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The rules of English are more of a guideline really.

My brother is very particular about language and gets very snippy when I don’t do it ‚properly‘. He doesn’t understand that language is a game and that some rules need to be upheld in order to be understood but the rest are fair game for bending and breaking. 203 weitere Wörter

Sleepy Sheepy

Daring to be different carries both risks and rewards. Many of the the social rules and expectations in this life help us to coexist harmoniously and help to keep us safe. 135 weitere Wörter


Sometimes . . .

You have to listen really closely

To hear the music in the silence.

But, once you hear it,

Your heart will never forget its voice.


The Death of the Gentle Peacemaker

Not long after the announcement that former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan had died at 80 on Saturday, I heard a broadcast of his voice, and the whole man came back to me at once: the velvet texture of his presence, the exquisite courtesy and kindness, the reticence born of both native tact and endless diplomatic experience, the slightly throttled cadence that must have come from wrapping his West African tongue around English vocables but always lent him a quality of diffidence or remove. 1.231 weitere Wörter


8 Days

The day creeps closer and closer.

I was talking last week about some of my anxieties when it came to moving, but at this point, most of that anxiety is gone. 590 weitere Wörter


The Anti-Social Social Club Tag!!

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re having a great day!! I am! Yep, today I’ll be making another tag, yee haw!!! *idk if it’s written like that* 760 weitere Wörter



words unspoken

I can watch them

for hours lingering

in my mind- they

don’t bother me-

I’m not trying to hide

that they are there… 94 weitere Wörter