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Viktor Orban on mass migration

“Orban: Globalists Will Use Mass Migration To Replace Europeans and ‘Crush The Will Of The People’”, Breitbart, February 13, 2017: Hungary’s Viktor Orbán believes the globalist establishment will not respond to their defeats in 2016 by reexamining their policies, but by encouraging a wave of mass migration which will “crush the will of the people” and replace […]

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Orban: Hungary will welcome European refugees fleeing multicultural West

Orban has a point: Merkel and her fellow globalist internationalists are bringing huge numbers of people into Europe who come from a culture that has a model of society and governance that is touted as superior to all others. 82 weitere Wörter


If You Don't Read Comments to Some News Articles, You Could Be Missing Out

Normally, I read comments to articles on various news sites including those to articles I have penned for other sites to which I have contributed.  Of course, it was advised by one of my editors not to read comments to articles I pen;  but, that advise was not taken which lead to experiencing hours of frustration and anger not needed nor wanted.  1.653 weitere Wörter

A new beginning in Hungary-USA relations

Réka Szemerkényi, an economist, political scientist and politician, has been Hungary’s Ambassador to the United States since 2015. She served as State Secretary for Foreign Policy.  271 weitere Wörter


The rise of Trump-like right-wing populism a global phenomena

While those on the right like to continue to push a myth of „American exceptionalism,“ the reality is that Donald Trump’s elevation to power after capturing 46% of the nation’s popular votes ( yes a minority, but an alarming number for a reactionary of Trump’s stature) follows a pattern of right-wing populism based around re-tribalism that began in Eastern Europe and now is sweeping the West. 1.031 weitere Wörter

Donald Trump

Hungarian reporter filmed roundhouse kicking and tripping fleeing refugees sentenced to probation

SZEGED, Hungary — The Hungarian camerawoman who was filmed kicking and possibly tripping migrants along the country’s border with Serbia was sentenced Thursday to three years‘ probation for disorderly conduct. 275 weitere Wörter