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Wikipedia Bans Hundreds Of "Black Hat” Paid Editors Who Created Promotional Pages On Its Site

Sometimes Wikipedia’s reliance on volunteers to craft its online content comes back to bite them. Case in point: this morning, the organization announced that editors on the English version of Wikipedia have banned 381 user accounts that were engaging in “undisclosed paid advocacy.” In other words, they were posting promotional articles to the user-editable online encyclopedia, without revealing that they were paid to do so. noch 569 Wörter



Hola folks,

The Wikilearnopidia is a public outreach event or program in which the participants are came from various diverse backgrounds. This event was introduced to the basics of… noch 366 Wörter


Wikipedia Kolkata Chapter Organized Workshop #Wikilearnopedia

// is so dynamic in true sense and those who are associated with Wikipedia they are also very dynamic, again Wikipedia Kolkata Chapter proved the same yesterday. noch 479 Wörter

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Russian Wikipedia Editors Weighing Options After Site Is Blacklisted In Russia

Update 8/25: As of Tuesday morning, Russian Wikipedia has been removed from the internet blacklist by the Russian government.

In a (roughly translated) announcement from the department… noch 672 Wörter


19th August

Today I put my first photo on wikimedia and distributed it as Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. Click on the image below to go to the original file link: noch 26 Wörter

6 Month Training

Creating Custom Canvas Homepages

You’ve done your part: Canvas site requested. Content uploaded. Assignments and quizzes created. Course site published.

But maybe that basic Canvas site could use a little something extra, a little visual interest . noch 265 Wörter

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