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One Week With My New iPhone 6

I got my iPhone 6 last week and as of this past Wednesday, I have not had it for a week. Now that I have had it for a week, I think I now know what I will be getting to do on it on an everyday basis. noch 232 Wörter

It’s Almost Time; Why I’m Excited to Get an iPhone 6

In less than two weeks, I plan on getting an iPhone 6 in Space Gray with 64GB of storage. I currently have the iPhone 4S and although it has been a good phone to me, but the 2015 software is running on a 2011 phone and the size is getting too small for my hands. noch 315 Wörter

Along with a massive list of iOS/Mac apps on sale for the holidays, our favorite calculator for iPhone and iPad has now received a significant price drop. noch 313 Wörter


App Review: Twitter for Mac

Over the past couple days, I have been testing out alternative Twitter clients, and I thought it would be good to test out the official Twitter one. noch 446 Wörter


Tweetbot for Mac now works in full screen and split view on OS X El Capitan

Tweetbot for Mac has learned a handy new feature with the latest update just released. Tweetbot for Mac now supports OS X’s full screen mode, including… noch 426 Wörter


Apps I Cannot Wait to Use on the iPhone 6

In early-2016, I plan on upgrading my iPhone 4S to an iPhone 6, which currently retails for $199.99 on a two-year contract through Verizon. I plan on getting the Space Gray model with 64GB (hence why it would retail for $199.99). noch 237 Wörter


Rumor: Tapbots Are Working on Tweetbot for Apple Watch

According to a tweet made by Paul Haddad today, it would appear as though work for Tweetbot for Apple Watch is underway. Obviously, there is no timeframe or release date at the moment, but this app has been heavily requested by Tweetbot users basically every since the launch of the Apple Watch last April. noch 76 Wörter

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