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Tech in Teaching Module 2: the Quest for WebQuests

How can I use a web quest to encourage students to higher levels of thinking?

A true webquest that is student centered will produce higher level of thinking. noch 384 Wörter

Teaching with Technology Module 2

My personalized question is what technological resources can help maximize content learning in the ELL classroom while also developing ISTE teacher standards 2- design and develop authentic resources maximizing content learning in context. noch 714 Wörter



On this page, you will find some important links that will be necessary for your activity, such as websites, videos, records, articles, etc.

About The Beatles’ Rooftop Concert: noch 92 Wörter


Task 3

Make a critical review about two of their interviews.

In this task, you will be asked to write a critical review for a newspaper about two of the most famous interviews of The Beatles. noch 171 Wörter


Task 2

Record a podcast in order to share the musical career and lives of each member for a radio program.

In this task, you will become a radio speaker by recording a podcast program. noch 239 Wörter



When you reach this page, it means that you have successfully developed all the processes and tasks that the Webquest has required. So it is important to highlight what are you able to do now: noch 114 Wörter



When you reach this site, you will have to start thinking how well you have developed your own work. In order to assess and give a fair mark to the work you have been doing, you and I are going to assess the outcome of the tasks of the WebQuest. noch 132 Wörter