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The 15 most memorable Oscar speeches since Cuba Gooding Jr.

Sometimes Oscar acceptance speeches are entertaining than the films that win.

Twenty years ago, Jerry Maguire star Cuba Gooding, Jr. set a modern-day standard for enthusiasm on the Academy Awards stage, celebrating his supporting actor win with a sustained speech that carried on well after the house band attempted to play him off. 1.794 weitere Wörter


Tom Hiddleston Reveals He Peed on His Night Manager Costar Tom Hollander After Jellyfish Sting

Tom Hiddleston proved he will do just about anything for his costars.

The Kong: Skull Island star revealed he urinated on Taboo actor Tom Hollander when the two of them were filming… 212 weitere Wörter


Tom Hiddleston's Secret to Great Bolognese Is Kind of Genius

The food world has found an unlikely hero in the form of Tom Hiddleston. Yes, the Night Manager star—and one half of the former Hiddleswift… 272 weitere Wörter


Taylor Swift, Khloe Kardashian: How They Feel About Dating

Think having a famous face is the key to a fruitful dating life? Guess again. Scoring a high-profile film role or having legions of Instagram followers doesn’t necessarily lead to special treatment from Cupid – although if it did, we’d bet a slew of Hollywood A-listers would be set for life on the relationship front. 938 weitere Wörter


A Nose For News

Update: Now with even more noses!

Before I updated my phone to Windows 10, I used the Microsoft Money app for news. It had a glitch where if a photo was a certain size, it would zoom in on a smaller portion of the photo. 34 weitere Wörter