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Directionally Challenged

How many of us walk around in circles? We are unsure of where to go, how to get there, what road to take, which voice to listen to. noch 629 Wörter

crumbling away

Is it still love

if I am not sure of his feelings

yet I am crazy about him?

how much trust is enough trust?

how do I tell my crazy heart… noch 28 Wörter


Boxes that play a funky sound

Way back when,
When I did not understand the crook in my aunt’s back,
And the boom of my uncle’s,
I picked up the sword. noch 173 Wörter


Job Disclaimer

I would like to start out this blog by honestly telling you that I love my job. My customers in my little rural post office make me very happy. noch 157 Wörter


NATO’s Circle of Ice and Fire

I can’t tell you for sure whether Jon Snow is actually dead or not, but I can say that the world in which NATO finds itself today increasingly looks like a plot line from the next season of… noch 1.307 Wörter

Middle East

Fall 2015 First Week

Well, we just entered the second week of classes this morning. The start of the semester was a bit…. hazy…. I had to conquer a very sore throat… to the point of not being able to make a sound. noch 251 Wörter

Monday Motivation

Happy Monday. Find Your Voice. Rule Your Day.