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There are two things that are a must-have for any budding or established web developer: experience with source control, and a website. Little did I know, but having both of these can go hand-in-hand. noch 482 Wörter

Easy Does It! Tech Tips for Organizing Your Web Site

“Organization is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.” ~ A.A. Milne

Organizing information is one of the things librarians do best.

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Apple Watch to debut with support for Pandora web radio

Apple Watch to debut with support for Pandora web radio.

In case you’re anticipating catching an Apple Watch when it makes a big appearance on April 24 (solely online), you’ll be prepared to stream Pandora radio straight out of the crate. noch 370 Wörter

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The Purpose of Websites

Design should focus on the purpose of the site and user tasks

Examples of types of site include:

4 Steps

4 SEO Strategies That Will Still Work in 2015

1. Widen the Net for Hummingbird-Friendly Keywords

Hummingbird brought a change in the way Google parses queries. Instead of matching up separate keywords to pages, it’s now looking for actual search intent. noch 438 Wörter


Where Am I?

The internet is a great invention. In times gone by promoting your small business would mean getting in a car/bus/train/plane and walking door to door with a case of samples that show your craft to it’s best advantage. noch 691 Wörter

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