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Space discovery: 'Mythical' #interstellar 'visitor' set for close encounter with #Earth

The enigmatic alien is said to have visited the beginning of the solar system, and NASA claims to have discovered one of its nearest terrestrial equivalents. 347 weitere Wörter


CO2-Emissionen pro Kopf

Jedes Kind, ob es bei Fridays for Future mitläuft oder nicht, weiß inzwischen, dass die Ursache für den Klimawandel die Emission von zu viel Treibhausgas in die Atmosphäre ist. 1.344 weitere Wörter


Part 5: Is art a spandrel?

Art works composed about experience also played a more subtle role in this extension of trust.  Within the family intimate communication could be more freely expressed than without.  1.577 weitere Wörter

Slower walkers have older brains and bodies at 45

If you’re a new mother, forgo the exercise routine – or at least not the moderate intensity that may result in weight gain and increased appetite. 400 weitere Wörter


Part 4: Is art a spandrel?

To be sure, this view describes how art would seem to function today, but consider the human past.  It seems a certainty that over the eons of our recent evolution and the millenia of our prehistory that the human umvelt slowly changed from one dominated by our perceptual-motor engagement within the ambient to one composed from information displaced in time and space.  1.153 weitere Wörter

Amato - Funk & Fear [RTTD014]

Return To Disorder with some grinding neo-ebm by the Amato and a remix by the Umwelt.



T.O.P reviews: Umwelt - The Invisible Enemy- LINDA records

An EBM smack on the mind, Umwelt’s perverted beats are landing in Linda records, adding to the label’s phenomenal repertoire another late night body creeper, delivered by the unique French producer. 150 weitere Wörter