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Warnemunde/Rostock, Germany 

Our next port of call was Warnemunde, Germany. Before the reunification this was East Germany’s largest seaport. After the reunification much of the traffic moved to other cities like Hamburg. 107 weitere Wörter



Hello guys! So yesterday I posted my very first post. It’s been a really long time since I’ve had a blog. It’s actually almost midnight but I don’t feel tired at all so that’s why I decided to tell something of my recent trip to Berlin. 312 weitere Wörter

Berlin or Rostock and Warnemunde?

Berlin showed up on our Viking itinerary as one of the ports of call.  Geography never was my strong suit, but even I knew that Berlin has no oceanfront property.    867 weitere Wörter


A week on the German Baltic coast

The German Baltic coastline is beautiful. White sandy beaches stretch in long and wide bays which bank up into high sand dunes lined with tall grasses that blow and sway in the cooling breeze from the North. 1.110 weitere Wörter