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Oscars 2015

If the measure of a serious film is the amount of moral debate it triggers, then American Sniper should have won the Oscar hands-down. noch 782 Wörter


Wes Anderson Inspired Etsy Shop

Check out the awesomeness that is the Etsy shop Very Troubled Child.  From the shop description:

We meticulously handcraft amazing items inspired by the world of Wes Anderson. noch 35 Wörter

The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

Hi Wes; it’s me; I know
I’ve taken my share of digs
At your obsessed fussy tableaus
And your familiar plotting rigs
But I wanted your forgiveness… noch 58 Wörter

Checking out of the 'Grand Budapest Hotel'

My finger is not on the pulse of current commercial film-making. My movie watching is currently directed elsewhere. I am discovering, and at times,revisiting some gems from postwar European cinema. noch 1.104 Wörter

2015 Academy Awards: 5 winners we weren't expecting!

Well, well, it’s almost been a week since the Oscars, and while the ceremony itself was underwhelming, courtesy of a slightly underwhelming host (I still love you, Neil Patrick Harris), the results were certainly not. noch 913 Wörter

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