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Cisco Live! recap - Tuesday

I was pretty exhausted Tuesday morning. With two young kids at home, I run on a minimum of sleep already, and all of the activity of CLUS pushed me over the edge very quickly. 1.226 weitere Wörter


3 consigli sulle impostazioni del tuo iPhone per migliorare la sicurezza

Molte persone pensano che alcune piattaforme siano più sicure di altre. E se in parte questo è vero, è ancora più comune che i sistemi operativi offrano funzionalità di sicurezza che le persone decidono di utilizzare, o ignorare. 699 weitere Wörter


Canon EOS 7D Mark II kit adds WiFi

Canon is now offering a kit to make the EOS 7D Mark II Wi-Fi-capable, based on the Adapter W-E1 which,when placed in one of the camera’s SD card slots, provides the camera with Wi-Fi capabilities. 7 weitere Wörter


Public WI-Fi Hotspots - Some Important Facts

People can travel almost anywhere outside the home or office and encounter a Wi-fi hotspot – bookstores, restaurants, fast food eateries, hotels, airports, and even hospitals have these hotspots to allow customers to come in and use their computers to browse the internet. 374 weitere Wörter

Government may soon allow Wi-Fi use on flights

Fliers may soon be able to use Wi-Fi facility when they are on flights in the Indian airspace, with the government on Tuesday indicating that a decision is likely in the coming days. 148 weitere Wörter


MIT Researchers Radically Boost Wi-Fi With Smart Routers That Talk To Each Other

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Tech lets wireless access points cancel out interference, providing a speed boost for crowded venues. It might help cellphone towers, too. 1.187 weitere Wörter

Short Shit

Sappywoon Power Bank Hidden HD Camera

This hidden camera is functionally acceptable, but they blatantly lie about the 1080p resolution. 515 weitere Wörter