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Website Design: Article 5 In which I got scammed into writing

Written by Nina Lewis-Thomas | 17 Aug 2016

If you recognise any of these articles published, report scamming or if these are on your sites, you have been sold my hard work that was not paid for. 774 weitere Wörter

Articles The Author Didn't Get Paid For

How to make unique content

One of the greatest mysteries has been, until recently, whether or not Google penalizes sites that publish duplicate content, not to say steal, because it’s not always the case. 461 weitere Wörter

Support NZ Olympic Team in Rio carnival style

Watch this video to see how you can use New Zealand Olympic Committee’s fully optimized web app.

Are you keeping up with the New Zealand Olympic Team in Rio? 186 weitere Wörter

Brand Awareness

Easy Ways to Avoid Plagiarism in Research Papers

It’s simple to seek out info for lots evaluation papers, however it’s now not forever easy to feature that info into your paper whilst not falling into the plagiarism lure. 542 weitere Wörter

Plagiarism Checker

How Clinique achieved deeper brand connection with their customers

Clinique, trusted prestige beauty brand producing quality Skincare and Makeup worked with Interlike on below the line component of the #FaceForward campaign. The main objective was to bring the campaign experience to the everyday people in the retail environment and achieve deeper brand connection with their customers. 317 weitere Wörter


Unique Content and Unique Value

When I’m writing newspaper or magazine articles I don’t worry about SEO ideas like unique content and unique value. My research and writing is original and I have no worry that I will be ranked lower due to repetitive content. 340 weitere Wörter

Writing Tips