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Skandal - Regierungskritischer Journalist nur ambulanzreif geschlagen

SA-TIERE. Die Medien in Ungarn berichten aktuell über einen handfesten Polizeiskandal in Ungarn. Dort soll ein Sondereinsatzkommando, das unter der direkten Kontrolle von Staatschef Viktor Orban steht, einen regierungskritischen Journalisten angegriffen haben und ihn, und das ist der Skandal, lediglich ambulanzreif geschlagen haben. noch 314 Wörter


Gyurcsány the falsified hero of CNN

“I honestly have to tell you that I do not understand what is the motivation of my government because these people do not need a lot”, noch 1.035 Wörter


Refugees at the gate, elephant in the room: Opinion

“One can find a job in Syria. The problem is that the only job available is that of a killer. You could get a Kalashnikov and decide which side you want to start killing for.” — A Syrian refugee in Belgrade… noch 659 Wörter


Invandrarna ser mer ut som en armé än asylsökare

I intervjun konstaterade ungerns premiärminister Viktor Orbán att den ungerska vänstern ser på invandringen som “en möjlighet”, men att det synsättet är ett “fatalt misstag”. … noch 78 Wörter


Hungarian PM: ‘Not fair’ Israel, US not absorbing refugees

Hungary’s populist prime minister called Friday on the US, Australia, Israel and “rich Arab nations” to take in some of the migrants flowing into Europe, while likening the influx to an “army.” noch 254 Wörter


Cultural Suicide


Well, I don’t think that it’s news to anyone any longer than the refugee crisis that I wrote about is now effecting serious changes on all of Europe. noch 1.792 Wörter


Diplomatic Quarrels Surge As Refugee Influx Into Croatia Grows Unbearably

According to Wall Street Journal (which is also the figure given by Croatian HRT TV news) 67,000 refugees and illegal migrants have come into Croatia over the past 10 days. noch 1.817 Wörter