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A Promise is A Promise ...... The Royal Tenenbaums Review by Aletia McKinnon

Around the house here Number 2 Son Kirk has a young lady he seems to be spending quite a bit of time with and for her Grade 11 Media Studies class she was to hand in a paper on a film of her choosing so she went about watching the films of Wes Anderson and settled on this effort which I must happily point out is one of my go to films starring Gene Hackman. noch 529 Wörter

Daily Take

Le Odissee del Lake Como Film Festival

Tre film, tre incantevoli luoghi per la prima settimana del Lake Como Film Festival. Un percorso geografico e cinematografico fuori e dentro lo schermo, un viaggio che è stato – in modo del tutto appropriato – chiamato “Odissee”. noch 752 Wörter


Fantastic Mr Fox (2009)

Good old Wes Anderson. Watching his films, you can’t help but come away with a permanent symmetrical perspective locked into your retinas. You also can’t help but think of what a brilliant filmmaker this man is. noch 454 Wörter

Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson has designed a bar. It’s called Bar Luce, it’s in Milan, and it’s like an Anderson film set rendered in real life, where you can sit at a vintage formica table, sip a Campari on the rocks, and pretend you’re in 1950’s Italy. Margaret Rhodes,


Style Inspiration: 5 Best Fashion Moments from Wes Anderson Films

5. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou: Eleanor’s Costume Jewelry

Eleanor is constantly seen in these over-the-top necklaces that she somehow makes work. And the constant cigarette-holding makes her look quite chic. noch 158 Wörter