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From 2toLEAD: New Free Whitepaper: When To Use What In Office 365

From 2toLEAD: New Free Whitepaper: When To Use What In Office 365

– A great question, that should be asked often, is “How do we use Office 365 better?” Unfortunately this doesn’t happen organically. noch 134 Wörter


Preventing Late Payment Requires Serious Synergy

“If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people.”, Chinese Proverb… noch 1.407 Wörter

Accounts Payable

Whitepaper: Separating Business and Pleasure is Best Practice

Every day, people access their personal email accounts while they’re working, and for most of them, it’s likely not that problematic. For admissions professionals, this could cause a huge problem. noch 1.180 Wörter


White Paper: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online patterns & principles for solution builders

In the world of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the shift to the cloud is well underway. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is growing by leaps and bounds, including sales to massive customers with huge user counts. noch 125 Wörter

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Whitepaper: Using Social Media as a Recruiting Tool

It’s not unusual for colleges and universities to use social media as a recruiting tool on top of their other recruiting tools, including college visits, phone calls, and mailing out marketing pieces. noch 1.179 Wörter