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How Clinique achieved deeper brand connection with their customers

Clinique, trusted prestige beauty brand producing quality Skincare and Makeup worked with Interlike on below the line component of the #FaceForward campaign. The main objective was to bring the campaign experience to the everyday people in the retail environment and achieve deeper brand connection with their customers. noch 212 Wörter


Unique Content and Unique Value

When I’m writing newspaper or magazine articles I don’t worry about SEO ideas like unique content and unique value. My research and writing is original and I have no worry that I will be ranked lower due to repetitive content. noch 340 Wörter

Writing Tips

NZ Olympic Committee celebrates Rio 2016 Olympic team with new GIFty app via Interlike

The New Zealand Olympic Committee has introduced confetti canons and the new Interlike GIFty app to capture and share its official team selections for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. noch 278 Wörter


Creating Content - Do It This Way

Creating content is still not exactly overused, even though there’s information on just about everything online. People who want to start an online business from scratch don’t expect the effort or time it takes. noch 274 Wörter

Website Traffic

29 Days Of Blogging | Day 6: Content is King: Create Your Own Meme

Part of this fun journey of blogging for 29 days is to provide some quick tips on how to create unique content to tell your story. noch 395 Wörter

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How to harness the Power Of The Big 6 Social Media Platforms

As the marketing power of social media grows, it no longer makes sense to treat it by observing from the sidelines. In less than a decade, social media, in many ways, seems to have “taken over the world.” This statement is not exaggerated. noch 726 Wörter

Social Media

How to Write an Great Article for Social Media

While there’s no single formula for writing an article that will resonate with your social media audience, here’s some guidelines that increase your chances for success. noch 1.240 Wörter