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Weisheit Exercise 5-2-18

2.5 mike walk tonight. I walked to get a salad at lunch too, but it was less than a mile. If it’s less than a mile, I don’t believe it happened.


Weisheit Exercise 4-23-18

Coming to you from Donaldsville, LA. Nothing exciting here.

Did 36 minutes in the gym. Random stuff but broke a sweat for all out it.


Warum ich keine Angst vor grossen Tieren habe

Als ich 5 Jahre alt war, verbrachte ich den Sommer mit meiner Mutter und meiner Grossmutter in einem winzig kleinen Dorf bestehend aus 5 bewohnten Häusern. 756 weitere Wörter

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Weisheit Workout 4-17-18

Praised the tread gods for 30 minutes. Followed that up with some upper body and abs.

Glad I got in there cause dinner was heavy.

Stay blessed.


Weisheit Workout 4-16-18

Full hour on the tread. Blessed by the tread gods I was.

Did an incline ladder and my heart rate got to 180 and I was only walking. 12 weitere Wörter


Weisheit Workout 4-14-18

Sorry for posting 3 times in a row. Not really. Sue me.


25 crunches

10 KB floor presses each arm

10 KB weighted lunges… 25 weitere Wörter


Weisheit Workout 4-13-18

25 sit-ups

10 push ups

15 dips

KB weighted squats

10 KB swings

My wrist feels loose when I swing so I’m going to start looking for a prosthetic.