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Champagne Technology on a Beer Budget

The absurd has become sublime, and it’s hanging on the wall of my boss’s office.

He has statewide responsibilities and interacts with people in 19 offices, so it made sense for him to get the latest in video conferencing technology: a “smart board.” He recently had a 60” touchscreen monitor – with attached PC – mounted on the wall of his office. noch 968 Wörter


A chat with the client, using pajamas


Let’s pause a little bit our Business Camp? To avoid becoming boring, I’d like to tell you all about a very interesting experience I had last week. noch 620 Wörter


ISSETs LIVE Link-up with Astronaut Scott Kelly, aboard the International Space Station

Last Wednesday, a sold out audience of 500+ people at the Greenwood Theatre, King’s College London were lucky enough to be part of a live video conference and Q&A with Astronaut Scott Kelly, from aboard the International Space Station (ISS). noch 462 Wörter


Buka Bersama Videoconferencing

Buka bersama adalah salah satu kenikmatan yang bisa ditemui di bulan Ramadhan. Kenikmatan menyantap makanan setelah seharian menahan lapar dan haus, ditambah lagi kehadiran teman atau orang spesial,  membuat buka bersama adalah event yang secara tidak sadar menjadi wajib hukumnya bagi umat muslim. noch 146 Wörter

TC7.3.3 is out

Cisco has just released a new software for their videoconferencing codecs. Contains mostly bug fixes but one change has been made that you need to be aware of. noch 48 Wörter


Jumpai aku di UMeetMe pak dosen...^^

perbincangan alumnus S1 pada suatu masa :)

temen yang sudah S2 : ledy gak kuliah lagi? Sayang loh gak kuliah..jaman sekarang orang udah S2 semua.. noch 698 Wörter