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Every time some college students dress in blackface for Halloween or someone reignites the call for the name change of the DC football team or any other sports team named after a group of people, people get so quick to draw on both sides that we lose an opportunity to understand the history and why it hurts, to learn how to be respectful instead of simply trying to be inoffensive. noch 182 Wörter


Unabridged Cover Blurb for Upcoming Release of "COLD CURRENTS"

I’m excited about this one, folks. Here’s a taste of what to expect in my upcoming release, COLD CURRENTS, the first book in the new Bobby Taylor mystery/thriller series. noch 251 Wörter


The Voice

One thing God has spoken two things have I heard

Time after time; line upon line

Daily I reset his precepts as his voice divides the flames: the unthinkable; the unspeakable; the inextinguishable became a thorn in my side… noch 203 Wörter


Women Without Hats

The first rule of passion club is to try not to act like an asshole
The second rule of passion club is to feel too sexy for your cat… noch 354 Wörter

Behind The Music

Enable passive voice recording with SPAN

Recently I had to assist to an installation of a passive voice recording solution called NICE ( it is able to do active recording too, but it was not possible to use it with the CME we had onsite ). noch 1.035 Wörter


Does This Happen For Anyone Else When Dissociative?

My voice becomes higher pitched when I am dissociative. I do not have DID, but my current and past therapist both have said my voice changes whenever I am dissociative. noch 77 Wörter