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Web videos: From Creative to Editing

At this point in the PR game, web videos are a necessity. Both for social media and on your website, video is essential. But video skills amongst marketers and other communication professionals are actually rare to come by. 810 weitere Wörter

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Implosion, Austin, Texas March 2018

Implosion, Austin, Texas March 2018

This WAS formerly the 10-story Ashbel Smith Hall building  It was a University of Texas System headquarters. It was demolished with an implosion, 8 a.m. 24 weitere Wörter

Web Video Journo. Vs. TV Video Journo.

First of all, whether we realize it or not, we’ve all become very familiar with the cliches of television journalism. That’s NOT what we’re doing online. 396 weitere Wörter


Realm Toys Kickstarter

This is an example of my editing video for other producers.

This is not „my“ video. A production company called ZODIAK PRODUCTIONS shot it and I edited it for them with… 34 weitere Wörter

This weeks assignment.

So, this week we are taking a look at using video on your website.  The use of Video, or other forms of multi media on your website, can make it more engaging to the people visiting your site.  308 weitere Wörter


John Oliver Talks Roku NRA TV Fight

The thrust of John Oliver’s commentary was a breakdown of NRATV and what kind of content is actually on the streaming platform. But it will be interesting to see how Roku might respond to Oliver if the company will issue any reaction. 9 weitere Wörter

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