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Hey, IRC Geniuses. . .

I’ll keep this short and sweet:

All you ingenious IRC cowards with a hair-trigger on all your op commands, you should take a moment to reflect on this: by censoring me for bringing up valid questions about the Gender Gap on official Wikipedia IRC channels, you also effectively censored the Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation. noch 116 Wörter


Bordercrossing Books: "Managing Inter-organizational Relations" by Sydow, Schüßler and Müller-Seitz

I’m very pleased to announce the publication of a new English-language textbook on the management of inter-organizational relations written and edited by Jörg Sydow, … noch 480 Wörter

Transnational Governance

Where Free Speech is Just Cheap Talk II: You will be afraid!

Well, the blatant censorship and childish behavior of some of the ops and regulars on the semi-official Wikipedia IRC channels continue, like a cheap horror franchise that just doesn’t know when it’s past its prime. noch 2.871 Wörter


Where Free Speech is just Cheap Talk

There are a lot of diverse viewpoints in the Wikipedia community- not surprising considering that Wikipedians come from all walks of life. Sometimes- well, pretty much all the time- Wikipedians find their opinions and values at odds. noch 3.137 Wörter


Wikipedia publishes its 5 milllionth article

Wikipedia is a standing example of what is possible when millions come together to share their knowledge without wanting anything in exchange. It is a standing example of collaborating with millions. noch 171 Wörter

Company Announcement

The digest—Wiki Loves Africa roars into its second year; notes in brief

A Sudanese woman demonstrates how to make kisra, a traditional bread or porridge in Sudan and South Sudan. Photo by Mohamed Elfatih Hamadien, freely licensed under… noch 874 Wörter