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We don't hear ourselves as others hear us.

It’s good to have a voice coach, someone with excellent ears and the ability to give you coherent and useful feedback. After all, we don’t hear ourselves as others hear us.


The Common Misconceptions Of Being Soft Spoken

When I think of soft spoken people, I think of Marzia, Audrey Hepburn, Katie Holmes, Snow White and Winona Ryder. The thing with the way we speak is that we don’t really hear ourselves. 944 weitere Wörter

Daily Thoughts

Women Writers Inc.

Once upon a time, we realised that ‘Once upon a time’ beginnings aren’t in today. Breaking stereotypes, embracing their natural selves, over the last couple of weeks we’ve met and spoken to over twenty women, resolute in their dreams of being authors. 388 weitere Wörter


Creative Essays: Voice (Syntax)

Daily Prompt #11: Punctuation Social Personalities

Consulting the “Punctuation Social Personalities” handout, decide which type of punctuation best matches you and your personality.  You can pick more than one.

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Creative Essays

Bottom Bed

Here I am.

Feeling I’m at the bottom again.

Can’t get any lower than this bed; where I lay.

Where all the crumbs and dust and debree sink to… 97 weitere Wörter