The place would look completely different in September.  A hint is in the picture below.

For One Word Sunday – where?  More geographically puzzling photos can be found here.

MUSIC: Akshadow – Enemies (Wo Cover)

Akshadow releases his own version of Olamide’s ‘Wo’ and it is banging.
Ak Shadow spitting out some dope punchlines over the cover , Wo Cover by Ak Shadow. 24 weitere Wörter


ザアザア (Xaa Xaa) - 悲しみなら手を叩こう (Kanashimi nara Te wo Tatakou) Translation



Title: If you are sad then clap your hands*

I’ll be honest with you, I’m the God singing for you.

I’ll dry up your tears and your sweat, don’t worry, believe, believe in me! 211 weitere Wörter

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Apparently I’m King of Beard Gang and other things I learned in the months of January

Yup. You read that right. It’s absolutely not a typo. I mean with how long January was it can’t be just a month. The thing be like 3 months. 1.634 weitere Wörter