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Segregation and a Controversial White House Tea Party: A Distance Learning Program

Registration is now open for two programs on March 13th: “Segregation and a Controversial Tea Party at the White House” at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. noch 342 Wörter


When Videoconferencing Gets Personal

It’s been a sheer pleasure to watch videoconferencing grow up and get personal all at the same time. In just a handful of years we’ve gone from fuzzy analog images over phone lines to razor-sharp content flying over the Internet. noch 455 Wörter


Winter is the word

Cougars in the Cypress Hills. A Passion for Falcons, a Pig Barn and a $10.00 Fine. Burgess Shale Tales and Trilobite. No, it’s not this season’s newest reality shows, it’s a Winter Speaker Series that is sure to have something for everyone! noch 333 Wörter

Alberta Parks

Global Education Virtual Conference

Chris Stevens Youth Network educators presented about their global projects during a virtual presentation called “Connecting Educators and Youth through Virtual Exchange Projects in the Middle East, North Africa, and the U.S.” as part of the… noch 281 Wörter


Leading online support groups...Lorna Bradley

“Can you hear me now?” Leading online support groups at times may feel a bit like a Verizon commercial as you iron out the technical issues some may experience when videoconferencing for the first time. noch 992 Wörter

Key Ministry

Rev Doc Lorna hat dies rebloggt auf Special Needs Parenting und kommentierte:

Providing support and nurture to special needs parents is at the heart of my minsitry. Recently I had the opportunity through Key Minsitry to pilot an online support group. This was a something new for me and Key Ministry as well. I want to share with my followers what I learned in the process in case any of you want to try starting your own group. Feel free to get in touch if you have questions about how best to use this format for connecting with other parents.

The Real Reasons for Telecommuting

I’m writing this from my house on a workday. I didn’t get stuck in traffic. I didn’t have to eat a soggy peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich for lunch. noch 649 Wörter