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News | Microsoft Band successor releasing October 30th

Microsoft has announced at their Windows 10 Devices event, that a successor to the company’s fitness wearable will be arriving later this year. The new Microsoft Band improves on the flaws of the first device, bringing a range of new features and improvements to the brand. noch 378 Wörter


The Break in Nadella's Chain


So we are now in the Satya Nadella era of Microsoft and honestly all is right with the world. He is making the moves many have long asked Microsoft to make. noch 331 Wörter


News | Move over, Apple Store. Microsoft is coming to Fifth Avenue, too.

Move over, Apple Store. Microsoft is coming to Fifth Avenue, too.

Redmond plans to open its first-ever flagship retail store on New York’s Fifth Avenue on Oct. noch 204 Wörter


Microsoft launches Windows 10 Mobile..

Yes, we know, it’s been almost a month since Microsoft launched a new build for Windows 10 Mobile. It makes all the sense in the world though as the company had all its major players focused on launching the desktop version of Windows 10 to the masses. noch 157 Wörter


SIM PIN not popping up Windows 10 phone

I just upgraded to a new build(latest) on my Windows phone. Now unfortunately I do not get the SIM pin shown after reboot. To work around this I had to go into Settings ->Network & Wireless->Cellular & Sim->Sim settings->Security/Change SIM pin. noch 31 Wörter

Windows 10

News | Satya Nadella Demos Microsoft iOS Apps On ‘iPhone Pro’

Watch the video

It seems that Microsoft is racking up its appearances at various events and conferences in an effort to promote its array of mobile applications. noch 416 Wörter


News | Microsoft teams up with Muppets, BBC and others to put some 'Mojis' in your Skype chat

If a picture is worth a thousand words, one has to wonder how many words have been replaced over the years by the tiny pictures that so many of us delight in adding to our text messages. noch 234 Wörter