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More Warnemunde

A few more images of Warnemunde, Germany….

They were working on the streets in this part of town, hence the white barriers.

I love the design on this florist shop. noch 108 Wörter


Warnemunde Sunset

We arrived in the port town of Warnemunde, Germany, at sunset. So glad we were on the best side of the ship for this.

You can see a bit of the town on the right. noch 55 Wörter



SCALE….is the topic nominated for this weeks Photo Challenge.

Scale can simply be just a case of objects near and those further away.  It can also be a case of LARGE versus small. noch 62 Wörter


Warnemünde, Germany

The first stop on our cruise was Warnemünde, a seaside resort town in Germany. A sleepy fishing village for 600 years (until it became a resort destination in the 1800s) this stop gave us a great taste of the quaint picturesque fishing towns from centuries past. noch 500 Wörter