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Writing Craft: Character Voice

„It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a person in possession of voices in their head, must be an author.“

Okay, so not the most eloquent remastering of the Pride and Prejudice quote, but a truth all the same.

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Crystal Caudill

This Little Girl Has The Best Reaction To Getting Teddy Bear With Deployed Dad's Voice

By Nathan Vicar

(WYCD) — A video showing a young girl’s reaction to her incredible birthday present is melting hearts everywhere.

In a video posted to Twitter,  a 5-year-old opens her present, taking out a teddy bear wearing Army fatigues. 221 weitere Wörter


Samsung Announces 'Bixby 2.0' Designed for Smart Home Products Like Refrigerators and TVs


According to Samsung, Bixby 2.0 is a „fundamental leap forward for digital assistants“ and a „bold reinvention of the platform,“ designed with the aim of making Bixby available on „any and all devices.“ 481 weitere Wörter


America Is in Denial About Iraq

Well, that didn’t take long.

The last pockets of the Islamic State in Iraq have still not been recaptured, and already the country’s sectarian divisions are coming out in the open as the common enemy dissipates. 1.271 weitere Wörter


I Am: A 60-day Journey - now on Audio!

Am I Enough? This is a question most of us, I’m sure, have asked ourselves at one time or another. I was deeply moved narrating Michele Cushatt’s book… 178 weitere Wörter


You can now access your Plex library in Android Auto


Android Auto’s list of compatible services continues to increase and in its most recent update, Plex finally joined the list.

The best gifts for Android users… 284 weitere Wörter


The 4 Things Every Great Speaker Must Do Before Delivering a Presentation


What do athletes, actors and speakers have in common? They need to perform–and do it well.

With every public speaking engagement, speakers need to „step up to the plate“ and „hit their mark.“ Eloquent delivery and an authoritative persona are part of the game. 703 weitere Wörter

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