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I’ve been trying to write this post for many hours, days in fact and I’m still struggling with finding the right words , so maybe I should just come straight out and say it, then explain? noch 564 Wörter


Thrifting Saturday #1

Hello everyone.

I hope this beautiful 4th of July finds you celebrating with family and friends.  We will be headed off to cook out soon.  I woke up early to get this post out,  because  I’m very excited to bring you the first episode of Thrifting Saturday! noch 436 Wörter

Up Cycled

Weaving Ways

You might have noticed by now, that my knitting needles haven’t been getting much use of late?

Don’t worry, I’m not ready to put them away just yet, it’s purely an enforced pause due to the dreaded hayfever season.   noch 761 Wörter


Grow What You Eat, Eat What You Grow. 

Growing up, the summertime meant picking veggies from our garden, stealing raspberries from the neighbors and foraging clovers to snack on. Picking fruits and vegetables from the garden and eggs from the chickens has brought me right back to that. noch 239 Wörter

Head In The Clouds

Here is the finished plush crochet cloud for my friend, I managed some decreases and rounded edges. It’s on my baby’s back to give you a size guide. The baby himself is big!