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Tweetbot Get's Twitter Update From Yesterday - Longer Tweets

Yesterday Twitter tweeted out that media attachments will no longer count in the 140 character limit. And today on of my favourite third party Twitter clients for iOS got the update as well. 23 weitere Wörter

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Tweetbot for Mac Updated With Support for macOS Sierra and Extended Tweets


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In terms of extended tweets, Twitter no longer counts photos, videos, GIFs, polls, and quote tweets towards its 140-character limit. Previously, media content took up approximately 24 of the 140 available characters, and older versions of Tweetbot still enforce the 140 character limit accordingly. 126 weitere Wörter


Five awesome iPad Pro apps, no Apple Pencil required [Video]

I don’t use as many apps on my 12.9″ iPad Pro as I do on my iPhone, but the ones that I do use I’ve grown to love. 1.097 weitere Wörter

One Week With My New iPhone 6

I got my iPhone 6 last week and as of this past Wednesday, I have not had it for a week. Now that I have had it for a week, I think I now know what I will be getting to do on it on an everyday basis. 232 weitere Wörter

It’s Almost Time; Why I’m Excited to Get an iPhone 6

In less than two weeks, I plan on getting an iPhone 6 in Space Gray with 64GB of storage. I currently have the iPhone 4S and although it has been a good phone to me, but the 2015 software is running on a 2011 phone and the size is getting too small for my hands. 315 weitere Wörter