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Freely licensed magic at Eurovision

Jamala of Ukraine, the eventual winner with „1944.“ The photo was one of more than one hundred
captured by Albin Olsson during Jamala’s performance, although he only uploaded… noch 739 Wörter


At Berlin conference, affiliates, staff, and board work side by side

Reda Benkhadra, 17, traveled from Morocco to Germany in April, where he stood side by side with Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, and Wikimedia Foundation interim Executive Director Katherine Maher. noch 935 Wörter


Annette Campbell-White named to the Wikimedia Endowment Advisory Board

Annette Campbell-White, a successful venture capitalist and longtime supporter of Wikipedia and the Wikimedia projects, is joining the new Wikimedia Endowment Advisory Board as its second founding member after Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales. noch 392 Wörter


To the Moon! Lunar XPRIZE team looks to send Wikipedia into space aboard homemade rover

Quick: You can send 20 gigabytes of data to the moon. What’s it going to be? Time’s up!

Wikipedia? What a coincidence — that’s what the… noch 568 Wörter


Friday Roundup: Put A Bird On It Edition

Happy Friday, and welcome to another edition of the public art news roundup.

Not to brag, but by the time you read this I will be on a beach in Grenada reclining either on the sand or in a hammock, depending on my mood. noch 466 Wörter

Public Art

Where do we go from here: the Wikimedia Education Collaborative

Some time back, when she got behind the scenes and started editing Wikipedia, Sara Mörstell asked herself: „How can use this with my students?“ Some years later, and after gaining experience running her own Wikimedia Education Program, Sara found herself co-organizing the Wikipedia Education Collaborative’s („Collab“) third meeting, in Sweden. noch 762 Wörter


Jerusalem: Summit, Hackathon, and CleanTech

In Jerusalem, Israel, this week,

the sky was blue

and the open spaces were green after winter rains.

My walk through the Valley of the Cross to… noch 559 Wörter