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Unlicensed and Unheard: Stifling Segway Speech

By Mia B. Ragent; Staff Member (Vol. 14)

Do tour guide licensing requirements violate the Free Speech Clause? In the past year, tour guides in two major tourist-destination cities challenged licensing schemes to two different results. 1.226 weitere Wörter

Vol. 14

"Chilling" Campaign Finance Law Upheld

By Joseph M. (Max) Swindle; Staff Member (Vol. 14), Notes Editor (Vol. 15)

Political silence, the inability to have one’s voice heard, is an issue that marginalizes many citizens and residents. 1.037 weitere Wörter

Vol. 14

Firearm "Gag Order" Bound to Miss its Mark

By Jonathan C. Jakubowski, Staff Member (Vol. 14)

“The contest for ages has been to rescue liberty from the grasp of executive power.” 

– Daniel Webster… 1.152 weitere Wörter

Vol. 14

Senate Bill 2 and the Establishment Clause

By Hillary Li, Staff Member (Vol. 14)

“This is a sad day for North Carolina that history will not judge kindly,” Sarah Preston, the acting executive director of the… 1.319 weitere Wörter

Vol. 14

Cecil the Lion's Roar: Libel in an Internet Age

By Elizabeth (Beth) A. Kapapoulos; Staff Member (Vol. 14), Chief Staff Editor (Vol. 15)

With the advent of the Internet, an entirely new realm of libel law has emerged in the courts, forcing judges to examine entirely new questions of Internet vigilantism and how to deal with crimes in a digital world.  880 weitere Wörter

Vol. 14