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Animal Products


Today, we are going to discuss about what we take from animals and how we extract it from them. Knowing these can bail you out of many diseases! noch 1.377 Wörter

Finding My Way Back


I’ve been a full-time caregiver for several years and will continue to provide care yet always find time here and there for any sort of needlework/fiber art (my passion).  noch 18 Wörter


From my treasure-chest...

While searching through my substantial and treasured stash for something quite different – I found some embroidered edging for traditional Norwegian knitted sweaters / cardigans (kofter). noch 164 Wörter


spinning Gotland and Targhee

My boyfriend got me many gifts for my birthday, one of which arrived in the mail Thursday: a LOT of spinning fiber from Spunky Eclectic… noch 156 Wörter


Episode 117: Android or Robot?

Welcome, what’s been going on in life, The Last Unicorn, Traveling Monsters Rebecca Danger, Sophie’s Universe, knitting and spinning, tv, reading and life!

Episode 117: Android or Robot? noch 191 Wörter


Wool Test Results

A couple of weeks ago I sent samples of all my sheep’s wool off to a lab in Texas to be evaluated. There are a number of different ways that wool is graded in the industry, but most flocks are moving towards micron thickness since its a standardized, objective way to measure wool fineness. noch 736 Wörter

Sheep & Goats


When I was on my walk in The Peak District, I collected all the sheep’s wool I found caught in bushes and walls. When I got back home, I decided to felt the wool to make it into one piece. noch 800 Wörter