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Wikimedia Foundation welcomes Kourosh Karimkhany as VP of Strategic Partnerships

A longtime media executive, Kourosh Karimkhany has worked with leading companies such as Yahoo and Conde Nast — where he spearheaded the acquisition of, Ars Technica and Reddit. noch 461 Wörter


Keep funding the Wikipedia

Today I got an email on behalf of Jimmy Wales, where it read:

If all our past donors simply gave again today, we wouldn’t have to worry about fundraising for the rest of the year. noch 707 Wörter


Wikimedia Highlights, February 2015

Here are the highlights from the Wikimedia Blog in February 2015, covering selected activities of the Wikimedia Foundation and other important events for the Wikimedia movement. noch 559 Wörter


Wikimedia has projects besides Wikipedia?

Who knew? If you’re like many you may have been unaware that Wikipedia is actually part of the parent organization Wikimedia and that there are numerous other projects that are part of their global movement to bring free educational content to the world. noch 238 Wörter


Wikimedia Foundation welcomes Terry Gilbey as COO; bids farewell to Gayle Karen Young

Like wikis themselves, the Wikimedia Foundation changes. Today, we have two announcements of changes in Foundation leadership. We are pleased to announce that Terry Gilbey has joined the Wikimedia Foundation in the newly created role of Chief Operating Officer, reporting to Executive Director Lila Tretikov. noch 552 Wörter


Wikimedia Foundation adopts Open Access Policy to support free knowledge

The Wikimedia Foundation is committed to making knowledge of all forms freely available to the world. Beginning today, our new Open Access Policy will ensure that all research work produced with support from the Wikimedia Foundation will be… noch 86 Wörter

Open Access

Raspberry Pi in Masekelo: Bringing Wikipedia to a school without electricity

Raspberry Pi in Masekelo: Bringing Wikipedia to a school without electricity

BY JANET CHAPMAN, Wikimedia Blog

Students in a Tanzanian high school without electricity can now access Wikipedia via Wi-Fi, using a donated Raspberry Pi computer. noch 8 Wörter