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Directions: Click on the website below and complete the handout. Each section is labeled and you will not only have to identify facts but explain how the facts mean something, so using facts to make inferences. noch 202 Wörter

Grade 9

Diah Fakhmawati: Designing Offline Webquest Using Powerpoint

by Diah Fakhmawati
Expert Educator Columnist, Indonesia

Internet for language learning provides many benefits such as providing intrinsic motivation to students, giving authentic material resources, and improving reading and writing skills. noch 1.749 Wörter

Expert Educator Columns

WebQuest - A Really Big Thing in Internet Research, or Smoke and Mirrors?

Have you heard of this thing? Apparently, WebQuest has been around forever (in Internet-Years). In fact, according to, the original model for this was developed by Bernie Dodge at San Diego State University in early 1995. noch 307 Wörter


WebQuest, Learning Tool Exploration #1, EDTC 6431

For my first learning tool exploration I decided to investigate WebQuest. WebQuest is a research tool to help teachers provide further instruction to their students. Students are directed to a WebQuest and follow the steps and links provided to complete a series of tasks. noch 483 Wörter

EDTC 6431

Learning Tool Exploration #1 - WebQuests

For my first learning tool exploration, I dove into webquests. When initially reading about these in our module, I was a little confused about what exactly a webquest was. noch 500 Wörter

Learning With Technology

Webquest sobre el Clima.

Este será el trabajo de Conocimiento del Medio de los próximos días.

Haz “Clic” en el enlace y ¡a trabajar!

Añado dos recursos más, que me parece que os servirán: noch 18 Wörter

Webquest: Backing Storage

The following Webquest helps students carry out research as well as get an understanding of how secondary storage devices are categorised, a brief insight of how some storage devices work, typical uses, speed and other features.