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The Long Lonely Quest to Create An Effective Sales Message

Just Because Your Message Is Poor Doesn’t Mean You Should be Selling Harder

What’s Your Value Proposition?

When I look at a reseller’s messaging, I ask myself, „So What?“ 2.060 weitere Wörter


WHITEPAPER | Mobile Point-of-Sale market in India

The shift towards India’s digital economy is expected to bring in plenty of benefits to both the merchants and consumers right from minimizing the risk of handling cash to time saving and security based transactions. 72 weitere Wörter


Indian Office Equipment Market 2014–19

The market for office equipment in India is catching up and this whitepaper provides deep insights on how the market is expected to fare in the next five years. 27 weitere Wörter


MTI/IDG Whitepaper

My company – MTI Techology – recently undertook an engagement with IDG to produce a whitepaper highlighting how VMware NSX could be used to address Security, Automation and Innovation within the Financial market. 42 weitere Wörter


Every Content Marketing “How to” You Could Want in One Place

Chances are, you have tons of great ideas for content marketing in 2017. Conceptualizing your brand or visualizing where you’d like to take your business is not necessarily the problem. 242 weitere Wörter

Content Marketing

Whitepaper Wellness Continuum

A simple change of words that heals our existence on this planet…..


With warm wishes



Survey of Language Development Data Sources


The three primary sources of ethno-linguistic data that Seed Company uses are Ethnologue, Joshua Project, and GRN’s Registry of Dialects.  Ethnologue is a list of the world’s languages.  85 weitere Wörter