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Turkey 2nd revision

Turkey Cartoon Animation, 2nd revision.

Made in Adobe Flash (Adobe Animate).

First version ( no color):

Part of an upcoming commercial for ArTex Funding. 9 weitere Wörter

After Effects

Factory Animation

Factory, Whiteboard Animation, made in Flash (Adobe Animate)

After Effects

Luckenback, Texas B&W After Effects

Luckenback, Texas truck sign.
Shot on an Android phone.

„Anitque-ed“ in Adobe After Effects, with desaturation, contrast, glow, noise reduction)
Part of a wedding video. 11 weitere Wörter

After Effects

Pedicab Train Crash

Security Camera footage of a pedicab trying to get past a moving light rail train. It didn’t end well. New Years Eve 2014, near the light rail station on 4th street. 44 weitere Wörter

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