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Making My Way Down to Mexico City

A few weeks after co-editor Ryan Reft and I decided to feature Mexico City as the Metropolis of the Month for May, I received a call from my parents inviting me to accompany them on a short trip to Mexico City over Memorial Day Weekend. 900 weitere Wörter

Metropolis Of The Month

The Lake's Specter: Water and the History of Mexico City

Until images of Beijing air pollution captured the world’s attention several years ago, few megalopolises rivaled Mexico City in the global imaginary of urban disaster and unsustainability. 1.890 weitere Wörter

Metropolis Of The Month

3 Tips for a Successful Video Marketing

Video marketing is gaining more and more prominence due to the lucrative return on investment which it provides. Also, the competition in video marketing is also on the lower side. 383 weitere Wörter

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The Radiant City: Public Housing in Modern Mexico

At the end of the 1940s, Mexico City was at a crossroads. Massive waves of migration from the countryside doubled the city’s population in less than ten years. 873 weitere Wörter

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Friday's ICYMI Roundup

This week, many of the emails we have received from UHA members have included sighs of relief–we’ve heard reports that classes are done, final exams have been administered, grading is complete, and the academic year has officially drawn to a close. 404 weitere Wörter

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Metropole Travelogue Part II: The DF in the Rearview Mirror

In 1933, the visionary designer Charles Eames absconded from St. Louis to Mexico, in an effort to “ stock of and ultimately his approach and situation in life,” notes his grandson… 1.647 weitere Wörter

Metropolis Of The Month

Journaling New Orleans: Ten Years of the Big Easy in the JUH


In 2014, the literary journal/magazine n+1 released the edited collection, City by City; a series of short vignettes from urban writers reflecting on the state of the nation’s metropolises. 1.174 weitere Wörter

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