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[SciFi/Star Trek] Star Trek The Motion Picture - Daft Punk Tron Legacy Audio Cut

If you are a Trekkie, you know the big debate about Star Trek: The Motion Picture (TMP). It was released about the same time than Star Wars: A New Hope and when you come from Star Wars, TMP appears slow….very slow…….and also kitsch. 179 weitere Wörter

Why are some of sci-fi’s beloved female leads deadly, beautiful, and hopelessly naive?

From – I prefer my women as equals. Tron: Legacy’s Quorra and The Fifth Element’s Leeloo have a few things in common, despite their films being separated by 13 years. 38 weitere Wörter

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We’ve all been there. A movie trailer that’s so good it sends shivers down your spine and patiently counting down the days until it’s released. If the trailer is so good, the movie has to be great, right!? 680 weitere Wörter

Big Screen Hooligans

Movies that should have a Sequel

Not all movies need or deserve a sequel. Then there are some movies that should have a sequel, but for one reason or another have yet to get one. 694 weitere Wörter


Song A Day Challenge: My Favorite Soundtracks (Day 2)

For day 2 of the Song A Day Challenge, I’ve selected a song from the „Tron: Legacy“ soundtrack by Daft Punk. I actually don’t own the „Tron: Legacy“ film; it’s entertaining to watch but definitely falls short of what it could have been. 107 weitere Wörter

PODCAST: Neville Page

Conceptual Designer for some very big films like this summer’s Green Lantern, Super 8 plus Star Trek, Piranha 3D, Tron Legacy, and Avatar. Music is by Digital Grey Orchestra. 22 weitere Wörter

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