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Postcards #110 from the shadow

That’s how a birthday-girl walks on the afternoon of the following day, with an almost cured hangover. It’s a bright walk to my future.

Because today I am (still) the youngest I’ll ever be – and, as I read it somewhere, the following is not mine -, I’m also the oldest I’ve ever been. 24 weitere Wörter


He stepped into other people's imaginations and built his own powerful artwork

„Here, in Second Life, a vast virtual canvas where we create what cannot be, what could be, what was and what might be again, I step inside the imaginations of people I’ve never met and whom I may have never even spoken to, understanding something of their inner worlds nonetheless. 833 weitere Wörter

Second Life

a rope, a strawberry and a knife | Jordi Molins, Miquel Vázquez

And prove with facts that you’re that kind of guy you say you are.

Roy Galán (2018)

A one day videoart for english class with one of the amazing texts of Roy Galán.

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