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Cooking with mealworms

Insects are a major source of protein, and millions of people around the world eat them daily. But how do you incorporate them into your daily diet? noch 22 Wörter


Whiteboard Handwriting Animation

Whiteboard Handwriting Animation

Whiteboard Animation. Made in Adobe Flash, and Adobe After Effects.

Adobe After Effects

Mr. Thrill as ELVIS!

Mr Thrill as Elvis
Shot on a Go Pro 4 with a Feiyu Gimbal and edited in After Effects.
Logo made in Photoshop and After Effects.

Adobe After Effects

MUST READ! Video Campaigns Will Massively Increase Your Web Traffic!

Website. Check.

SEO. Perfect.

Google Ranking: Never heard of you.

Traffic: What traffic?

If this sounds familiar you’ve probably been pulling your hair out trying to figure out why the heck your website just won’t climb the ranks and sit on that glistening „Page 1 of Google Search Results“ where all the unique visitors have been happily passing you by. noch 833 Wörter

Tom Farmery

Dr. Cortney Baker, Executive Leadership Specialist

Dr. Cortney Baker, Executive Leadership Specialist

Shot with a canon DSLR and edited with Adobe Premiere and some Adobe After Effects.

Dr. Cortney Baker is a speech therapist, business owner, entrepreneur, leadership expert, speaker, philanthropist, wife, mother of three, and proud native Texan. noch 193 Wörter

Adobe After Effects

Strange Dayz, Austin's premiere Doors Tribute Band

Strange Dayz, Austin’s premiere Doors Tribute Band!

Shot with a Canon DSLR and edited in Adobe Premiere and some Adobe After Effects!

Adobe After Effects

Universal Monsters Dracula (1931) Full Restoration Trailer

I love old Universal Monster movies like Dracula and Frankenstein! They have a glow, a charcoal quality that has never been matched!

I hate that they’re dying, degrading, crumbling! noch 23 Wörter

Adobe After Effects