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The Energy Sponge Toolkit

Everyone who has Low Latent Inhibition is highly sensitive, but not always to emotion. We all experience an astounding amount of stimulation every second of every day, but what we take in and how varies from person to person. noch 1.045 Wörter


Juneberries: A Best Kept Berry Secret

It’s almost the end of June and I haven’t written about juneberries, my favorite foraging fruit next to blackcaps. Juneberries are small, round berries that look like tiny purple crabapples, but that are soft like a blueberry. noch 710 Wörter


Everyone Needs Some Xylitol in Their Lives

Seriously only Asians would package xylitol candy in a tooth shaped container.
I admit it! I was weak! I almost bought it… almost.

Home Sweet Home

Carrot cupcakes

Everyone who has spent some time at University has got a different memory of it.  To some people it was more like ‘Accepted’, to some more like ’22 Jump Street’ and to some like ‘Educating Rita’. noch 469 Wörter


Peanut Butter

If you’re like many people, you enjoy giving your dog some peanut butter as an occasional treat. Some of us use it as a reward or to hide medication. noch 365 Wörter


Xylitol in peanut butter might KILL your dogs?

According to a finding by the ASPCA, there is a new ingredient in a popular food item that most Americans have in their kitchens, that if ingested by a dog can kill them… noch 305 Wörter