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Webquest: London tourist brochure


MEANS OF TRANSPORT (Mª Mar, Emanuel, Adrián – 1º Bach. A/C) (Luis, Irene Porcel, María – 1º Bach. B/D)

ACCOMODATION… 265 weitere Wörter


Victorian England Guided Research WebQuest

We will soon be reading the play A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens in class!  In preparation for our reading, please visit the following websites in order to learn more about the play and the setting of… 83 weitere Wörter

A Christmas Carol

Period 2 - World History (S.D.A.I.E. - E.L.L.) Lesson Plan (10-25-2016)


Warm Up:

Looks at the image below and be ready for discussion. It is an old political cartoon. What do you think it is conveying to the reader? 197 weitere Wörter

World History (S.D.A.I.E.- E.L.L.)

EDTC 6431 Individual Project

The final project of EDTC 6431 Learning with technology summarized my learning of the ISTE standards, approaches to using technology in the classroom, and combining both with my field of teaching German. 601 weitere Wörter

5 Learning Environment

Webquest: How Scientists Gather Data

This Webquest will take you on a journey to explore different ways in which scientists gather (collect) data (information) for their scientific areas of study. Pay attention to how different areas of science use very different methods of collecting and analyzing (looking at and thinking about) their data. 280 weitere Wörter

5th Grade

The Many Uses of the Schoology "Page"

I think at this point, it’s pretty clear that I am a fan of all things Schoology. One of the many tools that I found to be incredibly beneficial last school year, and in which I will continue to find new ways to utilize this school year, is that of the Schoology “page.” A Schoology page is basically a blank slate, allowing the teacher to build content to be used by students. 528 weitere Wörter