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Weisheit Exercise 3-20-2018

15 minutes amrap at a steady pace.

5 lunges ea leg

5 push ups

5 crunches

5 crunches

Then rolled out for 5 minutes.

We’ve been doing hello fresh so the food balance is improving.


Weisheit Exercise 3-16-18

1.2 mile walk

Been v stressed at work lately and traveling a ton. I’m going to get back at it.


Weisheit Workout 2-28-18

From H-Town today. Had fried everything for lunch so I knew I had to get after it. Been stressed as hell at work so this was a good release. 73 weitere Wörter


Weisheit Workout 2-24-18

Didn’t drink Last night. That’s probably the first Friday I haven’t drank since like awhile ago. Been a few days since exercise due business/laziness.

3 Rounds… 42 weitere Wörter


Weisheit Workout 2-20-18

Free alcohol in my hotel lobby tonight. I said LORD NO I WILL NOT SIN. Go me. Instead I exercised.

3 rounds


Weisheit Workout 2-17-18

I did a bunch of aerobic exercises. Got the heart rate up for 20 minutes.


Marta die Unternehmerin

Ich kenne Marta solange ich mich erinnern kann. Wir haben zusammen den Kindergarten besucht und unter dem damaligen strengen Regime gelitten. Nach dem Mittag mussten wir uns schlafen legen. 320 weitere Wörter

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