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What is technical illustration? Old Era Vs Modern Era

Basically, technical illustration is a form of graphic design used to explain the technical concepts in such a way that the layman can easily understand it. 377 weitere Wörter


ICT Works Guest Post: 4 Requirements for Technology Project Sustainability

I’ve got a guest post, 4 Requirements for Technology Project Sustainability, over on ICT Works:

Abstract:  Technology used in development projects should be locally available, locally sourced, locally trained, and locally maintained for success! 15 weitere Wörter


5 key success factors for dealing with ransomeware - free whitepaper

Ransomeware is by far the fastest growing threat online. Losing your files can feel as so great a loss that paying criminals to give you your files back can seem like a reasonable thing to do. 155 weitere Wörter


Privacy Policy Issues with Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat’s introduction of Spectacles is an innovative take on capturing experiences from the perspective of users without relying on their phone. With all social media, comes the pressure of maintaining a strong privacy policy. 50 weitere Wörter