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Journalist repeatedly fined for anti-Semitic, racist comments given major Hungarian award

More than 50 laureates of one of Hungary’s highest honours have returned their awards after Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government decorated a journalist who’s been repeatedly censured for inciting hatred against refugees, Jews and the Roma. 401 weitere Wörter


Uproar in Hungary After Antisemitic Journalist Receives Country's Second Highest Honor; 50 Previous Laureates Return Awards

Controversy has erupted in Hungary over the government’s decision to give a prestigious award to a journalist known for making antisemitic and racist comments, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday. 137 weitere Wörter


Happy 1016th birthday, Hungary!

It’s St. Stephen’s day today.  As most readers would know, people celebrate their „nameday“ in Central and Eastern Europe and this is the nameday of our founding king, St. 233 weitere Wörter


Will Hungary Be Next to Exit the EU?

By F. William Engdahl | New Eastern Outlook | August 17, 2016

Will Hungary be the next nation to exit the dysfunctional European Union? The question isn’t at all as far-fetched as it might seem.

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Ethnic Cleansing, Racism, Zionism

Power is poison

Political power is poison.  More political power is more poison. It’s a little wonder that Fidesz and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán are not terminally ill yet. 111 weitere Wörter


Hungary PM blisters EU elites, says Muslim migration “increases terrorism and crime” and “destroys national culture”

THE BITTER divisions ripping the European Union apart intensified today as Hungary launched an eviscerating attack on Brussels over migration and taunted Angela Merkel for failing to protect German people from Islamist terror. 108 weitere Wörter


Is Russia secretly controlling Hungary’s every move?

Who controls Hungary? Is it the Hungarian government in Budapest? Or is the ‘power behind the throne’ truly wielded by Russia’s controversial president, Vladimir Putin? … 915 weitere Wörter

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