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New Video Explains "xfinitywifi" Hotspots in the Community

As those Tweets suggest, XFINITY Wi-Fi has been handy for countless people since we begin sharing Wi-Fi throughout the community. Two of our techs based in Auburn, Washington, … 54 weitere Wörter

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You Asked: Should I Worry About Wi-Fi Radiation?

At home and at work, dozens of wireless networks are streaming invisible radio waves through your space and body. (So are the phones, computers, Bluetooth speakers and other devices that connect to them.) It’s logical to wonder—and worry—about what effect all that wireless energy might have on your health. 764 weitere Wörter

Latest : Google Station will bring fast and safe Wi-Fi to locations around the world !

One of Google’s major efforts in India is to bring high-speed Wi-Fi to the country’s railroad stations. That effort has now been rebranded to Google Station… 200 weitere Wörter


Bondi becomes more than a hotspot with Skyfii

Waverley Council is using Skyfii’s guest Wi-Fi and data analytics services to provide free high-speed Internet to its 2.2 million visitors and residents in the Bondi area. 315 weitere Wörter

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Mobile computing - not quite there yet :(

Hello world! You are receiving this missive from the Greensborough Plaza Shopping Centre in lovely downtown Greensborough, an outer-ish suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

For the first time ever, I’m composing this post on my new laptop via a free wi-fi connection that would make dialup cringe in shame. 479 weitere Wörter

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