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It’s officially spring in the Northern hemisphere. My favourite time of year, although living in Singapore there is hardly any variation in weather all year round. 339 weitere Wörter

Single Mother By Choice

Moving forwards

Finally feeling like the haze has lifted a little. It has been a difficult few weeks and I feel like I’ve been a robot, just going through the motions everyday until it’s time to go to bed at night, wake up and do the same again the next day. 424 weitere Wörter

Single Mother By Choice

I met two lovely fellow German backpackers at the new hostel I was staying at- Ady’s Place (which I, by the way, preferred a lot to the first one because it’s cheaper and there’s a lot more included in the price eg. 263 weitere Wörter


Und so schnell ist meine erste Woche in Australien dann auch schon wieder vorbei.

Es gab viel zu sehen in Sydney. Irgendwie ist es doch schade, jetzt schon so früh gehen zu müssen, aber nun freue ich mich umso mehr auf meine nächste Station: Adelaide. 126 weitere Wörter


The past two days I’ve done nothing but walk. 59486 steps total. That’s nearly 30 km! Trust me, my feet have never hurt this much. But I actually enjoy exploring the city like this. 130 weitere Wörter


I spent a week in New York City and here's what it taught me

I’ve never been particularly attracted to the east coast. Every time I even encountered an east coaster, I could immediately tell… they were just different… 2.492 weitere Wörter


Hello Sydney

My first stop in Australia: iconic Sydney

You might know that I was originally planning on staying at a friend’s place… Well, because her landlord doesn’t allow it, I’m at a hostel now.

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