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Trimble R2 GNSS: Streaming NMEA Data to a Windows Mobile Device via GNSS Status Utility

Need to configure your R2 to work with Windows Mobile Device and third party software such as ESRI’s ArcPad? In this TechTalk we will learn how to properly configure the R2 to stream NMEA data to a Windows Mobile Device and a third party application. noch 29 Wörter


Microsoft Lumia 950

I will be getting the Microsoft Lumia 950 phone this week, and will be posting a review within a few days. I’ve been using an iPhone for the last 2 years, and I’m ready for a switch. noch 42 Wörter

WIndows Mobile

M-Commerce Development From Transactions To Strategy

While the volume of m-commerce keeps on rising –– up almost 116% in April 2014 versus a year back as per Branding Brand keeping in mind smart phone visits to mobile streamlined sites were up 83.8%, exchanges at the late Mcommerce Summit uncover that there’s a whole other world to mobile applications than simply purchasing an item or an administration. noch 417 Wörter


Tales of the Tablet

I started out last month with an iPad 2, an Asus Memo Pad 10″ fHD, and a Google Nexus 7 (2013). My son needed a tablet for school, and I had just handed down my iPhone 5 to him, so it was a natural extension to simply hand him the iPad.  noch 352 Wörter


The Evolution of Windows Phone

It all started in 2010, when Microsoft first announced the Windows Phone 7 Series to replace the old, aging Windows Mobile.
Windows Phone 7 has brang a whole new look to phones that we haven’t seen before. noch 485 Wörter

Windows 10

Tower Warriors

Small project progress.


  • Wizard Class
    • Green Bolt(Leaf Bolt).
  • Skeleton.
  • Bat
  • Spawneable mobs.
  • UI touch control for tablets, phones, etc.
  • 16-bit animations.

Recorded by Mobizen for android – Actual build (ALPHA)


Tech Talk: Navigation using Trimble TerraSync on a Geo 7x

Where is that point? TerraSync can help you get there! In this Tech Talk we discuss how to use the navigation functionality of Trimble TerraSync. We will be using a Trimble Geo 7x with SBAS real time corrections, to navigate to a point and between two points along a line. noch 14 Wörter