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Phoenix o un film que es tan simple que es demasiado honesto

Siento que esta semana he hablado mucho de precisión y claridad en música (y videos musicales) así que si voy a seguir este tema creo que es momento de llevarlo al cine con Phoenix, un film alemán que realmente me tomó por sorpresa. noch 273 Wörter


A visit to the Tenenbaums

I was bored one day in NYC so I took the subway to Harlem on a quest to find the house The Royal Tenenbaums was filmed in. @jennyfurlincoln on Instagram


Anchor Down // Outasight 

I watched The Grand Budapest Hotel. Fucking great movie. Wes Anderson, I’m a fan. He’s from H-town so he’s cool asf. I told gabe that we HAVE to watch Fantastic Mr. noch 479 Wörter


side project: school production promotional video.

This year, my school put on their own rendition of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” as a production. I volunteered to create a promotional video for it. noch 535 Wörter

Side Project

Movies so good that make you want to do something about it

You know how sometimes you watch a movie that’s so good that you just can’t go back to living your life the way you did before? noch 324 Wörter

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