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On-ramps, Lane Changes, Detours and Destinations - New Community-Developed White Paper on Supporting Pathways Through Brokering.

In the summer of 2014, Hive Research Lab facilitated a design charrette focused on supporting youth interest-driven learning trajectories in the Hive. As part of the preparation for the meeting, m… noch 289 Wörter

It's Time to Take Your Insurance Company Digital

Whether you are looking to implement new technologies into your company or you want to take it completely digital…check out your options and see the benefits you can employ.

Whitepaper 3-Digital Insurance Companies


My Blather On.... Kindle Paperwhite; April 6th

Why Won’t It Do….?
    We are both avid readers. 
To that end I bought my wife a Kindle Paperwhite for one of her recent birthdays.  … noch 257 Wörter

Justin Case

5 ways workers are adopting Dropbox for Business

There’s a word that strikes fear in IT circles: shelfware. It’s a term reserved for software that’s gone unused in spite of the effort, time, and money that went into deploying it. noch 298 Wörter


Bancroft Library Processes First Born-Digital Collection

The Bancroft Library’s Digital Collections Unit recently finished a pilot project to process its first born-digital archival collection: the Ladies’ Relief Society records, 1999-2004. Based on earlier work and recommendations by the Bancroft Digital Curation Committee (Mary Elings, Amy Croft, Margo Padilla, Josh Schneider, and David Uhlich) we’re implementing best-practice procedures for acquiring, preserving, surveying, and describing born-digital files for discovery and use. noch 117 Wörter

Archival Processing

Collaborating with PDF

PDFTron was pleased to present at the PDF Association‘s recently held PDFDay conference in Washington, DC and New York City. James Borthwick, a member of our development team, presented a talk on Collaborating with PDF: Where we are today, and what’s next. noch 134 Wörter

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