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Viktor Orban Is Turning Hungary Into Europe's Black Sheep

On April 4, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban scored a victory in his campaign against Western-backed institutions and companies when the parliament gave him the O.K. 469 weitere Wörter


Hungary wants no Soros-University... and the European Commission goes ballistic

Despite criticism from outside, the Hungarian Parliament has adopted a new law that imposes new requirements for Universities in Hungary – requirements that, apparently, George Soros’s „Central European University“ (CEU) is currently not able or not willing to fulfil. 890 weitere Wörter


Mađarski napad na akademske slobode predstavlja prijetnju europskim načelima

Deseci tisuća ljudi nedavno su prosvjedovali u Budimpešti protiv pokušaja njihove vlade da zatvori tamošnje Srednjoeuropsko sveučilište (CEU). Ovo je bio drugi veliki prosvjed u dva tjedna. 792 weitere Wörter


Merkel's Migrant Deception

„Never believe anything until it has been officially denied,“ people use to say in days of the Soviet Union. Today, the same seems to be true for the European Union’s migrant policy. 287 weitere Wörter


At least someone in Europe understands the refugee crisis.

I found this on the Aussie Conservative blog the other day, and I was very glad that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán of Hungary understands the threat refugees pose to the Western world. 31 weitere Wörter

The Fall of Hungary: Viktor Orbán's Push to Destroy Democracy

Early in April, the Hungarian parliament, tightly controlled by the country’s autocratic prime minister, Viktor Orbán, passed a law aimed at forcing  the closure of Budapest’s independent and prestigious Central European University. 690 weitere Wörter


His university under siege, Michael Ignatieff is leading the charge against an increasingly autocratic Hungary

When Michael Ignatieff took the job as president and rector of Hungary’s Central European University last year, a press release at the time hinted that he would be facing “challenging times.” 711 weitere Wörter