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WebQuest: What's New With Cell Phone Plans?

Tectonic shift occurring with cell phone plans.  Here are a few stories that your students could read and summarize (or you can send them out to the web to look for recent stories on this trend also) with the focus on understanding how this change will impact consumers: noch 59 Wörter

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Web 2.0 Tools of the Week: 7/20 - 7/26

A new week means new Web 2.0 tools!  This week, I got to try out some old tools in new ways, new tools that looked a lot like older tools, and two Web 2.0 tools went head-to-head.  noch 1.521 Wörter

Web 2.0 Tools Of The Week

WebQuest Follow-Up

I have completed my draft of my WebQuest learning module.  For my initial reactions to this project, check out this previous post.

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I’m working on a proposal for a WebQuest for my Instructional Apps class this week and just the term “WebQuest” makes my skin itch.  In an ever-evolving technological world, WebQuests feel so dated, as though I’ve time-traveled back to the ’90s.  noch 539 Wörter

Educational Technology

Flip the Classroom with Webquests

If you’re looking for a way to move from lecture to student-centered activity, webquests are an excellent option.  I learned about webquests about a year ago and built one to replace a lecture on nutrition.  noch 308 Wörter

Fairytale Math: a webquest (4th grade)

During my Graduate program, I created a webquest to assess various 4th grade math standards for Operations and Algebra and Fractions. The theme of the webquest tied into a fairytale unit plan I was working on at the time. noch 34 Wörter


What's New With Credit Reports?

This could be a good WebQuest activity as it involves reading and interpreting articles focused on how regulations surrounding credit reports are changing.  Ask your students to find 3-4 sources about changes that have recently been announced with credit reports.   noch 447 Wörter

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