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What else but yarn?

Things have been fairly busy here in the studio. I love doing what I do and can’t imagine returning to ‘proper’ work now (although I probably work harder than ever, it just doesn’t feel like it). noch 199 Wörter


On The Frame

Started a new rug hooking course with Deanne Fitzpatrick about 4 weeks ago. It is an online course where she sends you two videos a week along with some commentaries and answers to questions that have been asked. noch 428 Wörter

Rug Hooking

To Infinity and Beyond

My urge to weave at the moment is showing no signs of stopping…and seeing as it is still a bit on the bloomin’ cold side in my neck of the woods, today I decided to make something warm and combine a bit of weaving and sewing. noch 303 Wörter


Teddy Sweater KAL

I am so excited to bring this sweater to you. I have had this idea for a while, but only recently had time to fit it into my schedule. noch 249 Wörter

Wool baby sweater for boys and girls

I don’t know why I haven’t shared this sweater before. This is the first sweater I started knitting for my baby boy. Soon I run out of yarn and started another project (see my other post about a green wool sweater). noch 89 Wörter