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Hungary’s Viktor Orban antagonizes European Union with border fence, Russia embrace

BUDAPEST, Hungary — Billboards on Hungarian highways and buildings carry messages reading, “If you come to Hungary, you must respect our laws,” and “If you come to Hungary, do not take Hungarians’ jobs.” noch 130 Wörter


The Razor-Wire Curtain: Europe's New Anti-Migrant Fences

By Alex Johnson

Next month will mark the 26th anniversary of the ‘Pan-European Picnic’, a day that changed the face of Europe. On 19 August 1989, Communist Hungary stopped policing its border with Austria, allowing some 600 East Germans holidaying at Lake Balaton to cross over to the West. noch 832 Wörter

Politics & Policy

Hungary building 13ft-high, 110-mile fence along its border with Serbia to stop the flow of illegal migrants

  • Foreign Minister: Hungary ‘can’t wait any longer’ for solution to the crisis 
  • Number of asylum seekers in Hungary has risen to 54,000 so far this year…
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Hungary's poster war on immigration

“If you come to Hungary,” reads a giant roadside billboard, “don’t take the jobs of Hungarians!”

The billboards have been ordered by the government, at taxpayers’ expense, and are going up all over the country. noch 349 Wörter


Hungary challenged on nuclear choice with Russia

Environmentalists in Hungary are hoping the European Commission will scupper a €12.5bn (£9bn) Hungarian-Russian deal to build two new 1,200 megawatt (MW) reactors at the Paks nuclear power station on the River Danube. noch 608 Wörter


The Great Replacement

“Soon we will be a minority in our own land! Stop the replacement!”

The “Generation Identity” movement staged a protest in Vienna against the “Great Replacement,” noch 395 Wörter


How far can Hungary go before the EU loses its temper?

The rise of far-right populism has been the number one trend in Europe during recent years, but maybe nowhere as much as in Hungary, where Fidesz, led by Viktor Orbán, has been constantly exploring the limits of Hungarian citizens as well as the other EU member states. noch 870 Wörter