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Catholic bishops' EU office bemoans "Christian post-fascism"

Pope Francis’ policy of aligning the Catholic Church with the secular “zeitgeist” appears to have enthusiastic followers at COMECE, the Brussels-based lobby bureau of Catholic Bishops’ Conferences in the EU. noch 701 Wörter

EU Values

News sites not liable for rude reader comments

News websites are not responsible for “insulting and rude” comments by readers, the European Court of Human Rights ruled on Tuesday, after a Hungarian website was sued for messages on its forum. noch 69 Wörter

05. Juridisk

Obama proudly meddles in Hungarian domestic politics again

Today’s news is that President Obama said at the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC that

when a statue of an anti-Semitic leader from World War II was planned in Hungary, …

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The blog revives!

I abandoned this blog a long time ago even though I got encouragement from several people that I should continue posting.  I had collected only a small audience and I found it was too much work to compose well-researched articles with proper references. noch 243 Wörter



Viktor Orban’s government is seeking broad powers to deal with ‘terror threat situations’ in Hungary. Photograph: Jure Makovec/AFP/Getty Images

Hundreds of people have rallied in Budapest against government plans to bring in anti-terror measures including restrictions on the internet and curfews. noch 257 Wörter


Hungary intends to spend half billion $ to buy 30 Russian Choppers

According to Russia’s Arms Trade Analysis Centre, Hungary is interested in purchasing 30 new Russian helicopters.
Hungary plans to buy about 30 Russian helicopters with the value of the contract expected to reach $490 million, a spokesperson for Russia’s Center for Analysis of World Arms Trade (CAWAT) said Friday. noch 144 Wörter


Orban Calls for the End of the Liberal Era

And proposes a new, democratic era. As Hungary’s prime minister makes it clear in his speech, the prevailing liberal order is globalization with a patina of Enlightenment universalism masking its authoritarian impulses. noch 962 Wörter