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GlobalReach Announces Two New Offices in APAC Region

Marketwired — PARIS, FRANCE — GlobalReach Technology, a leading developer of advanced, carrier-class Wi-Fi software, announced the opening of two new offices in the Asian Pacific region: one in Sydney, Australia and the other in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Are Wi-Fi Signals Making You Sick?

(CBS) — Wi-Fi is all around us—at home, at work and across our neighborhoods—so, why are some people saying it’s making them sick, and how concerned should we be about this? noch 430 Wörter


New Device Provides Secure and Anonymous Wi-Fi With an Incredible 2.5-mile Range

Next month during the Def Con hacker conference in Las Vegas, security researcher Ben Caudill will unveil a potentially game changing device called a ProxyHam. Without question, the promise of ProxyHam should leave proponents of Internet privacy and anonymity beyond excited. noch 573 Wörter


Cancer Expert Warns: Extremely Important to Adopt Precaution against RF Exposure

This article is from … advice from Dr. Anthony B. Miller, Canada’s foremost expert in radiation and cancer.

“It is important to recognize that there are no safe levels of exposure to human carcinogens. noch 97 Wörter


US$90 Extollo LANSocket 1500 Powerline Adapter securely extends your Wi-Fi Network

Looking to extend your Wi-Fi Network but can’t bother with buying another expensive Wi-Fi Router, such as the (Deer, 2015 May 1) US$300 Eero Wi-Fi Router? noch 971 Wörter