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Score! These apps find you free Wi-Fi for 14 days as a travler in Japan

Free Wi-Fi is manna from the digital gods, especially when traveling in a foreign country. The ability to use mapping apps, grab reservation confirmations and generally interact with your phone as you would at home is a wonderful thing. noch 241 Wörter


Lagos To Provide WI-FI For Residents

The Lagos state government says it is working on the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) to strengthen the state E-goverance capabilities, in other to conveniently serve its residents. noch 109 Wörter


What happened to Toronto's dream of public Wi-Fi?

Andrew Clement gets nostalgic when he checks his phone for Wi-Fi networks in Toronto and sees one named “ONE ZONE_HIGH SPEED INTERNET.”

Clement, a professor in the Faculty of Information Studies department at the University of Toronto, and co-investigator with the… noch 371 Wörter


PLU Wi-Fi Leaves Students Disconnected

The issues surrounding PLU’s Wi-Fi is having an impact all around campus. Reporters Brooke Thames, Michael Pham, and Jasmine Palangvanh investigate what problems students encounter. … noch 19 Wörter

Wi-Fi security software chokes on network names, opens potential hole for hackers

A bug has just been announced in an open source program called wpa_supplicant.

Many of us use this program on a regular basis, often without even realising it. noch 810 Wörter


FTC sanctions phone location tracking company for not allowing customer opt-out

Readers of Naked Security might be familiar with how retail businesses are taking advantage of mobile phone technology to track customer movements while they shop. noch 636 Wörter


Aluminum-foil suit now required to maintain Fred-eZone Wi-Fi connection

Fredericton — If you’re planning to leisurely surf the world wide web in the downtown Fredericton area anytime soon, you’re going to have to make a few additions to your wardrobe — and this reporter isn’t talking about the Apple Watch or any other type of contemporary wearable technology. noch 332 Wörter