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I took my larynx
on the bus to the South Downs
lambswool swaddled in a silvery shroud
around the grey windswept town
muffled in that throat of mine
it never made a sound

Draft - teeth

Even teeth grow back
Over the long miles
glacier runoff
book spines
even teeth grow back
when we’ve run them over
and over and over… noch 39 Wörter


Sunday Music Discovery: Okay Kaya

Okay Kaya is an emerging Norwegian singer-songwriter based in NYC.

I’m Stupid (but I love you) Intense and touchy, the sound of her breathy subtle voice  will transport you somewhere else, somewhere far. noch 40 Wörter



Somewhere in the middle of nowhere,

A rose has been plucked


The servant

The maiden

The prostitute

The rose that grew, stretched


Both the water from the earth below, and the sun rays from above… noch 321 Wörter


Listen up! Listen here. Would you just listen! How many times have we heard these words coming from parents, coaches, teachers, spouses, and bosses over the course of our lifetimes? noch 303 Wörter

Karolina - Shadow Of The Palm Tree -

Shadow of the palm tree and the moonlight
And violin’s tune charms the heart
Rising in a sound, trembling and spliting apart
From the strings is speading the pain… noch 131 Wörter


कि दिल मे आज एक बात है आई...

कि होठों पे जो ये मुस्कान है आई...,
   है नाज़-ए-दिल ये बता आई...,

कि थी तो एक लकीर ही होठों पे...,
   मानो सागर किनारे रेत पर हो बनाई...,

खोज़ती हर पल गहराईयों मे उनको...,
   वो लहरे जो इसे मिटा लाई...,

कि हर बार क्यूं ऍ लकीरों तुमने...,
   उन लहरो संग ही प्रीत नि्भाई...,

कि आखें जो मेरी ये छलक आई...,
   है राज़-ए-दिल ये बता आई...,

थी तो कुछ बूंदे ही आखों मे...,
   मानो उसी सागर से हो ये आई...,

खोज़ती हर एहसास मे उनको...,
  वो होठों पे जिसने लकीर थी बनाई...,

हर बार क्यूं ऍ बूंदे तुम भी...,
  उसी सागर मे यूं जा समाई...,

बस दिल मे आज एक बात है आई.....|