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Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Outlook Synchronization in CRM 2015

Microsoft has just released a new whitepaper which outlines “how” the data is synchronized between Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.


To get access and to read more about the new whitepaper, head to the Microsoft link listed below. noch 23 Wörter

Dynamics CRM

Helixion, INSIDE Secure release joint whitepaper: 'Securing HCE Payments'

Helixion and INSIDE Secure have released a joint whitepaper titled, ‘Securing HCE Payments‘, detailing the techniques and strategies needed to protect a HCE payment solution. noch 169 Wörter


New Range of Indicators for Force Measurement: Type 1020-FMD

New force measuring instruments need to have more functions and features, be smaller and offer more value for the money. PENKO responds to this challenge with its new product range, Type 1020-FMD. noch 259 Wörter


Nailing Internacional Mailing Campaigns

There is always that crucial time in life when businesses decide to go further and decide to cross their boarder limits.An effective mailing campaign is an important part of the process of to expand a business abroad. noch 129 Wörter