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SCALE….is the topic nominated for this weeks Photo Challenge.

Scale can simply be just a case of objects near and those further away.  It can also be a case of LARGE versus small. noch 62 Wörter


Warnemünde, Germany

The first stop on our cruise was Warnemünde, a seaside resort town in Germany. A sleepy fishing village for 600 years (until it became a resort destination in the 1800s) this stop gave us a great taste of the quaint picturesque fishing towns from centuries past. noch 500 Wörter


The Joys of 2014

Tonight I celebrate the fresh start of a new year and the completion of a year that ended up more positively than I ever thought possible. noch 590 Wörter

Rostock 5 - Hope

I saw this stunningly elegant sculpture while visiting Warnemünde – about 30 minutes from Rostock by train. It’s called either Esperanza or Hoffnung (Hope) and is by artist  noch 53 Wörter

Contemporary Art