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 A deep, visceral connect with / to music perhaps  makes me very sensitive to a person’s voice. The cadence , timbre of a person’s  voice is a  crucial indicator for me in establishing or not establishing any sort of connection with them. noch 402 Wörter



As I strolled casually by
I heard a low, sweet voice
and saw a smile
so tender and charming.

I smiled shyly back
and exchanged a few words… noch 108 Wörter


V is for Voice

A voice we all have, a choice we all have

A chance to be heard, demand for respect

It’s all in our roots, how we learned to survive… noch 77 Wörter


Be the Singer you Love

Singing as if you are someone else can help you get out of your way and take the pressure off. It can also help you escape your less productive singing habits and enjoy some already well tested good habits. noch 98 Wörter

Vocal Concepts

Blogging from A to Z Day 22: My Voice

V is for Voice

Every writer has a voice.

I’m not sure if I have one voice. I think I change depending on what I am writing. noch 275 Wörter


a few good words

(a few thoughts on quotes, shopping, class, and being fabulous) 

Slap that typo on a blank page and you have it – quoting is such fun, isn’t it? noch 1.336 Wörter


V is for Voice

I can still see the desk and the classroom and the book in my hand in the music class where I discovered my ability to harmonize as an alto. noch 434 Wörter