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Nine wise men having a chat. Messrs

Aristotle, Sartre, Schopenhauer, Pythagoras, Augustine, Nietzsche, Wittgenstein, Socrates, Einstein.


Upcoming Events:

Upcoming Events:

1. Oasis Lounge: Menai Brass Band – The Boys are back by popular demand! – Free Addmission: – 6-30pm

2. Easter holiday: The Ananias Band: … noch 69 Wörter


Link Dead Radio: Identifying with the Industry

oh what dastardly plots I’ve run a foul of, bringing my post to the pit of despair. Planning to undo me in the most wicked of ways, curled around me and suffocating the will of the scheduled post. noch 331 Wörter


How This Family Made More Than $1 Million From YouTube Videos of Their Kids Playing With Toys

Well, we’ve heard about it and we know it happens. There are people all over the world that make good money off of YouTube and their videos. noch 153 Wörter

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