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Barks Office Report: What It's Like Watching 'Isle Of Dogs' With Your Dog

I got my dog a little more than a year ago during a transitional period in my life, and he’s been bringing me both joy and aggravation ever since. 1.480 weitere Wörter

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Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs presents a bare bones plot with lots to chew on

The films of Wes Anderson generally involve scrappy underdogs struggling to find their place in the world. But never has he made that metaphor so literal as in this ode to mankind’s longest domesticated companion. 673 weitere Wörter


Isle of Dogs - Marketing Recap

Writer/director Wes Anderson returns to the world of stop-motion animation – previously visited in 2009’s The Fantastic Mr. Fox – with this week’s new release Isle of Dogs. 1.105 weitere Wörter

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Isle of Dogs Loses Wide Release

It’s pretty bad when someone like director Wes Anderson has their upcoming film’s wide release pulled this upcoming weekend but you can expected Pacific Rim: Uprising… 63 weitere Wörter

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One Trailer For Every Wes Anderson Movie

As we wait for Wes Anderson’s upcoming movie Isle Of Dogs, this extended treatment from the Honest Trailer team demonstrates that while it is not true that if you’ve seen one Wes Anderson movie, you’ve seen them all, it is true that if you see more than one Wes Anderson movie, you’re going to see a whole bunch of awfully familiar character archetypes, plot devices, shots, and elements.

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Sneak Preview for #Dogs

Yes, Wes Anderson’s new comedy, Isles of Dogs, had a special screening for dogs and their humans. Milk Duds not included (hopefully)! (NYT)

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'Isle Of Dogs' Review: Wes Anderson's Weirdly Wonderful Canine Epic Is A Toon Worth Telling

No matter the subject matter, you can always count on Wes Anderson to come up with something unlike anything else out there. From his most recent Oscar-winning  561 weitere Wörter

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