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Stillness and Quiet Settle the Soul -- A 70% off Shoe Sale Doesn't Hurt Much Either

This is one of those quiet days. The dust has settled from the past two weeks of making reFresh Boutique our own. I love the feel of fine fabrics and the allure of color, the glow of crystal chandeliers reflected in mirrors. noch 197 Wörter

ReFresh Boutique

Easy Easter Crafts for Children.... Eggs and Nests

The school half-term holidays are upon us already and in a few weeks it will be Easter. Where is this year going?? If you have children who are always complaining they are bored, or if the weather is miserable and you’re all stuck indoors, how about having some sticky crafty fun? noch 608 Wörter

Throwback Thursday - (some) 2013 makes

Once in a while it’s nice to look back and acknowledge your past creations – if for nothing, at least to remember all the work and love that went into what you made, and how far you’ve come. noch 1.002 Wörter

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