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Visual Learning

It is evident that present times call for a learning environment that ignites imagination, unleashing learner’s creativity and an appetite for learning. This calls for an opening and engagement of the heart to gear up the minds of learners. noch 635 Wörter


Webquest London 25.04 - 26.04

You will explore London through your computer.

Alone, or in pairs, complete the two worksheets found in \\Neptun\kogukool\Matthijs Quaijtaal\Year 10\London Assignment 25 + 26.04.2016

If it happens that a given link does not work, there are other ways to get your answer: Google is your friend. noch 46 Wörter

10th Grade

Year 3 and 4 Technology Resource

Hi all,

The Australian Curriculum: Technology learning area does not have many resources available that will help teachers deliver the content descriptors. Many are left to make their own or adapt previously used resources to align with the Australian Curriculum content descriptors. noch 261 Wörter


Try a Web-quest

A webquest guides students to search the Internet for specific information. For example, students are asked to serve as curators of a museum on a particular topic. noch 62 Wörter

Digital Project

Last day activities

Planning fun and games (educational of course!) with your kids classes at the end of the year? Here are some ideas:

·       Talking of John Lewis, … noch 35 Wörter

Swap Shop


Wonderopolis is a website for curious people! There is a “Wonder of the Day” posted each day, (basically a question that someone else is wondering), followed by an answer (there is even audio for this!). noch 17 Wörter

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