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Enhancing Rotary Experience with a Smartphone

At the Rotary 7710 District Conference, Mike Wienold discussed apps for your smartphone that can be used in Rotary. They included Rotary specific apps to every day apps used for business and media. noch 20 Wörter


There's a Shoggoth on the Rise, a Review

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Some clichés can surprisingly work under the right situation. In Shoggoth Rising, an iOS / Android / Windows Mobile arcade game, the danger arrives in a dark and stormy night when the beasts from underneath the sea takes interest in a derelict ship that runs aground. noch 523 Wörter

Science Fiction

[C#] Bluetooth Communication in Black Jack phone(블랙잭에서 블루투스 이용)

블랙잭 폰에서(블랙잭 1) 블루투스를 이용한 프로그램 개발.

– 기존의 PC 환경과는 다르게 SerialPort class를 통한 연결은 어려울 뿐만 아니라, 잘 되지가 않는다. 때문에 C# 으로 개발하기 위해서는 기존의 SerialPort 방식과는 다른 방식을 사용해야 한다. noch 34 Wörter


Mobile Application Development - iOS & Android

About the Team:

The snapdeal Mobile Application team builds state of the art mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms. These applications enable snapdeal’s customers to access and experience snapdeal in the best way possible. noch 118 Wörter