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"Lovingly made with Movie Maker" -The Making of This is... JC2 (I think)


After positive responses from my This is…. Fallout: New Vegas, I had plans to work on a second one based off of Just Cause 2, and who doesn’t love the chaos that is Just Cause 2? noch 800 Wörter


Playing Brawlhalla with Kremchek and WGN

On Wednesday, August 12th, 2015…..
I played Brawlhalla with Kremchek and a bunch of guys at WGN. noch 114 Wörter



Every once in awhile in the interwebz we are greeted with a new type of social trend/activity; such as planking, pointing out fake shoes, robbing banks with 1920s mobster attire, or my personal favorite the ice bucket challenge for ALS. noch 438 Wörter