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Aldi blanket update!

The blanket is coming along nicely the first ball of 100g allowed me to do 29cms, 36 Rows, on 8mm needles with 63 sts. Chunky wool….

Aldi Yarn

What makes a good wool shop?

I’ve been considering this – and I’d better fess up, because I work in one, half a day a week, to get me a) out of the house, b) working with all sorts of yarn fabulousness, and c) to give me an excuse to make the most enormous fuss of the individual who really runs Knit one… in Dolgellau, the lovely and somewhat… 725 weitere Wörter


ready to roll

There is some rock to go with the rolling somewhere in this composition, but I haven’t quite got that far yet.

I am this morning nursing a sore bum. 94 weitere Wörter


Interview Attire For Women: Here's What To Wear To Present Yourself Best


You finally get a chance to showcase your education and skill sets at an upcoming interview with your dream company. At this time, it is crucial to make a lasting impression that stems from both your experience and your appearance. 950 weitere Wörter

Money Matters

pipe and drum

I decided to make their cheeks pink because they puffing so much. Also because it’s really very unusual in early art to find a frontal face like this because it’s very hard to get right – they’re normally three quarters or profile – so it gave them a bit more life. 135 weitere Wörter


A Woolly Question

Story no. 45. I have been working with wool a LOT in the last week.

As always, illustration to follow.

A reminder: if you’d like to support this project, I have a… 2.140 weitere Wörter

Short Story