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The First Microsoft Rant of 2017

Mobile is the fly in Microsoft’s ointment.

(I had intended this to be the point at which I ripped Microsoft a new one for its lack of mobile focus; but honestly it doesn’t really move me) 220 weitere Wörter


Windows Ultimate (Desktop/Phones)

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Hello guys, hope you guys had a great week and looking forward an awesome weekend, I am definitely.

Without much further ado, let’s get into today’s topic. 1.093 weitere Wörter


Htc Gratia - Compact Yet Powerful

If enjoy to contact Skype and GoogleTalk users over Wi-Fi in the same manner, went right have include these accounts to your IM services list within a Truphone iphone app. 357 weitere Wörter

Nokia 6700 Ruling The Mobile World

The entertainment section among the phone can be as interesting while the people internet sites. Like other phones, it has thrilling and awe inspiring games but what makes it special is YouTube. 493 weitere Wörter

El Vaticano canoniza a Windows Mobile

En la mañana de hoy, y en solemne ceremonia, el pontífice y cabeza de la iglesia, el papa Francisco, ha otorgado por primera vez en la historia de la cristiandad el grado de santo a un sistema operativo móvil. 111 weitere Wörter

New England Patriots going 'all in' in free agency widens gap between Bills

The opening salvo of free agency has been productive, if not a touch frugal, for the Buffalo Bills as they attempt to adapt to having new coaches and schemes on both sides of the ball. 814 weitere Wörter

Buffalo Bills

Things That You Need To Know About Mobile Malware

As the utilization of cell phones inside big business achieves a fever pitch, the dangers related with malignant applications have never been more noteworthy. It appears like each other week, we’re finding out about some new cell phone infection that is clearing the web – and as a director, you must protect against those infections. 663 weitere Wörter

Windows Mobile