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Can Aircraft Manufacturers Prevent Rate Ramp-Up Problems?

Soaring or stalling? Can aircraft manufacturers prevent rate ramp-up problems?

A Whitepaper by PwC

You can download the report here: 


Use the media to manage your relationships

In the early stages of my career when I was working as communications director for a nonprofit, I was amazed at how quickly a national issue could become local. noch 617 Wörter


Smart Insights: Pay Wallets adoption in Europe will generate over EUR 1 billion revenue

Intelling is publishing a new Smart Insights Report “mWallets to meet European adoption” investigating how the Pay Wallets, namely Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay and others which were developed in other world regions can be adapted to fit the European payment market specifics. noch 293 Wörter

Mobile Wallet

"Going Mobile" White Paper Review

One thing that is clear about AdLand is that we will never run out of whitepapers to read. As content and inbound marketing continues to sharpen, and as marketing professionals continue the never-ending push to be hailed as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), the whitepaper will get even more popular. noch 322 Wörter

London 2016

AWS DDoS Resiliency Best Practices Whitepaper Overview


  • Denial of Service (DoS) is an attack, carried out by a single attacker, which attempts to make your website or application unavailable to the end users.
  • noch 1.152 Wörter

Effectiveness - through more direct communication channels

Do you remember when you played Chinese Whispers as a kid? One person whispers a message to a second person who whispers it on to a third who….until the last person tells everybody what he or she heard. noch 758 Wörter


How Brands Can Harness Data to Deliver Amazing Experiences and Engagement

We may have started out in a state where information was mostly contained in PCs but now, thanks to the advance of mobile and the avalanche of mobile apps, information isn’t… noch 754 Wörter

Mobile Marketing Association