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#atozchallenge: Late X

The challenge is over today.  My last three posts didn’t make it up in April. Visiting with daughter Julie who is an equine vet, makes life very busy. noch 265 Wörter


Xylitol, where are you?

Sweeteners seem to come in and out of style daily. When I was planning for today’s post, I went to the store to buy some xylitol. noch 148 Wörter

Weight Loss

#atozchallenge: Raspberries, the passion and pleasure

I come from northern Wisconsin, and a particular part of it that is extremely cold for a good long time in the winter.  We have three months of growing weather in a good year. noch 321 Wörter


Just another walk (Ray Style).

We had wonderful weather yesterday and so the plan was to walk Ray down to the lake and into our downtown core where we would go to Cobs Bread (he knows we go there regularly). noch 780 Wörter

German Shepherd

A Case of Xylitol Poisoning in a Dog

Did You Know Xylitol Can Have Serious and Fatal Effects in Dogs?

by Dr. Lesley Kovar

Kaiya is a 2 year old Husky who, a couple of weeks ago, ate protein bars baked by her owner. noch 520 Wörter


Sugar free Chocolate Cake

A delicious chocolate cake with far less calories and no sugar whatsoever, what is not to love!


  • 225g of Xylitol ( a sugar alternative, easily available in supermarkets such as Waitrose)
  • noch 169 Wörter

Dancer The Dog

The story of Dancer the dog has thankfully turned out to have a happy ending which incidentally led to the spreading of xylitol awareness among the dog owners community. noch 394 Wörter