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The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)

A deadbeat dad who lost touch with his extended family after separating with their mother tries to insinuate himself back into their lives after informing them that he is dying. 126 weitere Wörter


Wes Anderson: An exception to the rule of Hollywood

After the Oscars ceremony fiasco overshadowed the deserved victory of Moonlight, it became all the more relevant to investigate the rise of independent filmmakers in Hollywood’s domination of mainstream cinema. 1.907 weitere Wörter

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To Be Alone With You

Young love aspires to adventure. „To Be Alone With You“ to (Moonrise Kingdom) vouches for that longing, mystical experience we all once had. 37 weitere Wörter



Until yesterday, I had never seen a Wes Anderson film. I don’t know much about the guy, other than he’s a big fan of symmetrical shots. 273 weitere Wörter


The Odd Thing About Quirks

There appears to be a received wisdom among certain (mostly American) independent filmmakers about how one goes about boosting a film’s credibility. Namely, to make your film seem smarter and more interesting without doing anything at all, simply add “quirks”. 2.839 weitere Wörter

(500) Days Of Summer