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Interested in BPMN? Check these White Papers

If you are interested in topics related to business process modeling with BPMN, you may check white papers I’ve authored for Orbus Software.

And here are the abstracts of the whitepapers. 604 weitere Wörter


Few Thoughts about Scalability

There are more than two dimensions of scalability

Nowadays it is difficult to find a piece of software which is not scalable by some measure. That is perhaps not only due to the fact that it was originally designed to be scalable in the first place, but rather in a larger context systems operate nowadays.  432 weitere Wörter


Interprocess messaging in Telecom Systems

Increasing complexity and performance requirements call for search of new messaging protocols.

Increasingly more and more systems while becoming more complex, are becoming multi-process, i.e. have tasks separated by type of the work to be done, or by number of workers doing same work. 539 weitere Wörter



Week 4 and doing some light reading, worked on my student teaching session plan, got feedback from my peers which was very constructive, reworked and reworked. 197 weitere Wörter

Client Project: Akamai Tech White Paper

Role: Client Account Manager, Content Creation, Marketing  52 weitere Wörter


How (and Why) to Use White Papers to Boost Your Brand and Bottom Line

New products need to be introduced, complex systems need to be explained, expensive services need to be justified and major purchases need to be pre-framed. 2.258 weitere Wörter


Sprachassistenten, Chatbots & Co: Wie Marken und Händler mit neuen Touchpoints experimentieren

„Alexa, wie wird das Wetter heute?“ – Immer mehr Menschen beginnen ihren Tag mit dieser einfachen Frage an ihren persönlichen Sprachassistenten. Nicht nur das, sie nutzen diesen praktischen Service in immer mehr Alltagssituationen – beispielsweise auch dann, wenn sie sich über neue Produkte informieren oder diese gleich bestellen möchten. 120 weitere Wörter

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