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What I've Learned Through Writing

I think just by having this blog I’ve demonstrated that I’m a writer. And I write so much even when I’m not on this blog. I journal and write stories and write poems and brainstorm and make lists and just write. noch 253 Wörter

All About Me

Professor T Unnikrishnan heads to USA for month of Voice Culture Workshops

Professor T Unnikrishnan of Voice Culture India will be offering numerous voice workshops in the USA in June. He has done intensive study and research on Voice Culture for more than 20 years and developed many techniques of voice modulation for all styles of singing like Hindustani, Karnatic and light Music singers. noch 95 Wörter


Google Updates Google Maps at I/O 2015

Google announced significant upgrades to two of its most widely used products: Now and Maps. While Google Now is the voice-based assistant that comes integrated in the company’s mobile operating system Android, Maps has been consistently among the most heavily used apps and websites across platforms. noch 270 Wörter


My Blogging Story: Words Are Everything

I have oftentimes questioned my own purpose in keeping up a blog. What is it for, anyway? What does it do for me? How does it matter? noch 484 Wörter


Do You Struggle to Articulate Your Unique Message?

What makes you unique? And how will you share your unique message with the world?

As a coach, so many of my talks with clients and friends come back to this question of how to clarify their purpose, articulate their brand, or form their IP. noch 92 Wörter

Personal Development

I voiced this video for DHL

I did the voiceover for this video explaining how FC Bayern Munich‘s Flagship Store on Tmall Global delivers merchandise via DHL eCommerce. It all sounds pretty complicated to me. noch 73 Wörter