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Design thinking practice- developing a WebQuest lesson

Couple weeks ago, I collaborated with two classmates (Amy and Tammy) and created an inquiry-oriented online lesson called WebQuest via the It’s a great experience to apply the knowledge we learn in the class and create a practical lesson plan and content. 144 weitere Wörter

19th Century America: Webquest

Threads of Change in 19th Century America: A Museum Exhibition Webquest


Found at

This webquest would work well for a high school English class with an emphasis on American literature. 185 weitere Wörter


Five Rules for Writing a Great WebQuest

„A WebQuest,“ according to Bernie Dodge, the originator of the WebQuest concept, „is an inquiry-oriented activity in which most or all of the information used by learners is drawn from the Web. 487 weitere Wörter


term papers and webquests and popplets

It has been a busy week. I’ve been working on my term paper for INFO 5000. My working title is „Professional Learning for Teacher Librarians: Utilizing the Resources Available to Create a Personal Learning Network.“ I’m about halfway done with my first draft. 195 weitere Wörter

Reflective Learning

A couple weeks ago my classmates and I began working with WebQuests. We took on many roles in the process… including researcher, a college student hoping to become a teacher, a website developer, an instructional designer, a teacher in our future classroom, a student in K-12 completing a WebQuest assignment and a teacher evaluating student work and the effectiveness of WebQuests as a whole. 386 weitere Wörter

EDUC 422

Webquest - avagy a netfürkész

Mi is az Webquest?

A Webquest egyfajta irányított internetes kutatást jelent. A tanulók a Webquest-ben létrehozott feladatsor megoldásához internetes forrásokat használnak fel, amelyeket mi magunk is meghatározhatunk, illetve szabad kezet is adhatunk, aminek révén a tájékozódási, mérlegelési képességeiket is fejleszteni tudjuk. 255 weitere Wörter


Wednesday, March 22 and Thursday, March 23

„Nothing ever goes away.“ ~ Barry Commoner

Creative Writing 1 ~ Begin class with a 10-minute free write. Finish Poetry workshop critiques. Work on Visual Journaling. 175 weitere Wörter