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Anderson and his Grand Style

Wes Anderson’s directing style is an acquired taste, because of it’s exaggerations and whimsical sense of humor. For the film The Grand Budapest Hotel, Anderson portrays an unbound overall plot that weaves in different direction, and hardly seems to come to an end. 347 weitere Wörter

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Wes & Jess

Yes, this is no secret that Wes Anderson has played a large role in my wardrobe selection & execution.  One of my earliest… 132 weitere Wörter

Rocks In The Attic #631: Cat Stevens - ‘Teaser And The Firecat’ (1971)

I think these pink Island Records centre-labels might just be my favourite. They’re also a mark of quality, appearing in my collection on the discs for Nick Drake’s… 190 weitere Wörter


Meeting Ciara

Life is unpredictable. It’s messy and wild, and no matter how much you try, you can never control it. This is a story of a girl I met a long time ago, back then she was timid and shy, or at least that’s how she seems. 1.224 weitere Wörter


Monday Inspiration | Oct 9, 2017

The movies were our calling this past weekend. Audy and I took Vee to see My Little Pony: The Movie in theaters. She wore her Rainbow Dash hoodie and took two of her pony stuffed animals to wave around while watching the movie. 582 weitere Wörter

Monday Inspiration