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Keep peanut butter away from your dogs!

Because it could kill your beloved companion.

Fellow author Judi Holdeman sent me an email that contained a warning that had been in a recent health newsletter from Jeff Reagan. 319 weitere Wörter


Chewing sugarless gum to prevent tooth decay

In India, chewing a gum is often reflective of a brash or ostentatious personality. Mostly, teenagers or youngsters seem to be fond of chewing gums of different flavours, colours, and shapes. 666 weitere Wörter


Decadent Brownie For Diabetics (And Not Only)

Name day of beloved Aunt-Grandma was approaching. Of course, as usuall, I hit the eternal „what gift should I buy? problem. She’s no longer reading books, needlework and such were never her thing and liqueurs would rather clash hard with all the medicaments she needs to take. 147 weitere Wörter

Food Corner

Why You Should Chew Gum

Did you know that when your kids ask to chew gum, you shouldn’t always say no?  Certain gum is actually good for your teeth and will prevent cavities! 163 weitere Wörter

Cedar Rapids Smile Center

Instead of white sugar

Mashed fruits and berries

For example mashed bananas are great in baking, ice cream or in the morning oatmeal. Dadles, dryed mango, raisins or fresh strawberries. 315 weitere Wörter


Chocolate Mousse

I made this little treat yesterday with leftover ingredients. The result was AMAZING. It takes about 5 minutes to prepare and serves two. You’ll get two small but very satisfying and filling portions with just… 156 weitere Wörter



Acest praf este eficient pentru ȋngrijirea şi remineralizarea dinţilor, protejează ȋmpotriva cariilor, plăcii bacteriene, tartrului, afecţiunilor gingivale, reduce sȃngerările şi conferă cavităţii bucale şi respiraţiei prospeţime, datorită ingredientelor active. 362 weitere Wörter

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