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ඔයත් use කරන්නේ windows mobile එකක් එහෙමත් නැත්තන් windows phone එකක් නම් මේ කතාවලින් එකක් හරි අහලා ඇති එක පාරක් හරි. ඇත්තටම මේ කියන කතා ඇත්තමද, මොකද්ද මේවට හේතු කියලා බලමු. noch 712 Wörter

Windows Phone

UNTV App for Windows Mobile

Yow! I’m happy to tell you that the UNTV application for Windows Mobile is now published in the Windows Marketplace. The LINK.

Kudos to my brother, Johnny Alibuyog! noch 240 Wörter

Windows 10

Second Mobile Application

Hi again!

Kumusta? or should I say How is your day? I hope you are happy :)

As you have read from my last post (hope you read it, fingers crossed), I have hinted that I was creating a new mobile application. noch 80 Wörter


My First Mobile App

Seems it took me a long time to make my very first mobile app because of limitations of time and resources but finally my first mobile application is now published online. noch 211 Wörter


Tinjauan Umum Sistem Operasi Windows Mobile

Tinjauan Umum

Windows Mobile adalah salah satu platform yang tersedia saat ini bagi smartphone dan PDA.  Di Amerika Serikat, pengguna Windows Mobile mencakup 5,6% dari total penjualan smartphone pada bulan Juni 2013.  noch 478 Wörter


News | Microsoft to end production of the Surface 3 by the end of the year

Microsoft stated that it will end production of the Surface 3 by the end of this year. In the meantime, you can still purchase the single model that’s still available, which offers 64GB of internal storage and Wi-Fi/LTE capabilities. noch 188 Wörter


Want discounted Windows phone prices in UAE?

Although there are a lot of phones on the market, not all of them are affordable to buy. Some of the phones cost you more than you can imagine. noch 309 Wörter

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