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Reflective Learning

A couple weeks ago my classmates and I began working with WebQuests. We took on many roles in the process… including researcher, a college student hoping to become a teacher, a website developer, an instructional designer, a teacher in our future classroom, a student in K-12 completing a WebQuest assignment and a teacher evaluating student work and the effectiveness of WebQuests as a whole. 386 weitere Wörter

EDUC 422

Webquest - avagy a netfürkész

Mi is az Webquest?

A Webquest egyfajta irányított internetes kutatást jelent. A tanulók a Webquest-ben létrehozott feladatsor megoldásához internetes forrásokat használnak fel, amelyeket mi magunk is meghatározhatunk, illetve szabad kezet is adhatunk, aminek révén a tájékozódási, mérlegelési képességeiket is fejleszteni tudjuk. 255 weitere Wörter


Wednesday, March 22 and Thursday, March 23

„Nothing ever goes away.“ ~ Barry Commoner

Creative Writing 1 ~ Begin class with a 10-minute free write. Finish Poetry workshop critiques. Work on Visual Journaling. 175 weitere Wörter

Exploring WebQuests

In my technology tools for education class, we are exploring WebQuests and how they can be used to teach our students in an integrative, tech savvy way. 137 weitere Wörter

EDUC 422

Webquest: London tourist brochure


MEANS OF TRANSPORT (Mª Mar, Emanuel, Adrián – 1º Bach. A/C) (Luis, Irene Porcel, María – 1º Bach. B/D)

ACCOMODATION… 265 weitere Wörter


Victorian England Guided Research WebQuest

We will soon be reading the play A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens in class!  In preparation for our reading, please visit the following websites in order to learn more about the play and the setting of… 83 weitere Wörter

A Christmas Carol