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...of unity, flight & voice...

…“Michelle Obama and Bernie Sanders make plea for party unity“…“‚Look no fuel‘: Solar plane completes round-the-world flight“…“Marni Nixon: My Fair Lady & West Side Story ‚ghost singer‘ dies, aged 85″… noch 145 Wörter

Escaping From the Escapes.

We live in a world of escapes. Reality is too painful, confusing, boring, and complicated. We make ourselves numb to the reality by medicating ourselves with all sorts of escapes, from video games, television shows, books, food, drugs, and sex. noch 543 Wörter

Poem of the Day for July 25, 2016

The Voices of the People

Oh! I hear the people calling through the day time and the night time,

They are calling, they are crying for the coming of the right time. noch 233 Wörter


Why you hate the sound of your own voice

I don’t know about you, but I can relate to this situation. I’m always a little shocked to hear a recording of myself; it sounds so foreign to me. noch 146 Wörter


Is Trump a Russian Stooge?

That blinding flash of light you saw this weekend? That was the byproduct of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, the American media’s two greatest obsessions, fusing into a single intoxicating storyline after the Democratic National Committee’s internal emails were hacked and made public with the apparent assistance of Russian hackers, and to the apparent glee of the Republican nominee. noch 2.052 Wörter


Great review of "Affinity" Moya Brennan and Cormac de Barra release! @iahcchicago August 17th #irishmusic

‚Affinity‘ has a light yet zesty breeze running through it, the easy collaboration on full display between the two artists. Brennan, as usual, is in fine voice, and the trademark multi-layered effect you’ve grown to love with her work in Clannad is all throughout the album.“ noch 87 Wörter

Salon Concerts Chicago


Laura Pergolizzi, known as LP, is one of the most amazing and interesting women of these days. She’s talented, she has personality, she’s… noch 139 Wörter