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Video Pitching: It's not just a webcam!

It became standard to use video pitches (recorded or live) in selection processes for accelerators, competitions or even to be considered in a traditional VC deal flow. noch 996 Wörter

Elevator Pitch


Marty Sr. answers a call from a shady business colleague shortly after coming home. He takes the call in the den on the large video screen there. noch 590 Wörter

Back To The Future Part II (1989)

Three Modern Technologies That Make a Golden Age of ITC Possible

Today, as never before possible, a network of researchers from all around the world could usher in a new golden age of ITC, or instrumental transcommunication, the use of technology to get in touch with the other side. noch 1.661 Wörter

Champagne Technology on a Beer Budget

The absurd has become sublime, and it’s hanging on the wall of my boss’s office.

He has statewide responsibilities and interacts with people in 19 offices, so it made sense for him to get the latest in video conferencing technology: a “smart board.” He recently had a 60” touchscreen monitor – with attached PC – mounted on the wall of his office. noch 968 Wörter


A chat with the client, using pajamas


Let’s pause a little bit our Business Camp? To avoid becoming boring, I’d like to tell you all about a very interesting experience I had last week. noch 620 Wörter