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Hand spun, naturally dyed, hand knit and finished

I have finally finished the colourwork jumper.

The design includes beets from Kate Davies‚ Beet Heid tam. It’s a variation on her Neep Heid pattern… noch 295 Wörter

Natural Dyeing

Tea Cosy

Having finished my degree (and getting awarded a First) I finally have time to start using some of my vast stash of fabric and thought I’d start by make a tea cosy for the campervan tea pot. noch 405 Wörter


New Halloween Rug-2016-Sunnie/rug hooking/using leftovers/hooked rugs-Day 12

Because of  watching the news from time to time this last week, I have had some time to get more hooking done!!!   Unfortunately, the political scene has been very disappointing…so working with wool and doing something artistic brings some enjoyment back into the day!!! noch 200 Wörter

Rug Hooking

Coggies & Cuddies is going cruelty free.

Warning – this post contains no pictures but is not necessarily for the sensitive. Neither does it contain links, as the things I saw were upsetting, but its all out there to be looked up and googled if people wish to research it for themselves. noch 653 Wörter


This Footballer Is Betting On Wool For His Trainers, And They're Selling Out

Former footballer from New Zealand, Tim Brown started his business, Allbirds, by falling down a “rabbit hole” in 2011. Five years on, he’s got more than $2 million capital under his belt, a business partner, and a new office in the Bay Area.  noch 99 Wörter

Social Impact

Granny squares for days!

So many granny squares and variations to be sorted, organized, finished off, and sewn together! Hoping to have this blanket done by August!


Instagram and Me and Tanis Fibre Arts

There are lots of weddings today around here. I know these things now because we dress people for them at 30 Church Women’s Clothing across the street. noch 380 Wörter

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