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Why I Gave to Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of my most visited sites. I mean per day. I’m sure I go there more than I check my e-mail and I check my e-mail a lot. 309 weitere Wörter


Wikimedia Foundation Board on healthy Wikimedia community culture, inclusivity, and safe spaces

Over the past couple of years the Wikimedia Foundation has taken a focused look at community health—particularly in regards to harassment. The Foundation’s Board has been monitoring and discussing this issue over the past year with great interest. 542 weitere Wörter


Justin Bieber And DJ Snake Drop Gritty New Video For 'Let Me Love You'

DJ Snake’s collaboration with Justin Bieber was released this summer, and now we finally get to see the video for „Let Me Love You“, off DJ Snake’s „Encore“ album. 72 weitere Wörter


Mailbag: Is Wikipedia related to WikiLeaks in any way? No.

Q: Is Wikipedia related to WikiLeaks in any way?

A: No. The Wikimedia Foundation and Wikipedia have no affiliation with WikiLeaks. Although both use the term „wiki“ in their name, they have always been completely separate and unaffiliated. 667 weitere Wörter


Wikipedia in your classroom

We’ve done a good job training our students: ask them if they can use Wikipedia for research and you will hear a resounding no. They can even give good reasons for saying no: it’s full of mistakes, anyone can edit it, it’s not reliable, etc. 508 weitere Wörter

Tech Tips

Wikimedia Fundraising Report 2015-16

After four years working at the Wikimedia Foundation, the most frequent question I still get is how Wikipedia funding works, and whether it is true that the entire budget is covered with donations. 97 weitere Wörter


The saddest paradox is that community discussions about a Code of Conduct end up in tough dynamics that work against the main beneficiaries of a CoC: newcomers, minority groups, and other people with weaker defenses against harassment and disrespect. 6 weitere Wörter