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Twitch meets Periscope with new streaming app Mirrativ

Mirrativ (a portmanteau of mirror and narrative) lets you broadcast whatever is happening on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. It combines untethered mobile broadcasting, screen sharing and social interactions into one single app. noch 30 Wörter


Facebook Says It's Finally Ready to Start Cracking Down on Video Pirates

A year after it started making a big push into video, Facebook is acknowledging it has a video piracy problem. And it says it’s going to start fixing it. noch 519 Wörter


Teens to Netflix: We Already Like You, Stop Trying So Hard

Netflix has long been tightlipped about its user demographics and has made no exceptions this week, but previous surveys have found teens and tweens watch less television overall, and tend to prefer short clips on YouTube, Vine, or streaming services to traditional TV. noch 47 Wörter

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Here Are the Original Shows Netflix Viewers Say They're Watching

Netflix won’t tell anyone how many people watch its home-grown shows like “Orange Is the New Black.” But lots of people want to know.

Here’s one way to guess: Ask Netflix users what they watch. noch 313 Wörter


Streaming Site Operator Accused of £120m 'Piracy Fraud'

A man from Northern Ireland has been accused of being part of an operation which could have defrauded the film industry out of £120m. Paul Mahoney, 30, who has pleaded guilty, allegedly made £300,000 ($464,244.00) from advertising revenue on several sites, including the now-defunct streaming portal FastPassTV. noch 11 Wörter

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Maker Studios Gets Its First Report Card From Disney

When Disney bought Web video network Maker Studios last year, it paid $500 million up front and said it might pay up to $450 million more if Maker hit certain goals. noch 237 Wörter


Previously unreleased Nirvana demo is now streaming

E-Coli” is a “jam” in every sense of the word. The plodding, nine-minute track sounds a bit more like pre-Nevermind Nirvana, or perhaps something that could have crawled off Incesticide, though it’s pegged to be from 1993 or ’94. noch 15 Wörter

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