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Happy Birthday to the United States Air Force!!

They’ve been breaking the barriers and aiming high since 1947!!

A short slideshow presentation on the US Air Force may be viewed here:

Thought For The Day

Happy 71st Birthday to the United States Air Force

The Department of the Air Force was created when President Harry S Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947. It became effective September 18, 1947, when Chief Justice Fred M. 119 weitere Wörter


Air Force Is Asking Retired Airmen to Come Back

From the Task and Purpose website

At the end of fiscal year 2016 in September that year, the Air Force had 1,555 fewer pilots than it needed, including 1,211 missing fighter pilots. 51 weitere Wörter


All you need to know about the U-2 Dragon Lady

From the Airman Magazine website

The U-2S is a high-altitude reconnaissance and surveillance aircraft providing signals and imagery intelligence and has the ability to detect radar, acoustic, nuclear, chemical and biological signatures. 39 weitere Wörter


Portrait of Rani

Rani had been a member of the military, in United States Air Force, Security Forces, for seven months when I met her. She joined because the military would help pay for her college and she would receive… 45 weitere Wörter