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'The Internet Tidal Wave,' 20 years on

Twenty years ago this week, Bill Gates sent a lengthy internal memorandum to senior staff at Microsoft Corporation, announcing an embrace of the Internet that was to help shape the digital landscape of the second half of the 1990s. noch 767 Wörter

Watershed Year

Chiraq: Where a Kid Can be a Kid

File this under: People be cray.

You should never, ever, never, let your three-year-old go to the park all by herself. Unless she’s your third child. noch 774 Wörter

Google Structured Data

Freewebstore has added Google’s Structured Data markup to your products.

What is Structured Data and how does it benefit my store ?

“Structured data markup” is a standard way to annotate your content so machines can understand it. noch 122 Wörter


The Reputation Economy

A new digital world is coming, where the well-prepared will harness the power of their digital reputations to profit an others will be left behind without knowing it.   noch 536 Wörter

Melodically Meaningful


Books, stories
  logs of travels,
   of TV shows
  and the
World Wide Web
    what are they

Our inner stories,
    are we heroes
    or spectators, noch 11 Wörter


Living with MS

Walk with me this morning
Hold my left hand tight
I’ll grasp cane in my right
Push forward with all my might

Yet all my might means little… noch 152 Wörter


Around the World [Wide Web] | vol. 9


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