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The musical day

I love the birds flying, the full moon in the winter. The tune of the serpent, birds, the waves hitting the shores and the sound of the wind which blows and touches the trees and make my smile glow.

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Express Yourself

I have been desiring more – greater influence over my students, building a wider connection with my subscribers, garnering a meal plan that I can actually stick to, establishing a realistic and healthy schedule to juggle my days. 325 weitere Wörter


Bon Jovi.

I just realised how fucking hot Bon Jovi’s voice sounded in 1993. Too bad he didn’t look like his voice back then, but hey what do I care, I was a baby.

A Trigger For Your Thoughts

Microsoft 365: The Road to E5

Microsoft 365 E5. I have heard it colloquially referred to as the ‘All In’ SKU,  the ‘Nirvana’ SKU – but I have never heard it referred to as an easy SKU to sell or deploy in full; nor one that has generated any great deal of demand when compared to Business and E3. 1.451 weitere Wörter



I think the deepest hurt I ever inflicted on myself was silencing myself

When I stopped speaking and just watched

That was a loneliness like none other… 96 weitere Wörter


How Do We Develop Our Writer's Voice?

by Renea Guenther @ReneaGuenther

Every voice is unique.

The words we use, sentence length and structure, pacing and rhythm, tone, our use of description or lack thereof. 521 weitere Wörter

Renea Guenther