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WebQuest: Why Did Netflix's Stock Price Go Up When Their Earnings Went Down?

Does this look like a company whose earnings dropped in the last quarter?

I like this activity because it teaches students the importance of expectations and also how investors value companies using different metrics (clearly earnings don’t drive Netflix’s stock price). noch 138 Wörter

Current Events

À la recherche de ... la Guadeloupe, la Martinique et la Guyane

Besoin d’un dictionnaire? Voilà.

1. Pourquoi passer des vacances en Guadeloupe ou en Martinique?
Résumez ce que vous savez déjà (à deux, en oral, 5 min. noch 177 Wörter


an idea for exploring art online

Last year I was teaching a strong upper-intermediate class of Italian teenagers. On a needs analysis form many of them had expressed an interest in art, so I searched for a way to bring this topic alive in class. noch 913 Wörter

Lesson Ideas

P4 – Integrating meaningful technology into the classroom

To me, P4 means integrating purposeful and meaningful technology into instruction. Prior to this course, when I heard the word technology in the classroom, I thought it meant the bank of computers at the back of the classroom on which student’s practiced basic facts, such as addition and subtraction. noch 1.057 Wörter

Great Depression Journal Webquest

Name: __________________________


The Great Depression


The Great Depression was a tremendous downturn in the world economy that began toward the end of the 1920s.  The Depression in the United States started with the Stock Market Crash on October 29, 1929, an event known as Black Tuesday. noch 604 Wörter

Happy Digital Learning Day!

Happy Digital Learning Day!  Today marks the 4th annual Digital Learning Day sponsored by the Alliance for Educational Excellence.  What is digital learning?

Digital learning is any instructional practice that effectively uses technology to strengthen a student’s learning experience.

noch 241 Wörter
Technology Integration

ICT at University

As I worked through the course content this week, I found myself considering all of the ways that ICT has transformed my learning at university. Indeed, several of my course would not have been possible without ICT, as I studied them exclusively online. noch 132 Wörter