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Tube Chronicles #1

Piccadilly line – London – time & date, not recorded

He looks tired, but nothing out of the usual

A few seconds later, he vomits a pink puddle on to the floor of the tube… 185 weitere Wörter


V for Viking: Fighting Norsefire with Fire

What is the most famous ‚Viking funeral‘ in Western popular culture?

There are actually only a handful of contenders, from Einar’s funeral in  The Vikings… 1.677 weitere Wörter


Underground the light is always tepid

The wall and floor covered in dust

Silence and relentless movements

Travels around the city like waves

On a stormy ocean 🌊

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Cleopatra's short Bohemian Rhapsody / Miss Hyde

Quack quack quack the world just fucking never stopped and here Cleopatra was standing with a pearl encrusted pistol in her hands wondering who she could shoot from behind the French windows of her palace – the pigeons, the sparrows, the children, or the men. 76 weitere Wörter


Good Morning Natural Hair Braider Ms. Cheri (Aicheria Bell)

Good morning, my Sistar 💫.

Just want to let the world 🌍 know how #BEAUTIFUL you are!

Infection Control

Riding the London underground

I’m writing a scene today where Portia catches sight of a suspect standing on the platform of a London tube stop, and I always like to watch this video when writing about that specific setting (and I’m very lucky such source material exists). 24 weitere Wörter


Anh Quốc những ngày sắp đông

Khi vừa đặt chân đến Hà Lan, mình cứ đinh ninh là sẽ
đi du lịch cách nước trong khu vực Schengen trước nhưng cơ hội đi Anh lại đến… 1.460 weitere Wörter