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Discovering the Baltic

I was lucky enough to be treated to a Baltic Cruise this Summer, and I thought you might enjoy a selection of the more artistic, quirky, and crafty things I encountered. 1.660 weitere Wörter


What kind of pyjamas for kids to choose?

Many young moms are asking, what kind of pyjama is the best for kids? Did you asked your-self the same question? Then I have the answer for you. 222 weitere Wörter


Chunky Cable Knit Blanket

As fall has finally arrived, chunky, cozy knits have become top priority on my to do lists. One thing I have always wanted is a giant, warm and squishy cable knit blanket, so I decided to begin this knit season with just that. 392 weitere Wörter


Bertie's Love Affair

My dog Bertie loves yarn. And food. Mostly food – but when he isn’t eating or trying to steal my dinner, Bertie loves to grab my working yarn and go for a joy run around whatever room I’m in at the time. 373 weitere Wörter


Ull er gull! Ikke?

„Du har vel på deg stillongs!?! Du må huske å ha ull innerst!“

Det sitter som støpt fra barndommen… Uten ull er man fortapt når kulda kommer! 509 weitere Wörter

Rhinebeck Loot!

This year I did not take any pictures of the actual fair, as I was too busy shopping and looking at everything.

Every year my mother and I go to NY Sheep and Wool on a bus from Webs. 343 weitere Wörter


Logwood purple socks

Dear reader, you know how socks go in my life.  I knit them at bus stops and train stations, on public transport, and oh, goodness!  I knit them in meetings.  325 weitere Wörter

Natural Dyeing