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New whitepaper demystifies digital signage for hoteliers.

Digital signage is modern and dynamic, and allows you to show a vast amount of information in an accessible, convenient format. 424 weitere Wörter


New White Paper From OTC Markets on Attracting MicroCap Investors

The latest whitepaper from OTC Markets and IR Magazine’s Small-Cap White Paper Series discusses „Attracting Investors.“

Today’s competitive financial markets have made it even more critical for small and micro-cap companies to gain exposure and attract a targeted investor base. 91 weitere Wörter

MicroCap IR

Authors: Leanne Cullen

W@terstons Performance through Technology November 2014


In this paper, the writer is talking about the Information systems need for the organizations (Teubner, 2013)and she has created the steps to make it easier for industries to understand. 369 weitere Wörter


Facebook for Higher Education (whitepaper)

Social media has become a vital part of higher education’s digital marketing plan.
Students are now turning to social media platforms to research universities and colleges before going through the application process. 111 weitere Wörter

COM 5100

IIoT - Bringing Industry 4.0

An Introduction to IIoT

Today, as much as digital marketing is being appreciated among the various business organisations, the term, Industrial Internet of Things has ubiquitous influence over various industries. 2.349 weitere Wörter


Your next Automation or Information System upgrade: Define ROI to Win Approval

Authors: Eric Mayer

Avid Solutions, Inc. 2016


Enterprise resource planning (ERP), Manufacturing executive systems (MES), customer relation management (CRM) and many more are the part of the Enterprise Information Systems which supports businesses productivity and performance (Chao Liang, 2008). 552 weitere Wörter


Capital is the lifeblood of every business & there are multiple options for Small-cap companies to access it

Small-cap companies require capital to hire new employees, purchase equipment, develop new products and services and expand their operations.  And while they have multiple options when it comes to raising capital to finance their businesses, not all options are created equal. 123 weitere Wörter

Small Cap