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The most popular browser

It is very likely that the most popular browser on the internet in the first week of August 2016 was Chrome, version 52 with about 30% market share. 262 weitere Wörter


Monkey’s selfie at center of copyright brouhaha


An English nature photographer is going ape over Wikipedia’s refusal to remove pictures of a monkey from the online encyclopedia that he says are being displayed without his permission. 309 weitere Wörter


Community digest: Konkani language speakers are separated by scripts but unite by Wikipedia; news in brief

I reached out to a few Goan Konkani Wikipedians to learn about their experience with the project, especially after it went live in 2015. In the interview they share what they think of Wikipedia as a binding factor for native speakers that are currently dispersed in many states, speak in different variations of the same language, and write in different scripts. 1.461 weitere Wörter


All-new notifications page helps Wikimedians focus on what matters most

Until recently, wiki users haven’t had much reason to visit the Special:Notifications page. Outside of aggregating all your old messages, it didn’t do much.

Last week, however, the Wikimedia Foundation’s  948 weitere Wörter


3 easy ways to honour your professor

Recently, the great Dave Whynes retired from the University of Nottingham after 40 years of service. I will probably be his last PhD student. Over the years, Dave has nurtured many budding health economists who have gone on to achieve great things.  522 weitere Wörter


Attorney General Loretta Lynch Won’t Press Charges Against Hillary Clinton

Following the FBI’s recent findings, Attorney General Loretta Lynch has officially said that her office will not charge Hillary Clinton for using a personal email server… 355 weitere Wörter


Wikipedia Open Search: The World Needs It

In the last years the Wikipedia’s search has been improving. It still sucks, but it is getting better. There is a smart team working with the search and the… 596 weitere Wörter

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