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Calgary electro-pop duo Sidney York show style with their substance

There are nerds.

There are fashionistas.

And there is Sidney York — an unapologetic combination of the two.

“I’m happy to be a nerdy fashionista,” laughs Brandi Sidoryk. noch 1.012 Wörter


Moonrise Kingdom


Review: This story is set on an island off the coast of New England in the summer of 1965. Two twelve year olds fall in love and decide to run away together. noch 176 Wörter


March Madness Round 14, Semifinal: 'The Lego Movie' vs. 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'

Well, that was unexpected, wasn’t it? Underdog-of-the-year Selma has proceeded to the final round after back-to-back victories against Interstellar and Guardians of the Galaxy, you know, two of the most successful and popular movies of 2014. noch 181 Wörter

Movie Review

About Redemption

I’m thinking of the moments I’ve had with total strangers that saved me.

Walking down the aisles of the grocery store, feeling abandoned, soul-less. And I pass a grocery cart with a three-year old in the seat, who locks eyes with me. noch 73 Wörter


At the movies: The Grand Budapest Hotel

As the concierge of The Grand Budapest Hotel, Gustave H provides invaluable service to his customers, many who come year after year.  When a wealthy guest dies, she leaves a valuable painting to him but her son refuses to let him have it.  noch 150 Wörter


Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) Review

Grade: A


“What am I?” asks Mr. Fox exasperatedly. “Why wasn’t I born a horse or a bald eagle or a turtle or something else?” His friend Kylie, an opossum, has no answer for him. noch 735 Wörter

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Adelaide Weekend March 27-29

How will you entertain yourself in Adelaide this weekend?

Eliza Street Market Party Sunday March 29th, Hello, Yes, 12 Eliza Street

Celebrate “neighbors” day as Hello, Yes spills out onto the street with market stalls, music, food, drinks and coffee. noch 209 Wörter