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5 Ingredient Vegan Hot Chocolate

I can never decide if hot chocolate in winter tastes better than in warmer weather! After my newest acquisition, a big tin of Soy Milk Powder… noch 127 Wörter

Vegan Recipe

Launching the Birthday Season ...

Recently I’ve been experimenting with low-sugar or no-sugar cakes. Yes I know the logical option would just be to forswear cakes completely but please … and anyway, I cook for a small group of elderly tenants who like cake. noch 283 Wörter


Easy Peasy Strawberry Jam

It seems it’s been an especially heavy week or so around the world, and blogging about the intricacies of eating local seems rather irrelevant at the moment. noch 801 Wörter

Eat Local

New Natural Remedy (Fluoride-Free) for Decay

Just kidding. Just wanted to have your attention.

Today I am going to write about fluoride. And the reason for doing this is that I keep on running into articles and websites promoting fluoride-free toothpastes (and water). noch 1.348 Wörter


Xylitol and Dogs - A Dangerous Combination

Most dog owners know that they should keep chocolate in a secure area. But what many dog owners in Cincinnati aren’t aware of is chocolate is far from being the only substance that can put a dog’s health at risk if ingested. noch 427 Wörter


A Common Artificial Sweetener Is Poisoning Dogs

Xylitol is an artificial sweetener found in everything from toothpaste to peanut butter to sugar-free gum. And, it turns out, it’s poison for dogs.

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