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Hello guys! So yesterday I posted my very first post. It’s been a really long time since I’ve had a blog. It’s actually almost midnight but I don’t feel tired at all so that’s why I decided to tell something of my recent trip to Berlin. 312 weitere Wörter

A week on the German Baltic coast

The German Baltic coastline is beautiful. White sandy beaches stretch in long and wide bays which bank up into high sand dunes lined with tall grasses that blow and sway in the cooling breeze from the North. 1.110 weitere Wörter


Trip to Rostock

I think I am a bit old type of person. I don’t really like watching a display of my smart phone while walking. Because I feel sick. 110 weitere Wörter


Weekend Trip to the Baltic Sea

When you were born in East Germany it is very likely that you spent most of your childhood summers at the Baltic Sea since this is one of the favourite places to go to in Germany. 494 weitere Wörter


Warnemunde and Rostock

The first stop on our Baltic cruise was Rostock, on the north German coast line. Having just been to Berlin, we didn’t want to take the 7 hours of driving and 5 hours of sight seeing tours offered by the cruise line, so it was off to Rostock the port city and Warnemunde, the beach resort town. 330 weitere Wörter

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Statues and Sculptures/7

Please click on images for a better view

Warnemünde, on the Baltic coast of northern Germany, hosts the annual Sandwelt or Sand World competition in May, attracting artists from across Europe.   15 weitere Wörter


Warnemünde aerials

Some aerial views from my balcony on the 15th floor of Hotel Neptun situated more than less directly on the beach of wonderful “Seebad” Warnemünde – one of my favourite photo locations. 50 weitere Wörter