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Sports Fans May Not Get What They Want With Verizon's New Video Service

Verizon has announced more programming for the video service it will roll out this year for its wireless customers. And in the process, the telco may be sending an unintended message to many sports fans: … noch 437 Wörter


Netflix Subscriber Numbers Soar, and Its Stock Price Does the Same

A first look at Q1 Netflix earnings: The streaming video company earned 38 cents per share on revenue of $1.57 billion. Analysts were expecting 69 cents and $1.57 billion. noch 378 Wörter


How to Beat Apple's 30 Percent Subscription Fee: Sell Your Stuff on Apple TV

Did you sign up for HBO Now so you could watch “Game of Thrones” last night?

If you did, where did you sign up — on your iPhone, your iPad or your Apple TV? noch 471 Wörter


More Fresh B to B - Cisco Capital eDocs Video

Directed, shot, edited and delivered this video launching Cisco Capital’s eDocs tool.

Podcasts are safer after the EFF helps gut a patent troll

Personal Audio has been threatening the podcast world for a while — the longtime patent troll claims that it invented the concept of podcasting, and has insisted that some bigger productions (such as Adam Carolla’s) either cough up licensing money or face lawsuits. noch 78 Wörter

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