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EDEN Day 13

Heads up and eyes wide open!

With a new publication form, The Group of Analysts is focusing on exciting topics relating to the digital revolution at irregular intervals.  57 weitere Wörter


My name is David Evans. I am a copywriter who writes powerful, intelligent copy that creates your marketing keep working harder to suit your needs. Whenever you hire me, you take advantage of expertise gained over 2 decades of writing for some of the world's leading companies, and most exciting smaller businesses. Check me out at

My name is David Evans. I am a copywriter who writes powerful, intelligent copy that produces your marketing continue to work harder for you.

If you hire me, you benefit from expertise gained over 20 years of writing for a few of the world’s leading companies, and many exciting small business owners.


EDEN Day 4

Heads up and eyes wide open!

Usability becomes the decisive criterion in the battle between the ISCM providers. Therefore, get ready for this cooperation with Akeneo on this thrilling and important topic! 43 weitere Wörter


Refereum: Money From Video Games (Cryptocurrency)

Hey everyone!

Thought I would share this new find with all of the gamers out there who are possibly interested in cryptocurrency or just making some potential money from playing/watching  video games. 177 weitere Wörter

Business Bank Accounts in Virginia

At in Virginia, our business banking services are personal. We know that the needs of a freelancer working from a home office are different from those of a franchise owner, or of someone who is about to take his or her company to the global level. 1.731 weitere Wörter


171125 Visacoin: Fabulous Idea or Fraud?

A tweet from (VCX) caught my attention yesterday. It took me thirty seconds to get the idea.  A virtual card which you fund with Bitcoin or Ethereum or Dash can be used wherever Visa can be used.  555 weitere Wörter