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Wes Anderson's "The Max Fischer Players Presents The MTV Movie Awards" (1999)

After the breakout success of 1998’s RUSHMORE, its eccentric characters, charming storyline, and hotshot young director earned a prominent place within the cultural conversation about that year’s notable films.   405 weitere Wörter


Write Drunk Weekly Round-Up: Week of June 23rd, 2017

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A.D.: After Death – Scott Snyder & Jeff Lemire
Snyder and LeMire is a winning combo and everyone should be reading this! 2.135 weitere Wörter


Wes Anderson's "Rushmore" (1998)

Notable Film Festivals: Toronto, Telluride, New York

Independent Spirit Award wins: Best Director, Best Supporting Male

Inducted into the Criterion Collection: 2000

Despite the disappointing reception of 1994’s BOTTLE ROCKET, director Wes Anderson’s first feature somehow managed to gain a small following of fans inside the studio system.   1.892 weitere Wörter


You can count on bad reviews...

„I’ve never had a movie that got great reviews. I’ve had movies that got different levels of good and bad reviews, but you can more or less count on plenty of bad reviews.“

Wes Anderson

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Wes Anderson Would Be Jealous of These Real-Life Scenes

Eat your heart out, Wes Anderson.

Photographers are taking to Reddit to share their best shots of scenes, landscapes, and architecture that would fit right in during one of the popular director’s aesthetically-specific movies like… 202 weitere Wörter

Wes Anderson's "Bottle Rocket" (1996)

Notable Film Festivals: Rotterdam

Inducted into the Criterion Collection: 2008

A cursory glance at director Wes Anderson’s filmography suggests an artist who sprang forth with a fully-formed aesthetic.   1.948 weitere Wörter