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Ever wondered how easily you get online and punch a few keys to visit that website half way around the world or send messages to your loved ones instantly? noch 398 Wörter


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Hypothesis est un logiciel libre  qui permet de faire des annotations sur n’importe quelle page internet et qui peuvent être partagées aux autres utilisateurs. Ainsi, au contraire d’une section commentaire sur une page Youtube, ce n’est pas une compagnie qui contrôle et modère la discussion, mais plutôt la communauté. noch 221 Wörter

Libre Accès

Tech Support Scams / Pop-ups are on the rise!

Tech Support Scams / Pop-ups are on the rise!

Be aware about the ever growing amount of “Tech Support” Scams and Pop-ups!  And please, do not fall for these website pop-ups or phone calls designed to rip-YOU-off!  noch 423 Wörter

Computer Security

Business News Articles

The marketing world of World Wide Web has been abuzz about PLR, or private label rights products for several years. And so today, while we have public domain content that is absorbed by marketers like rain in a dry sandy beach, PLR content is still in demand, and it still has numerous benefits

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Business Planning

Can online activism bring about change?

From the rise of a  ‘pirate party’  in Sweden, dealing with net policy issues, to Kony 2012 and online shaming campaigns against corporations;  the last couple of years have undoubtedly been marked by a rise in political mobilisation online. noch 382 Wörter


Lions eating scarecrows and a boy with no conscience

The other day, I was sitting at my computer, wasting time playing Minion Rush (oh the joys of having a six-year-old who knows how to download pointless games onto the desktop!) and pondering some of life`s most important questions like “ noch 778 Wörter

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W is for World Wide Web

Looking back to the series of circumstances that draw me to costume-design, I can’t help but realize that this wouldn’t be possible without the World Wide Web. noch 272 Wörter

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