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Why I'm working with Tor and First Look

So. A year ago I left my position running the Wikimedia Foundation and began the process of figuring out what to do next. (Spoiler: not yet complete.) noch 758 Wörter


Wikithon Cameroon 2015

What is a Wikithon?
“Wikithon” (based on Hackathon, an event in which computer programmers and others collaborate intensively on software projects) is an event in which content owners, community of practice members and others collaborate intensively on creating wiki content. noch 249 Wörter

Online Content

Meet the Inspire grantees working to increase gender diversity on Wikimedia

Today we’re pleased to announce a new group of grantees working to increase gender diversity in Wikimedia projects. In early March, we announced the Inspire campaign, an initiative to generate new ideas to address Wikimedia’s gender gap. noch 980 Wörter


What we learned from the blog survey

The Wikimedia Foundation’s Communications team manages and edits this Wikimedia Blog, an online publication that serves the Wikimedia movement.

To learn what our users think of the blog, we ran a… noch 1.530 Wörter


Recently I started writing and editing on Wikipedia.

My colleague has been working closely with Wikimedia foundation on developing courses for teacher in order to bring Wikipedia to the classroom.

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Art of singing better-PART 1

Singing is basically one thing I love to do. Being someone born to a musically inclined momma who was a voice pedagogist at a time;becoming a music lover did not necessarily have to be a choice because it just came natural to me. noch 916 Wörter


Wikimedia Highlights, March 2015

Here are some of the highlights from the Wikimedia blog in March 2015. We covered a wide range of stories this month:

Wikimedia v. NSA: Wikimedia Foundation files suit against NSA… noch 560 Wörter