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Feeling hot, hot, hot.

In this BEAUTIFUL hot weather that we are having in the UK, it is absolutely essential to drink plenty of liquid. Water is best but juice and squash are great too. noch 85 Wörter

On Signatures of a Female Voice

When I quickly scan my email response to someone before I hit send, I would make a few edits to make my requests or comments clearer. noch 605 Wörter


The National Commission on the War on Terrorism Is Hereby Called to Order

On June 14, when F-15E fighter jets bombed Mokhtar Belmokhtar, an al Qaeda commander in North Africa, the United States expanded the war on terrorism with its first explicit counterterrorism airstrike in Libya. noch 1.332 Wörter

Middle East

A voice for awareness

Been a while since I last posted, been busy busy!

I had a lovely break away to South of France staying with my brother near Toulouse. noch 622 Wörter


What to Do About an Imperial Iran

The headlines: A charismatic and wily Iranian leader seeks to expand the borders of his nation, pushing aggressively against neighbors in the region and especially to the West. noch 966 Wörter

Middle East

Bittin the Bullet

!!!Before Reading!!!
(I’m no stranger in writing unusual stuff but this is somewhat dark.)
I fire once, only once to get where I’m going.
The only sound I can hear is silence as a loud popping sound was followed by the shot which had blasted out my ear drums. noch 128 Wörter


Trust in Your still small voice 

When all I see is fear of getting hurt, You told me to respond with Faith.
When all I see is doubt, You told me to Trust in You. noch 49 Wörter