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Week 33 #12 Wild Card

The card game UNO provided a perfect subject to fulfill one of my „Wild Card“ themes.  Naturally, two Wild Cards in a hand increases the odds of winning.

52 Week Challenge

Friday Focus - ADL Enviro 200s: Other Operators

Last week we covered ADL Enviro 200s at Centrebus‘ Luton depot, so this week it is only right that we continue the E200 trend with Enviro 200s at other operators who serve Luton. 1.194 weitere Wörter

Friday Focus

Fun with Arduino 28 Use an External Editor like Notepad++

When writing more code than just a few lines, it might be worthwhile to invest a little bit of time to to start using a more capable editor than the one integrated in the Arduino IDE. 384 weitere Wörter


The Problems of Being Vertical

I have horrible allergies. My sneezes are like full body assaults. My body gives up and quakes with muscle spasms. One would think I have the flu, but no, just allergies. 146 weitere Wörter