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people I met...story #9, Lisa

Lisa – a beautiful, intelligent and amusing young lady (all right maybe a bit weird, like all individuals from Friesland). I know her since I started to study Photography in 2001. noch 277 Wörter


May I have this dance

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Weekly photo challenge: Dance


Who was that masked man anyway?

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This was taken in Glen Nevis, Ontario on the grounds of the Abbey for the Arts.  I went over one fall day to take some shots and found this fellow roaming the grounds.  noch 24 Wörter


Statues & Sculptures/2

Lotsenehrung  – Pilot Ceremony

This statue by Reinhard Dietrich is a tribute to the pilots and the saviours of those in distress at sea.

It is a 1976 sculpture located near the lighthouse in Warnemunde, Germany.   noch 42 Wörter



There are some ships that you just fall in love with at first sight.

For me, that was the case with Holland America Line’s gorgeous… noch 710 Wörter


(5) Wunderschönes Warnemünde

On Sunday 11th October, I went on a trip to Warnemünde, which was organised by the LEI (local Erasmus initiative).  At about 1:15pm, I met some of the other Erasmus students outside my accommodation before we all walked to the train station on Parkstraβe together. noch 331 Wörter

Warnemünde Port, Germany

Warnemünde Port, Germany

I got this pin May 21, 2015, in Rostock, near the German port of Warnemünde where the Queen Elizabeth docked.

The fine old Hanseatic red-brick town of Rostock and its neighboring seaside resort, Warnemünde, are best known as the jumping-off points for Berlin, which is three to five hours away by train. noch 386 Wörter