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This chart explains why Spotify added video

It’s easy to see why Spotify is moving into video. According to data from GlobalWebIndex, charted for us by BI Intelligence, 87% of Spotify users watched a video clip online, while 70% of its users watched TV on demand in the past month. noch 46 Wörter

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What is Branded Entertainment anyway?

It may seem like Branded Entertainment is the new buzzword in social media marketing, but actually branded entertainment has been around for a long time. Commercials, advertainment, infomercials and jingles are all forms of branded entertainment. noch 109 Wörter

Bridgetown Media

Report: Spotify may be trying to launch a video streaming business

Specifically, sources say that Spotify is talking to YouTube affiliates “to discuss both acquiring their material and co-creating original video series.” The service is also speaking with traditional media companies. noch 27 Wörter

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YouTube Ads Don't Support YouTube Videos, Says YouTube Producer on YouTube's Stage

“For the most part, everything my brother and I have done, we’ve done largely without advertising. …Today, Hank and I have 30 employees helping us create shows that are both educational and fun to watch. noch 49 Wörter

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YouTube Ads Don't Support YouTube Videos, Says YouTube Producer on YouTube's Stage

YouTube has hosted an extravagant sales pitch for advertisers in New York City for the last four years. So the one it put on this week had lots of familiar elements: Fancy production values, eye-popping statistics and a music act ad buyers had heard of — this year’s… noch 1.761 Wörter


Former Intel Web TV Boss Erik Huggers Is Vevo's New CEO

Erik Huggers, the executive who led Intel’s aborted efforts to break into the Web TV business, has a new job. This one won’t be easy, either. noch 349 Wörter