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Watch "Sesame Street: House of Bricks (House of Cards Parody)" Video at Vulture

Ahead of its season-three premiere, House of Cards gets the parody it deserves — from Sesame Street! The show reimagines the “Three Little Pigs” fable as an HOC-style political thriller — complete with tons of breaking the fourth wall and the Big Bad Wolf recast as “Frank Underwolf” — and it’s surprisingly great. noch 10 Wörter

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Whalerock to Launch Digital 'Hubs' for Celebs Including Kardashians, Howard Stern

Production firm Whalerock Industries is hoping to scare up more digital dollars with a new strategy to launch media “hubs” in partnership with celebrities — who, it seems, are looking for ways to connect directly with (and monetize) their fanbases despite the plethora of digital outlets already at their disposal. noch 38 Wörter

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Chelsea Handler on Why She Went to Netflix: 'I Want to Grow Up' (Video)

After comedian and author Chelsea Handler left “Chelsea Lately,” her seven-year-old late-night show on E! Entertainment television, she took three months off. She read books, and tried to stay away from social media. noch 859 Wörter


YouTube Blocks Game Of Thrones Trailer on Copyright Grounds

The Game of Thrones trailer Foxtel links to is claimed by HBO Singapore, which means that it can only be viewed in the Asian country and not in Australia, America, the UK or elsewhere. noch 41 Wörter

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Stars From Vine, Pinterest and YouTube on How Their Work Pays the Bills (Video)

A lot of work can go into creating a sticky presence on new media platforms like YouTube, Vine and Pinterest. So is it possible to make a living off of six-second video clips? noch 263 Wörter


YouTube Content Chief Says Growth Accelerating Despite Increased Competition From Facebook (Video)

The head of YouTube content says that Google’s Web video service has seen its growth accelerate despite the rise of competition from Facebook and others. noch 400 Wörter


Relive YouTube's greatest hits from the past decade with this compilation video

One thing that’s interesting about the compilation is how YouTube’s production values have gone up. Most of the viral videos from 10 years ago look pretty terrible, but over the past few years they’ve gotten more and more slick and professionally produced, as TV shows and celebrities got in on the action. noch 12 Wörter

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