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Raising awareness for Wikipedia in Nigeria

With an estimated 190 million residents, Nigeria is the largest country in Africa. A remarkable 60% of Nigerians are school-aged, creating one of the largest student bodies in the world. 1.223 weitere Wörter


Admittedly loopy but not entirely absurd—Understanding our Search Relevance Survey

The Friday before last, Sue Gardner—the former head of this organization, of all people—discovered a survey-based experiment we were running on Wikipedia. She took a screenshot and… 2.833 weitere Wörter


Introducing the Cloud Services Team: What we do, and how we can help you

Earlier this year, members of the Wikimedia Technical Operations Labs team and members of the Community Tech Tool Labs team merged into the Wikimedia Cloud Services… 1.080 weitere Wörter


Active Wikipedia editors in West Africa

Imported from an April 15, 2016 post from

Last weekend I came across geographical Wikipedia editing statistics published on meta by a WMF staff. The data basically is about the number of active *editors* (not edits) of a given language Wikipedia *per country* in November 2015. 449 weitere Wörter

Wikipedia Editors