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More Twill

Work is moving along and Burning Daylight Studios is keeping me plenty busy, and is proving to be a suitable home to Daylight Weaving. I know it sounds confusing, but I really like both names, so I kept them both, on for the physical studio, and one for the business. 197 weitere Wörter

Finished: Duskwings

So it’s not a Friday, but I couldn’t wait any longer: I needed to talk about my pride and joy, my graduation-to-next-level-lace-knitting, my biggest knitting triumph of the year so far. 563 weitere Wörter


Herringbone Bomber

I started planning this one right after finishing my first Papercut Rigel Bomber. Or at least when I’d worn it for a while and realised that the low neckline wasn’t going to cut it in colder weather. 637 weitere Wörter



I have some batts that I carded up with some slightly sticky wool.  I had originally thought to sell these sticky batts, but have since decided that I would wash these batts and see how they spin up.  183 weitere Wörter


Navajo and Mojo

I am one for a bit of a routine, but these last few weeks everything has been up in the air, my work meetings are sporadic due to school holidays, so I have been at home a lot more, working longer hours and I feel like I am not sure whether I am coming or going! 569 weitere Wörter


What's Wrong With Wool?

Sheep produce wool to insulate themselves from cold and heat, though they have been genetically modified over time to produce far more wool than they require for this purpose. 340 weitere Wörter