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Is Education Important, Still?

Is education important, still? This is certainly a million dollar question, but I will do my possible best to answer it in the simplest of terms. 896 weitere Wörter


Writing in Reverse: 25,000 Words from The End

I started writing my new project at the beginning of October as planned, and I’m now 25,000 words in (or back?), so I figured it was time for an update on how this writing in reverse method is going. 1.166 weitere Wörter


What Iranian and Iraqi Shiites think: A new survey of thousands of pilgrims

Here are some highlights from a new survey conducted and analyzed by Fotini Christia and her poli sci posse at MIT:

— Support among Iraqis for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Iraqi state was high. 398 weitere Wörter

Best Defense

"You're Never Weird on the Internet (almost)" by Felicia Day

As an aspiring writer (because I can’t actually remember the last time I wrote something that I completely came up with on my own), I am aware of how hard the conversational, stream-of-consciousness writing style is. 1.320 weitere Wörter

Extorting Bibliophilia

Taking Her Space

I was at a local used book & coffee shop near my home not too long ago where I noticed a stern older woman scold a preschool aged girl for her buoyancy. 335 weitere Wörter

Celebrating Creativity

She Told Me to Stay Single

In a room filled with the chatter of 0ver 200 people, I only heard her words. The crowd was muted by a truth, her truth, that she spoke to me. 897 weitere Wörter


Second guessing

A writer is the most doubting person in the world. No other area that I know if is so filled with uncertainty. Is this project any good? 405 weitere Wörter