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The Art of Singing into a Microphone

When singing into a microphone, I have several bits of advice, all learnt first hand:

One; hold the microphone up to your mouth. I used to hold it down really low, where it wouldn’t pick up any sound. 372 weitere Wörter


The Perfect Dinner Table

The Perfect Dinner Table by Edgar Albert Guest is the perfect opportunity for students to delve into the cultural and societal expectations of what happens at the dinner table. 166 weitere Wörter

My Thoughts: Inauguration Day

Before I start, I do not claim to know that much about politics.  Admittedly, I should put in the effort to learn more but I haven’t ever made the time to learn.   1.428 weitere Wörter


When the Mob Rules, Everyone Is a Target

The poet John Berryman once said, “A man can live his whole life in this country without finding out whether he is a coward.” This is a blessing for which we should all be thankful. 1.203 weitere Wörter


Digital Tools- Voice Activated Assistants

Does the Voice Activated Assistant have a place in the business?   Yes it does. There are lots of voice activated assistants available to help us with our daily tasks. 550 weitere Wörter


A Peaceful Transfer of Power

Earlier today, between meetings, I watched parts of the inauguration of now President Donald Trump. Those are words I honestly never thought I would type or say or would be a reality, but here we are. 774 weitere Wörter