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Funny Playlist

As with mostly all the playlists on my new justruminating YouTube Channel, this Funny Playlist is a collaboration! This playlist is an incredible collection of hilarious pranks and funny things that people do. 45 weitere Wörter


2017-01-19 Liberal Arts Colleges & Universities Donna Carroll & David Parkyn b

Liberal Arts Colleges & Universities: A Hidden Resource for Chicago and Illinois

Donna Carroll & David Parkyn b

Shenzhen Storytelling video - a talk on unlucky comics

Here’s a video of me participating in the Shenzhen Stories event, in which local storytellers tell touching stories of personal experiences. I was invited, and yes I was a bit nervous. 106 weitere Wörter


Winter Garden Birds

It’s possibly a bit of a stretch to call these ‚winter‘ garden birds. We haven’t been having much of a winter up to now.

Dropping in are the daily regulars: a (non yellow-beaked, foreign) blackbird, wood pigeons, herring gulls, a little dunnock; and slightly less frequent magpies. 111 weitere Wörter