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pdf.js: Interesting Project, Incorrect Rendering

pdf.js is a well known project for rendering PDF documents directly in the browser. While it is an interesting project, it has a number of serious problems that make it unsuitable for any situation where PDF rendering is important. noch 853 Wörter


Time to cut the fat

Like most businesses, associations have a lot of bulk. Maybe that’s because it’s hard to trim the fat.

That said, eliminating wasted efforts and minimizing defects can lead to new products and innovations, according to a… noch 1.322 Wörter


U.S. Retailers - are they ready for payments migration?

The NFC Forum have announced the publication of a white paper entitled “U.S. Retailers: Why You’re Not as Ready as You Think for Today’s Retail Payments Migration,” which helps retailers ensure that they are fully prepared to address the payment transitions that are taking place in today’s retail environment. noch 378 Wörter

Near Field Communications

Introducing PDFNetJS: A Complete Browser-Side PDF Viewer and Editor

The WEB is taking over (obviously)

On desktop computers, web apps continue to replace activities that were previously fulfilled by Windows/Mac/Linux programs. The advantages are many: web apps are immediately available on every connected computer; the user doesn’t need to download and install something; they instantly update and they’re cross-platform. noch 2.216 Wörter


How easy would it be for your students to change their grades?

Another student hacking episode has emerged, with the students yet again, changing their grades and apparently, schedules too. Although the schedules affected more than 300 students, the motivation for that is unclear. noch 115 Wörter


channelcentral publishes first Whitepaper

Increasing Revenue and Reducing Workload with a CPQ Tool.

Last week channelcentral published its first Whitepaper. The publication is called “Increasing Revenue and Reducing Workload with a CPQ Tool”. noch 173 Wörter

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