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Implementing cultural final attainment targets in secondary education is a complex task. Culture and art education has always been strongly linked with the Humboldtian “Bildungsideal” which saw art and culture as a way to lift people to higher grounds. noch 284 Wörter

Web Quest - French Revolutionary War

Introduction: Imagine yourself as a person in France during the French Revolutionary War. Think about the struggles and dangers that you would have to experience during such hostile times like this revolutionary war. noch 256 Wörter

FR3: Travel Project Webquest

We will begin a travel project after the Quiz on Thursday 9/17.  Please print this packet and come to class with the pre-research pages completed and ready to begin the project. noch 77 Wörter

French 3Pre-AP

Don't Give Up on Harper Lee: A Webquest

Now that a couple months have passed since the release of Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman this summer, you have likely heard (or read) that the beloved Atticus Finch started off as a loving father and occasional Klansman. noch 387 Wörter


WebQuest: What's New With Cell Phone Plans?

Tectonic shift occurring with cell phone plans.  Here are a few stories that your students could read and summarize (or you can send them out to the web to look for recent stories on this trend also) with the focus on understanding how this change will impact consumers: noch 59 Wörter

Current Events

Web 2.0 Tools of the Week: 7/20 - 7/26

A new week means new Web 2.0 tools!  This week, I got to try out some old tools in new ways, new tools that looked a lot like older tools, and two Web 2.0 tools went head-to-head.  noch 1.521 Wörter

Web 2.0 Tools Of The Week

WebQuest Follow-Up

I have completed my draft of my WebQuest learning module.  For my initial reactions to this project, check out this previous post.

Background Information… noch 311 Wörter

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