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Strawberry and kefir dessert 

Hi guys! I came up with this desert yesterday. It’s healthy and it improves immune function by promoting healthy bacteria growth in our guts.

This is a great desert if you have been taken antibiotics lately since they kill our herby bacteria. noch 125 Wörter

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Toothie Tuneup

Introducing Toothie Tuneup, one of Beeyoutiful’s newest products!

Beeyoutiful reminds us, “The mouth is the gateway to the body, and keeping your gatekeeper healthy is crucial.  noch 178 Wörter

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Beware Pet Poisons In Your Purse

By Nan Talleno

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Many dogs and some cats alike love to investigate so it’s vitally important to keep many hazardous items out of reach. noch 186 Wörter

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Young Living's Toothpastes - Part 2

Last week we wrote about a few of the ingredients you want to avoid in toothpastes, and ended with the ingredients in a couple of… noch 959 Wörter

Fruity Tooting?

Have you ever read the ingredients on a pack of gum?  Most people haven’t–don’t feel bad.  But you may want to start, especially if you’re having mysterious gas, bloating, or occasional diarrhea. noch 650 Wörter


Buckwheat and peanut chocolate chip cookie

I wasn’t here for a week as one can’t recover overnight after hearing the election results. Shock and horror.

Anyway, when I still lived in Poland, I didn’t have the slightest idea what northern soul was. noch 426 Wörter


Very Cherry Snack Cake

Angela finished a really stressful week, during which she took 3 AP tests.  Before that she had taken 3 SAT subject tests on Saturday.   With all the important standardized tests behind her, a little celebration is called for, and what’s a celebration without a cake?  noch 252 Wörter

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