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World Wide Web が 25歳になった:世界への浸透率を1枚のチャートで確認する!

The Not So World Wide Web

Felix Richter – Aug 23, 2016



25 years ago, on August 23, 1991, a British computer scientist made the World Wide Web available to the public. 201 weitere Wörter


How It All Turned Out

In November 1989, I found myself in Pittsburgh where — in addition to experiencing firsthand how dead a city’s downtown can be on a Sunday evening — I attended the… 78 weitere Wörter

Social Media

Like an Internet Inventor

LesterMoney is a division of the Holland Meissner Company. A company founded by the the wiz that developed the diluted property rights theory.  Therefore, in celebration of Internaut Day, we add this article to ask: How rich to you think Tim Berners-Lee would have been had he not given the world wide web away? 99 weitere Wörter

Financial Blog

The World Wide Web turns 25: How it changed everything

On Aug. 23, 1991, the way humanity communicated with one another was forever changed with the creation of the World Wide Web.

The man responsible was Tim Berners-Lee, a British computer scientist who was working in Switzerland’s CERN (there was no particle accelerator then). 1.050 weitere Wörter


Happy 25th birthday to the World Wide Web - "Internaut Day"

The term „Internaut“ refers to one who explores cyber-space and now encompasses all 3.17 billion of us! On 23rd August in 1991, the internet was made open to the public. 152 weitere Wörter


Happy Internaut Day, correct or not!

Today, August 23, is the 25th anniversary of the official launch of the World Wide Web, which went public  to the public on Aug. 23, 1991, 794 weitere Wörter

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