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Monkey Vid

Hi all. I’ve been back from South Africa for several days, and busy with getting my China life back on track.

There are also some great new developments with the book and I will happily share soon enough… noch 42 Wörter


Z57 & no complaints: z57 complaints with good pranks

z57 complaints with good pranks. This was an elaborate prank. Bolted to the roof and all?! More power to them we guess. Here are a few more we liked also… noch 42 Wörter


Ghostly Mothwhites

Collecting together dribs and drabs of clips of the streetlamp nightlife I filmed earlier this month. The camcorder zooms closer in; these ‘faerie whites’ have become jumpy moths. noch 17 Wörter


CT125m Proof Ride

Yea, talking to Jared the other day got me thinking I need to take the 125m out and see if she can handle getting pushed and hauling my 200+lbs around. noch 59 Wörter


Butterlight White

We’re walking up from Babbacombe Down towards Shag Cliff.

Hips are hurting. The Pumper Bird is shyly aflutter.

There’s that bench where the last drop of tea can be drunk. noch 26 Wörter


It is Finished!!!

Been a couple years of waiting, but the CT110 is now powered by the ATC125M power plant.

Today I completed the final step of the process and went to the DMV to get my tags! noch 47 Wörter