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SERGEI GURIEV and DANIEL TREISMAN: The New Dictators Rule by Velvet Fist

New York Times —THE standard image of dictatorship is of a government sustained by violence. In 20th-century totalitarian systems, tyrants like Stalin, Hitler and Mao murdered millions in the name of outlandish ideologies. noch 107 Wörter


"Hello, Dictator!"

Upon watching this video footage from the EU’s Eastern Partnership Summit in Riga one has all reasons to wonder whether a meeting of Heads of States and Governments is the appropriate place for Jean-Claude Juncker. noch 90 Wörter

European Commission

Juncker to Hungarian PM Orban: “Hello, Dictator!”

That was the greeting Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban received on Friday from none other than the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker.

The unorthodox salutation was overheard by journalists, although none were able to make out what Orban said in response. noch 135 Wörter


What we know about János Lázár’s mysterious trips (and what we don’t)

János Lázár, head of the Prime Minister’s Office, had three foreign trips in the previous term of the government which were remarkable for two reasons. The hotel bills were unusually high and what happened on the trips was covered with a lot of secrecy. noch 585 Wörter


Showdown at the EP: Orbán thinks there should be "no taboos", Schulz quotes the 5th Commandment

Recent statements by Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán that the death penalty might be a solution in the fight against crime have today led to a showdown in the European Parliament. noch 206 Wörter

Right To Life

Italy bumps into ultra-conservative Hungary

Hungary, a EU Member State admitted in 2004, is in the hands of an ultra-conservative Government which is sometimes suspected of being something even worse. noch 82 Wörter