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Soup Days

The weather has turned chill and the frost lingers on the rooves of the valley where the sun doesn’t warm them. Hearty soups always appeal to me during weather like this.  noch 304 Wörter

Rachel Atkinson on Working with Wool

This evening on the cusp of Working with Wool and Wearing Wool, we hear from Rachel Atkinson whom many of you may know through her blog, … noch 1.082 Wörter

Working With Wool

Wednesday WIP - Second Chance Saloon

Remember this?

Rescued from its previous incarnation, this yarn is rising from the ashes!

Its new destiny is Akoya by Carol Feller … a neat design, with enough pattern detail to be interesting, without being too complicated. noch 96 Wörter

Courtney Stodden Protests Wool, Looks Freezing

She is doing the Lord’s work.

PETA convinced Courtney Stodden to take a stand against wool and encourage others to “save sheep” yesterday in Los Angeles. noch 21 Wörter


So who thinks these are great?! I learnt how to crochet stitch and I love attaching patches and prints to clothes, making them 3D. The wool is also super cosy in the Winter. noch 18 Wörter

Wrapped up in Norway

It’s been a loooong time since my last post. I am sorry for the silence but there are few things that I could review and there weren’t any profound thoughts I could share. noch 725 Wörter

Clothes Reviews

Yarn Stash - part 2: Herdwick Wool

This rug uses Herdwick wool yarn I bought in Cumbria, England when Mrs. Daylight and I were visiting in 2006.

It is from the Herdwick breed of sheep.  noch 188 Wörter