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Wrestle Circus Girl Fight

I was hired to shoot a Pro Wrestling match in Austin, November 18, 2016.

Here are two of my 5 camera angles:

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Pro Tools Project, "Tamaulipas"

I found, created edited and mixed all the sound effects and music. ( I did not shoot or edit the video).  Final version.

Made for a Sound Production class at… 20 weitere Wörter

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Vetty's Presidential Inaugural Ball and Awards

I did some of the Adobe After Effects graphics in this:

Vetty’s Presidential Inaugural Ball and Awards

Adobe After Effects

Sarah and Ashton wedding pedicab

Sarah and Ashton got married!  10-22-2016!

They had me give them a pedicab ride and I used my go pro to make this video for them!

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PlayPosit Web Video Remix App

PlayPosit is a Chrome and we-based app that lets teachers add interactive elements such as questions to streaming video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. There are both free and paid versions of it.

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