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A Crow Carry On

This crow has been raiding the back garden for months now.

Beakfuls of bread get lifted off the birdtable and stolen away.

Even has a go at the fatballs. 16 weitere Wörter


Little Wrens

Up at Labrador Bay male wrens were bouncing out of the hedges. Their loud strident calls were just about audible over the horrible din of traffic from the road behind. 54 weitere Wörter


Cirl Buntings in the Barley

Off early to Labrador Bay Nature Reserve this Sunday morning.  See if we can get a better look at those curly buntings.

We can. The buntings, a dozen or more, come bunt bunting about right in front of us. 101 weitere Wörter


Blue Moon

A moon filmed in the blue hour of the night (1st of April) (with a little segment of its morning descent added at the end) 18 weitere Wörter


Dashing Dart

A slow walk to the Dart river.

Yet more notices about picking up poo
(I presume this isn’t a Phantom Poo Person on the loose, but the usual dog doo dah bollocks) 139 weitere Wörter