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RIP craigslist personals... they just shut it down over a sex trafficking bill Congress just passed...

Earlier today, I went over to the craigslist personals section and seen that craigslist has shut it all down. Yep, they shut down everything in craigslist personals. 285 weitere Wörter

World Wide Web

March 23rd | Week in Review

¡Hola a todos! Below are this week’s resources. I hope you have as much fun reading them as I did in gathering them!

– Beacon Broadside shared „ 513 weitere Wörter

World Wide Web

The Birth of Citizen Journalism.

Ask yourself when you first heard the term ‚citizen journalism‘ Did you know what it was? If your answer is NO, this blog is for you! 487 weitere Wörter

Citizen Journalism

Is Social Media Making Us Less Social?

When was the last time you purposely switched off your phone or wifi to get out of the commotion created by the virtual world? The internet is growing at a phenomenal pace, this world wide web can … 9 weitere Wörter


Tencent Q4 net profit nearly doubles to 20.8 bn yuan, beats estimates

Chinese internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd posted on Wednesday a 98 percent rise in quarterly net profit, beating expectations as it deepens monetisation of the growing traffic on its social networks. 108 weitere Wörter

A Fresh Look At Blog Basics

It is very easy to become so involved with something that the technical details become overwhelming so, once in awhile, I feel it is necessary to stop all the struggling and to relax and review the basics once again. 635 weitere Wörter

General Interest

Facebook's Privacy Dilemma, It's Pretty Sobering

Many of you have heard about the Facebook story involving Cambridge Analytica and user data being mined for political use. So many things you do on the site are being stored for research and some of it is being used to manipulate behaviors and opinion. 228 weitere Wörter

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