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Lovers Locks

Lovers Locks in a bridge in Warnemunde, Germany


Warnemünde Beach - Rostock

Warnemünde Founded in about 1200, Warnemünde was for centuries a small fishing village with minor importance for the economic and cultural development of the region. In 1323 Warnemünde lost its autonomous status as it was purchased by the city of  240 weitere Wörter


Warnemünde Kebab Haus

WARNEMÜNDE. Hello, Döner Fans. And greetings from one of the blog’s more exotic holiday locations. Why, indeed, was Dr Döner on holiday in Warnemünde? Was he touring the Baltic Sea coast? 484 weitere Wörter


Warnemunde, Germany

A sleepy little village of 5,000, Warnemunde, Germany has not quite woken up to the advantages of having cruise ships stop here.  Cruise ships began stopping here only about five years ago, so it’s not touristy or commercialized yet … prices are still reasonable. 94 weitere Wörter