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Listen to your Voice

Almost TWO months have passed.

It hurts a little less but honestly, it still cuts like a knife.

I look at him, and I feel disgusted. 448 weitere Wörter


I AM... Laura

I first learned about the power of my voice while performing in theater as a young girl; I noticed that it was the only time people would listen to me. 363 weitere Wörter


The Fun of Being Unknown

I have a huge advantage right now. As a writer that is. As a creative mind. What’s that advantage? Being unknown.

Okay, I think that I know what you are thinking: “how the f^@& is being unknown an advantage as a writer? 503 weitere Wörter


This Founder Creates Conversations On Disability And Intersectionality


Darius Ollison

In 2012, Vilissa Thompson received her masters degree in social work. As she was job searching, she started to blog about social work and disability. 208 weitere Wörter

Money Matters

Off to unbury the dead rooster.

It’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining in a sky so blue it makes my heart hurt. A great day for an adventure. Another adventure. 1.229 weitere Wörter

Written Words, Breathe Life

I feel that Langston Hughes is a man who you should never underestimate. His words to me, gives power to the voices of the workers and persons alike. 726 weitere Wörter


Bottom of the bucket

Put him in something like this.

Put him inside of this bucket it is something that will fit him.

This decision is one of the worst ones that we needed to… 383 weitere Wörter