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Common Sense in Hungary

Good news from the European front—our brethren in Hungary are resisting the anti-European agenda. The New York Times has begun publishing a series of journal-like entries about “ noch 829 Wörter

Foreign Affairs

Fidesz: Answering the Jobbik Challenge with an 'Existential Threat' Narrative

Across Europe, rightwing populist parties—nearly all of which have a manifestly xenophobic bent—are gaining momentum. Many of these parties—Germany’s PEGIDA, for example—still lie on the fringes of their nations’ political landscapes. noch 553 Wörter


Orban: Illegal migration clearly linked with terrorism. Experts: Wait a minute...

Illegal migration clearly linked with terror threat: Hungary PM Orban just said.  Following this statement could you please shortly comment on this? Do you see any real link between migration and terrorism or basically PM Orban statement has very little to do with reality? noch 769 Wörter


Orban’s Ethnocentric Hungary

Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a highly nationalistic head of state, has caused xenophobia to run rampant in Hungary. Championing a strong transcendental Hungarian nation embracing all Hungarian peoples, Orban has promoted a sense of nationalism that excludes all non-Hungarians. noch 534 Wörter


Mackinder Reincarnates–Now Hungary Joins Silk

The magnetic force field pulling more EU countries to link up with the emerging Eurasian economic colossus is growing by the day as the economies of the EU sink deeper into debt, depression and economic stagnation. noch 1.566 Wörter

The International Reporter

Hungary’s Viktor Orban antagonizes European Union with border fence, Russia embrace

BUDAPEST, Hungary — Billboards on Hungarian highways and buildings carry messages reading, “If you come to Hungary, you must respect our laws,” and “If you come to Hungary, do not take Hungarians’ jobs.” noch 130 Wörter


The Razor-Wire Curtain: Europe's New Anti-Migrant Fences

By Alex Johnson

Next month will mark the 26th anniversary of the ‘Pan-European Picnic’, a day that changed the face of Europe. On 19 August 1989, Communist Hungary stopped policing its border with Austria, allowing some 600 East Germans holidaying at Lake Balaton to cross over to the West. noch 832 Wörter

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