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TC7.3.3 is out

Cisco has just released a new software for their videoconferencing codecs. Contains mostly bug fixes but one change has been made that you need to be aware of. noch 48 Wörter


Jumpai aku di UMeetMe pak dosen...^^

perbincangan alumnus S1 pada suatu masa :)

temen yang sudah S2 : ledy gak kuliah lagi? Sayang loh gak kuliah..jaman sekarang orang udah S2 semua.. noch 698 Wörter

Webcams Grow Up: Personify and PanaCast Enhance Video Chats

If you feel like the technology for videoconference calls hasn’t changed much in the past few years, get ready to be impressed.

Lately, more tech companies are bringing high-end or futuristic videconferencing features to average consumers. noch 872 Wörter


Memajukan Daerah di Indonesia dengan Inovasi

“Pak Ganjar, sekali-kali ke Desa”

“Saya itu berkali-kali ke Desa. Jadi bapak Camat, kalau ada kurang lebih 8600 Desa di Jawa Tengah itu dengkelen nek kon teko neng kabeh deso…

noch 585 Wörter

Skype your way to learning

As a musician, I used to think that there were some things that could never be taught online. For example, learning to play a musical instrument seemed to call for a face-to-face interaction without question. noch 437 Wörter


Science 9 Unit D Exam

Science 9 Study GuideThe exam for our Electrical Principles and Technologies unit will be on Friday, May 1, 2015.

A study sheet and practice exam will be provided next week and added here. noch 53 Wörter

Grade 9 Class

Segregation and a Controversial White House Tea Party: A Distance Learning Program

Registration is now open for two programs on March 13th: “Segregation and a Controversial Tea Party at the White House” at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. noch 342 Wörter