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Conversations With The President 2017: Highlights

President Morton Schapiro declared that Northwestern University is financially strong and well positioned to succeed in its academic and research missions, despite cuts in federal research funding and threats to global mobility for scholars. 8 weitere Wörter

Blackbird singing in the Wisteria

This is the blackbird that has been visiting the back garden all winter long.

Mr Blackbird flies into the wisteria first thing in the morning. He flushes. 101 weitere Wörter


Little Egret on the River Lemon

Dreary Newton Abbot has a quay.
And a limpid little Lemon river.
And a lovely Little Egret.

Looked like the Little Egret was stabbing out flat fish. 25 weitere Wörter


Freddie Frush & the Easter Bells

For the last month this little ‚Freddie Frush‘ has been singing away outside my bedroom window.

Every dawn and dusk he’s belting out his Top Ten Hits. 28 weitere Wörter