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Vegan Air Fryer Berry Cake

I have owned an air fryer for the past 4 or so, years now. Deep frying has been made completely obsolete in my kitchen. When I first started off I used to get large packs of frozen potato sticks available in my local supermarket. 202 weitere Wörter

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Spicy Vegan Golden Rooibos Chai

Turmeric, is an ancient Indian spice used in different ways for its healing, digestive and anti-inflammatory properties. Used extensively in Indian food preparation for its lovely flavour and gorgeous yellow colour, it is a staple in most Indian households. 165 weitere Wörter

Vegan Recipes

Chocolate Mousse

I made this little treat yesterday with leftover ingredients. The result was AMAZING. It takes about 5 minutes to prepare and serves two. You’ll get two small but very satisfying and filling portions with just… 156 weitere Wörter



Acest praf este eficient pentru ȋngrijirea şi remineralizarea dinţilor, protejează ȋmpotriva cariilor, plăcii bacteriene, tartrului, afecţiunilor gingivale, reduce sȃngerările şi conferă cavităţii bucale şi respiraţiei prospeţime, datorită ingredientelor active. 362 weitere Wörter

Argilă Albă

Double Chocolate Brownies

100g Cocoa Plus Chocolate
2 tsp coconut oil
2 large eggs
120g Xylitol (or other sugar alternative)
220g 0% face greek yogurt
small dash of vanilla extract… 150 weitere Wörter


Vegan Raghavdas Laddoo A.K.A. Semolina Coconut Balls

An integral part of all Indian festivals and special occasions, as I was growing up were the luscious food preparations and sweet dishes.  „Laddoo“ balls, are a hot favourite usually made with a flour base mixed with sugar and clarified butter. 269 weitere Wörter

Vegan Recipes

White Chocolate Coconut Cheesecake

When everyone around you is eating candy and you can’t take it anymore? Make your own and eat without guilt! ;) That’s what I did the other day when I decided to make my own cheesecake while my family was digging in on the bread and ice cream. 330 weitere Wörter