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Hindi Wiki Sammelan: Bringing together dispersed Wikipedians

Hindi Wikipedians met to discuss a conference (‘sammelan’) in Delhi, to bring together editors dispersed across India. Photo by Muzammiluddin, free licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0… noch 625 Wörter


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We’d love to hear your feedback about the current blog content and features, as well as your suggestions for improvement. noch 148 Wörter


WikiCamps introduce young Armenians to Wikipedia

Armenian students participating in WikiCamps divide their time between editing Wikipedia and physical activities. Here they use their bodies to spell out “Wiki Camp”. Photo… noch 932 Wörter


New Education Toolkit helps program leaders develop more effective Wikimedia programs

The new Education Toolkit provides a blueprint for implementing successful Wikimedia programs. Photo by María Cruz, licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0.

About the Education Toolkit… noch 911 Wörter


Black History Month edit-a-thons tackle Wikipedia's multicultural gaps

For Black History Month, many new Wikipedia articles about black culture were created in edit-a-thons across the United States, such as this at the “BlackLivesMatter” event at the Schomburg Center in New York City. noch 1.106 Wörter


Join the Wikimedia strategy consultation

The Wikimedia movement works because it brings together many different perspectives to solve complex problems. Join the community consultation to plan our strategy together. Group photo… noch 549 Wörter


Thoughts and notes on deploying Wikimedia

Wikimedia is the most full-featured wiki software out there and it is the one which powers Wikipedia, but you already know that. So, let’s talk about you don’t know (yet). noch 559 Wörter

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