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PODCAST: Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom And The Power of First Love

Run Time: 30 Minutes. This week, we look back on Wes Anderson’s powerful film on young love and innocence in his touching and comedic gem, Moonrise Kingdom (2012). noch 40 Wörter


Good Band Names - West to Wes

Name: West to Wes

Genre: Prog Jazz

Armed with a saxophone and a guitar, this duo takes jazz to a level none has ever heard before. noch 45 Wörter


Wes Anderson Knits

If there are two things I love in this world, the first is yarn and the second is Wes Anderson. I wrote my dissertation about him for my Bachelor’s. noch 313 Wörter


It's Genius, But I Don't Care - What Beloved Film/Show/Director Is Just Not For You?

Confession time: I don’t like The Walking Dead.  I watched the first two seasons before turning away when I realized I didn’t care if any of the characters died.  noch 640 Wörter

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7 Great Uses of Symmetry in Moonrise Kingdom

MINI REVIEW: Wes Anderson is without a doubt one of my favourite directors. Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Grand Budapest Hotel are both favourites of mine, and it goes without saying that Moonrise Kingdom is worthy to be classified one of his best films. noch 283 Wörter


Moonrise Kingdom: A Place to Belong

Review by Amber

When two young lovers flee their homes in a tiny New England town to start a new life, the island is turned inside out with the search to find them. noch 709 Wörter

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