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Letting go: going downstream

The words „letting go of the oars“ trigger a profound sense of relief and trust and letting go.

Abraham-Hicks use the metaphor of „going downstream“ to depict the ideal attitude for us in daily life. 231 weitere Wörter

Abraham Hicks

Mary Oliver's Humble Prayer

What is prayer?  For most of us, the word evokes a dutiful disciple in church.  Hands folded, head bowed in reverent silence, the praying man asks for guidance as glorious light streams through stained glass and illuminates the pews.  580 weitere Wörter


Small Stream Fishing

It takes but a moment next to the burbling, rushing water to be immersed in the sound and mesmerized by the sight of it. The scent of the water, the soil, and the forest completes the immersion. 229 weitere Wörter

ENI Will Define Angola’s Near Term Future


Fourth discovery in 18 months

By Sully Manope

ENI’s new light oil discovery in Block 15/06, is the fourth in Angola’s deep offshore in the last 18 months. 523 weitere Wörter

Upstream Ideas

Vantage Drilling’s net loss deepens

Offshore drilling company Vantage Drilling International saw its net loss deepen in the first quarter of 2019.

Vantage’s Tungsten Explorer; Author: SP Mac

The company on Thursday reported a net loss attributable to controlling interest of $47.9 million for the first quarter 2019, compared to a net loss attributable to controlling interest of $32.1 million in the first quarter of 2018. 180 weitere Wörter

Upstream Ideas

Chcę wrzucić commita na nie mój projekt na githubie

– Forkuję ten projekt.
– clonuję mojego forka.
– ustawiam nowy remote wskazujący na oryginalne repo (to tak bardziej na przyszłość) – nazywam go upstream… 65 weitere Wörter