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Patching it up.

One of the things that I do quite a lot of is mending clothes. I really believe in not throwing clothes away when they break, but mending and re-making whenever possible. noch 605 Wörter


1910s-1920s pullover workshirt
This vintage shirt was made in the late 1910s- mid 1920s. It is made of red wool, in a pullover style, with a convertible collar and buttoned breast pockets. noch 71 Wörter


1930s Sears Hercules plaid work jacket
This vintage plaid mackinaw coat was made in the mid 1930s for Sears under the Hercules workwear label. This coat was also made under the Fieldmaster hunting label for Sears at the same time, however the hunting version has a game pouch, while this, the workwear version, does not. noch 55 Wörter


CoolKnits: Chunky Dresses and skirts


Since I started knitting/crocheting, my love for pure and thick wool has been total. I am always in search of inspiring images, new models and patterns available that are challenging to knit. noch 78 Wörter


1960s Thunderbird zip front cardigan sweater
This vintage cardigan was made in the 1960s. It is made from rust colored wool, with a brass Talon zipper. It has elbow patches and heavy wear and damage throughout. noch 21 Wörter


La Trilogía del SILO

Como este blog no trata sobre crítica literaria sino sobre opiniones personales (entiéndase, sobre MI opinión, con la que se puede estar de acuerdo o no, faltaría más), que mejor que empezar con la que me suscita la lectura, al principio adictiva y finalmente tediosa, de la… noch 456 Wörter

Ciencia Ficción

Scared to confess what I'm feeling

SKIN : Cristy 6 (champagne)   / @The Arcade / by  
HAIR : Clawtooth: La Bella Donna Prize 3   / @The Arcade / by… noch 115 Wörter

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