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Stained Glass Window Rug with My Helper Ace

I just finished this rug last week, and have started another ’stained glass window‘ rug in lighter, muter colors. It took a while because  moved to a lake where rug hooking will be amazing. 50 weitere Wörter

Rug Hooking

Floral Rug

All hand-dyed wool for this rug. It was a fun project.

I made two of this rug, one in blues and one in pinks. They were both 3×5, and I hooked in a size 6. 13 weitere Wörter

Rug Hooking

Needle Felted Giraffe

My latest work-in-progress! You can order a custom made giraffe on my Etsy here.




A long awaited Spencer Jacket (HSM 3/2017)

I finally did it, the one thing I’ve been talking (and thinking about) for about 4 years.

I made a Regency Spencer!


I’ve been wanting one since I first got into this hobby. 971 weitere Wörter

The Historical Sew Monthly

Yarn dyeing again!

After a few weeks of not being able to dye, I was desperate to get back in the kitchen and get my creativity going again.  So last night, I found myself with a spare hour and I took advantage and got my dyes out.   178 weitere Wörter


Washing Wool

I’m learning to wash wool by watching videos on youtube. There are many schools of thought about how to wash wool. In this photo I have a lambs fleece, dark brown, of Merino/Gotland cross, which is soft and curly crimped. 209 weitere Wörter

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