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„What is so detestable about war is that it reduces the individual to complete insignificance,“ wrote the English surrealist poet David Gascoyne during World War II. 1.341 weitere Wörter

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Romance Novellas and the Postcolonial African City

By Emily Callaci

In the late 1970s, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania was one of the most rapidly growing cities in the world. Each year, thousands of young men and women left their rural homes and made their way to the city, expanding the squatter settlements and the ranks of the city’s youth population. 1.362 weitere Wörter

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Race, Sexuality, and Noir in Chester Himes' Wartime Los Angeles

Recently, UHA member, historian and social media personality extraordinaire Kevin Kruse tweeted out a thread of advice on writing in which the Princeton professor noted that historians, young and old alike, would do well to read outside of the field. 3.521 weitere Wörter

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Recipe Writing Service

I absolutely love writing recipe articles. It is one of the first services offered when I began writing several years ago and I never stopped. I write every day, cook every day and love food so it makes sense. 143 weitere Wörter


Contending Urbanization Through Satire: Late Imperial Baku as Seen in Uzeyir Hajibeyov’s If Not That One, Then This One

By Kelsey Rice

In 1806, the city of Baku was a sleepy port town of about 3,000-5,000 Turkic and Persian Muslims, governed by a local Khan who swore fealty to the Qajar state. 2.109 weitere Wörter

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The View from 71st and Jeffery

By Carlo Rotella

The best spot for ectoplasmic people-watching in South Shore is the raised wooden platform of the Bryn Mawr Metra station at 71st and Jeffery. 2.782 weitere Wörter

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Crabgrass Chaos: Failed Suburbs in Science Fiction

By Carl Abbott

The picture window in the modest suburban house in Belle Reve, New Jersey is marred by a long crack from top to bottom. 2.407 weitere Wörter

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