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Some Observations on Nationalism and Identity in Hungary under Viktor Orbán

An increasingly disturbing political situation in Hungary has made itself apparent in recent years, specifically when Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (leader of the ultra right-wing Fidesz Party) began placing limitations on freedom of speech, censoring the press, and encouraging the proliferation of right wing identitarian propaganda. 1.780 weitere Wörter


Prominent Jesuit: the Pope is wrong on Islam, but Viktor Orbán is right...

The well-known Jesuit Henri Boulad, former Provincial of the Jesuits in Egypt and director of the Jesuit Cultural Center in Alexandria, has a life-long experience of what it means to live as a non-Muslim in a predominantly Islamic country. 257 weitere Wörter

Michael Ignatieff Appeals to Canada, Europe to Save University in Hungary

Source: The Globe and Mail, March 30

Michael Ignatieff, the former Liberal leader who is now rector of CentraEuropean University in Budapest, is denouncing legislation introduced by the Hungarian government that he says targets his institution, and rallying international support, including from Global Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland. 658 weitere Wörter

Rally in Hungary to Support Reporter Claiming Govt Assault

BUDAPEST, Hungary — Several hundred people rallied Saturday outside an office of Hungary’s governing Fidesz party after a journalist said she was assaulted at a party meeting by a government official. 281 weitere Wörter


Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban: George Soros is “an open enemy of the euro” (Video)

 Katherine Frisk note:

There are not many things that Jonas E Alexis and I agree on, especially our differing views on Christianity and the Old Testament , but …..   1.908 weitere Wörter


How a university became a battle for Europe's identity

Michael Ignatieff is not a person you would expect to find at the centre of a global political power play featuring names such as Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. 1.123 weitere Wörter


Presiunea crește din nou la granița ungară

Presiunea crește din nou la granița ungară. Numărul migranților care intră clandestin în Ungaria trecând gardul de sârmă ghimpată ridicat anul trecut de Budapesta la frontiera cu Serbia și cu Croația a crescut masiv în ultimele zile, a anunțat luni poliția ungară, citată de

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