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What to Wear to a Conference

As part of my job, I attend a lot of conferences. I’m heading to one this weekend in fact, and by December, I’ll have been to about ten this year. 838 weitere Wörter


Staying Connected while away with a Book Countdown

Traveling for work is definitely the thing that I have the hardest time juggling. It’s not frequent enough that we’ve been forced to come up with a good system and routine, but it is often enough that it can feel pretty disruptive. 417 weitere Wörter


The highlight

So of course the highlight of my China adventure so far has been having my foot back!!!!! 🤗🤗🤗 It is not 100% yet but the boot is off and I am walk!!!!! 151 weitere Wörter


Soaking in the superyacht life in St Lucia

St Lucia had never really been high on my travel bucket list. Not that it’s Caribbean shores haven’t wandered into my thoughts in times of desperately longing for winter to be over, but it just has never really appealed for more than the sun, sea and bottomless BBCs. 193 weitere Wörter


Week 43: Monterey Bay Half Prep

Upcoming Races-

  • Rock n Roll Los Angeles 13.1 (Thank you BibRave!)- 10/29
  • Monterey Bay Half Marathon (Thank you BibRave!)- 11/12
  • Oakland Turkey Trot- (Thank you BibRave!) 11/22…
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An Unexpected Work&Travel Summer in USA

I have changed. I have evolved. I see things differently.

This summer through the work & travel program I went to the US for the second consecutive year. 758 weitere Wörter