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Five Films About Failed Relationships That Are Worth The Watch

In the wake of the non-news of the week, the breakdown of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s marriage, their movie ‚By The Sea‘ has attracted some serious attention. 520 weitere Wörter


When It Comes To Movie DNA, Do Directors Have It and Has Netflix Mapped It?

I can’t wait to see Christopher Nolan’s next movie, Dunkirk, which is due to reach the theaters in 2017. I’ve seen 8 of Nolan’s 9 feature films and have given those movies an average rating of 87.5 out of 100, my highest average rating for any director with at least 8 movies seen. 738 weitere Wörter


Día 21: Un película sobrevalorada

‘Moonrise Kingdom’ trata la historia de Sam y Suzy, el primero es un chico scout que se escapa de la tropa y la segunda es una chica de una familia que se escapa de esta. 606 weitere Wörter


Budapest: Whisperings of Wes Anderson

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When me and my friend started planning a mini trip to Budapest earlier this year, I immediately thought of ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ directed by Wes Anderson, and was thrilled to think there was a possibility we could potter around the filming locations. 1.034 weitere Wörter


Hugo Guinness Is a Man of the People

Hugo Guinness is a British artist and writer, born into the banking branch of the name-brand family that’s also famous for brewing a certain stout. His sisters did things like date Prince Charles (and, later, marry Tom Stoppard) and start… 2.498 weitere Wörter


Soapbox: Worlds of pure imagination – the five best Roald Dahl film adaptations

Today marks the 100th anniversary of Roald Dahl’s birth, a man who was undoubtedly one of the greatest children’s authors of the 20th Century.

Dahl’s legacy can be seen today not only in the consistently strong sales his stories continue to enjoy, but also in the number of films that have used those stories for source material. 1.246 weitere Wörter

Entertaining Movies

Rushmore (1998)

„My top schools where I want to apply to are Oxford and the Sorbonne. My safety’s Harvard.“

—Max Fischer