

Recently I  visited my friends. Which was very nice.

They live in Docklands and when I left them, on the way to the tube station, I couldn’t stop thinking about ‘Working Girl’. noch 385 Wörter