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United Launch Alliance Calls on Public for Next Rocket Name

Growing up, we’ve all had to either build a rocket for school or with our parents. Am I right?

Did you have the coolest names for them, or totally lame? noch 127 Wörter


General Officer Announcement

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced today that the president has made the following nomination:

Air Force Col. Aaron M. Prupas has been nominated to the rank of… noch 35 Wörter

Department Of Defense

General Officer Assignments

The chief of staff, Air Force announced the following assignments:

Brig. Gen. Nina M. Armagno, who has been selected for the grade of major general, commander, 45th Space Wing, and director, Eastern Range, … noch 413 Wörter

Department Of Defense

Operation: Start Up & Grow

Veterans interested in starting a business or expanding their existing business came to OCC’s SRC Arena and Events Center March 19 for Operation: Start Up & Grow. noch 258 Wörter

Onondaga Community College

How The US Government and US Military Became Murder, Inc. | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization


……The highly profitable Revolution in Military Affairs had to be protected at all costs along with the reputations of the incompetent generals that comprise today’s high command. noch 361 Wörter

Korean Invaders

During the Korean War, three USAF bomb wings flew the venerable Douglas B-26 Invader light attack bomber in combat. They were used mainly as night intruders to hunt North Korean and Chinese vehicle convoys or trains, though in one case B-26 pilot Dick Heyman downed a PO-2 biplane, scoring one of the most unusual aerial kills of the war. noch 291 Wörter

Korean War