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Deviation of Reality

Deviation of Reality is an MMD animated YouTube series.
It is about some high school students who gain the power to travel to the past. They have to fight so-called „time anomalies“. 764 weitere Wörter


Writing & Voice

As I begin to write my new novel, Left Brain Right, I’ve been thinking about how to keep my character’s individual, and unique voices separate, which can be a problem for many writers.   54 weitere Wörter


My Gentle Whisper

1 Kings 19:12
After the earthquake came a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper.

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G3     A3   G3
Who will stay?

F3     G3    F3…E3
And who will go?

G3     A3   G3
Who will stay?

F3  E3       D3
I     don’t know. 8 weitere Wörter


The Voice

Once brought joy

Smiles, laughs,


Not anymore.




All gone in a blink of an eye

I’m nothing anymore

I’m nothing without that voice… 104 weitere Wörter

The Countries With the Worst Bad Habits

The New York Times published an interesting article recently suggesting that the Russian government has been murdering dissidents, critics, exiles, former officials, and other alleged enemies, often by poisoning them. 1.347 weitere Wörter

U.S. Foreign Policy

Time to Conquer

I have always been so scared.  Things happened in my childhood that have prevented the outspoken child I once was from becoming an outspoken adult.  My voice still shakes when I talk in front of my cousins, uncles, and aunts.   366 weitere Wörter