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A pair of wiggly flippers

The Grumpy Grey Heron was there.

A Grey Seal was there.

Then a Second Grey Seal. Giving a little flippery wave to the other seal. 21 weitere Wörter


Nursing Home Workers Stage One-Day Strike on MLK Day

Fifty years after Martin Luther King Jr. marched with striking sanitation workers in Memphis, nursing home workers followed in his footsteps by going on strike on the day that bears his name. 110 weitere Wörter

Haul! Bath&Bodyworks Semi-Annual Sale!

I Love when this Sale comes around! I picked up body spray, body Scrub, lotion & body butter. Watch the Vid to See what I picked and how amazing the prices were! 12 weitere Wörter


Stormy Spurting Sea

We weren’t expecting to see the sea spurting like this. No ‚official‘ storm forecast for today.

Easterlies came rushing and roaring in across the wide open Bay. 25 weitere Wörter