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Progress Toward Commercial Scale and Efficiency in Cell Therapy Bioprocessing [Whitepaper]

Whitepaper Summary:

Currently there are 672 cell and gene therapy companies worldwide and 20 products approved by the food and drug administration (FDA). Dendreon’s Provenge autologous cell therapy although approved by the FDA ultimately failed commercially due to a manufacturing and distribution model that was not efficient. 504 weitere Wörter


Customer Experience in High Street Retail: Predictive Analytics

Customer is key

Customers have a lot of options when it comes to retail. Not only are there numerous competitors on your average high street, but also online. 737 weitere Wörter

Big Data

The Project Sauron APT

Key takeaways,

  • DNS keeps being an important protocol for exfiltration
  • Process Injection, Memory Persistence, no file trace in disk
  • Living of the land techniques to move laterally…
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C24 Publishes New Predictive Analytics Whitepaper

C24 is pleased to announce their latest whitepaper on Predictive Analytics in Retail.

What’s in the whitepaper?

We look at how analytics is changing the traditional  130 weitere Wörter

Big Data

Why Serious Games? 6 Key Benefits

We’ve heard A LOT about game-based learning lately. Here we bring you an extract from our recent whitepaper, including a run-down of 6 benefits of games in learning, and some clarification around the difference between ‘games’, ’serious games‘ and ‘gamification’. 284 weitere Wörter


New INSIDE Secure whitepaper available; The Power and Risk of Mobile

By INSIDE Secure.

Mobile is fast becoming the preferred method for individuals to access critical online services. This increasingly means that sensitive personal information is being stored on mobile phones. 346 weitere Wörter