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Whitepaper: Real-time network analytics can enable faster, more informed business decisions

Real-time network analytics enables communication service providers (CSPs) to quickly detect issues such as bandwidth constraints, service outages, threats against their networks and problems with new handsets launched into the market, as well as allowing them to manage subscriber loyalty by examining specific metrics that are known to increase subscriber churn.

Source: Cisco


IT Concerns in Manufacturing: Infographic

Is BPM the Cure For Manufacturing IT Woes? Infographic noch 10 Wörter


Forrester Report Analysis: New Dev Platforms for Customer Facing Apps

Are no/low-code platforms the answer?

“In the age of the customer, everything runs as quickly as customers and markets – and software delivery must keep up.” 

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Business Apps

Mobile apps: Get pushy

The other day, while looking for an app for my 7 year old daughter, I was amazed at the amount of options in the app store – everything from shopping to financial planning to fun, 7-year-old girl games. noch 460 Wörter


Using Appreciative Inquiry Generic Organizational Questionnaire for Organizations with Non-Profits in IL

White Paper Report

Using Appreciative Inquiry Generic Organizational Questionnaire with Non-Profits in Oswego, IL 

 Executive Summary

This report is based on the consulting project with a non-profit in Il.  noch 4.162 Wörter


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Security in Independent Education Sector – this whitepaper discusses some of the challenges and threats that Independent Education facilities need to consider along with some advice and guidance… noch 28 Wörter

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Us vs. them

We hear it all the time: We live in a “me” society. Most of us, at some point, have asked, “What’s in this for me? noch 739 Wörter