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Our Whitepaper is Here!

Our first whitepaper is here, and on our homepage, ready to download. It starts out by showing how the top 5 airlines joined to form Orbitz in 1999 which caused the online travel industry to take off, and asks the question: does the trucking industry have the same leadership and vision to do the same, and why not? 133 weitere Wörter


PaaS Architecture for IoT

The success of Internet of Things (IoT) is stepping away from vertically-oriented, closed systems towards open systems based on open APIs and standardized protocols at various system levels. 29 weitere Wörter


"Digital Demystified" series

We wrote a series of mini whitepapers on mobile advertising topics for MoPub, a leading monetization platform.  The Digital Demystified series includes:

Content Marketing

New white paper: Orchestrating the omnichannel customer experience

Despite experience now being THE competitive differentiator, many businesses are still struggling to meet the expectations of today’s multi-device, always-connected consumer. Playing catch-up, they are struggling to reach the ‘bar’ set high by ecosystem disruptors such as Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook, and Uber, who are already reshaping expectations and determining what defines a ‘great’ experience from a brand. 547 weitere Wörter


Another ICT Works Guest Post: It’s 2017, You Should be Localizing Your ICT4D Solutions Already

I’ve got another guest post, It’s 2017, You Should be Localizing Your ICT4D Solutions Already, over on ICT Works:

Abstract:  There are 7099 languages and the top 10 are only spoken by half the world.  65 weitere Wörter