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Learn how to improve and edit the pages of Girvan Wikipedia

Girvan Library, Wednesday 13 June 2018
10.30am – 1pm and 1.30pm – 3pm

As part of the Girvan 350 anniversary celebrations, South Ayrshire Libraries and Museums are offering those who are interested in the history of Girvan, the chance to improve and edit the Girvan Wikipedia page. 96 weitere Wörter


We must make sure AI doesn't discriminate

When it comes to developing artificial intelligence, President Trump may want a free-market approach . But a number of experts disagree — we need guidelines to protect people from discriminatory algorithms. 376 weitere Wörter

Daily News

A note on our approach to privacy

We at the Wikimedia Foundation are pleased that organizations across the world are currently rethinking their privacy policies. We have always strongly valued the privacy of our volunteers, readers, and donors, but this moment has given us an opportunity to look at our own privacy policy and see how it can be strengthened. 338 weitere Wörter


A snapshot of Wikimedia education activities in Asia

I recently traveled to Nepal, India and Taiwan to meet with local Wikimedians and pilot a new approach to help program leaders in each country establish, improve and grow their educational programs. 472 weitere Wörter


HCLE Winter 2018 Progress Report

Welcome to the winter quarter of 2018 HCLE progress report. Our Founder and Vision Keeper, Liza Loop, has been working for her Northern California neighbors who suffered great losses in the October 2017 fires. 786 weitere Wörter

How a new data center in Singapore is helping people access Wikipedia around the globe

Unlike many other websites on the internet, the Foundation runs its own servers and edge distribution to deliver our projects‘ content to the world.  We do this for several reasons, but key among them is our strong stance on privacy.  984 weitere Wörter


Watch Police Copslain Why Waffle House Domestic Terrorist Didn’t Die In A Hail Of Bullets

Nashville police explained how it managed to arrest an armed white man suspected of domestic terrorism without firing a single shot, let alone killing him. 573 weitere Wörter