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Pernikahan etnik kental dengan persiapan keluarga. Begitupula dengan adat Toraja. Tidak jarang saya melihat keluarga lain harus ikut rapat panitia berkali-kali dengan durasi yang cukup lama. noch 273 Wörter


New Building at Port Jax Trade Center up to 75% Occupacny with 2 New Tenants

Port Jax Trade Center, an industrial park located off of Alta Drive and just over 1 mile from the Dames Point, recently signed on two new tenants, bringing the newest building up to 75% occupancy. noch 92 Wörter

JAX Business Journal


Monday morning comes again,

And workers curse the same,

Perhaps Monday would like to think,

About changing his name.


DJ Carisma "Do What I Want" Feat. IAMSU!, K Camp & RJ (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video) - #HipHopUSA #TrapMusic #RapWorldStars

DJ Carisma “Do What I Want” Feat. IAMSU!, K Camp & RJ (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video) – #HipHopUSA #TrapMusic #RapWorldStars Read More – … noch 20 Wörter

Little Minds

When little minds are happy,

They’ll listen so much more,

It’s when you try to complicate,

They’ll soon begin to snore.


YFN Lucci "56 Nights Freestyle" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video) - #HipHopUSA #TrapMusic #RapWorldStars

YFN Lucci “56 Nights Freestyle” (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video) – #HipHopUSA #TrapMusic #RapWorldStars Read More –

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so I didn’t end up cramming all night
woke up at x+2 kg and decided to eat yesterday’s food pack dad bought me (veg briyani WHICH TASTES SO YUM) and 2 chappathis and sides (oh dear microwaves it including the yoghurt sobs you shouldn’t microwave yoghurt… noch 83 Wörter