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Thanks, Bruce

Thank you, Bruce Seely, for the being our morning radio voice. Our car radio has tuned into you for over a decade. Every school morning has been started well with your „Great Music, Sound Ideas.“ Thank you for sharing the beautiful classical music. 59 weitere Wörter


Brand New Home

Like moving to a brand new home in a central location with picturesque view of nature, I am feeling ecstatic to be fully settled in this new address that is unmistakably mine. 370 weitere Wörter


Hunting Season & Hunting Safety

Dad wanted Mom to go rabbit hunting with him, but he only bought her a .410 shotgun. Dad thought of Mom as a city girl, so he didn’t feel comfortable having her hunting next to him with a 12 gauge. 41 weitere Wörter


The Only Bowl Worth Caring About

Over the last two weeks, two fine local high schools, Skyline and Olympus, have been in a friendly competition to see who can raise the most money for the Souper Bowl of Caring, a charitable organization that works with our local food bank to get food to needy students in local school districts. 590 weitere Wörter


Mike's Tips for Tipplers

Lord Culvert Canadian’s 1.75 liter bottle is on sale again in Maine this month for $5 off. So here’s a simple idea every frugal tippler should try. 173 weitere Wörter


An Unsettling Day at the Store

An unsettling day at the store. I was making jokes like usual, but no one was smiling. Like when you are reminiscing to you wife about some really fun thing the two of you did years ago. 33 weitere Wörter


My Endless Summer

Does anyone remember the 1966 movie The Endless Summer? Two surfers travel around the world, northern and southern hemispheres to surf the year round. What freedom! 95 weitere Wörter