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TRON LEGACY Is Getting an Official LEGO Set | Nerdist

A Tron Legacy light cycle Lego set is an AWESOME idea! Watching the embedded video in the story shows the sets that didn’t win, which kinda sorta makes me sad. 18 weitere Wörter


The Tron Legacy Light Cycle Has Been Approved by LEGO Ideas

I️ meant to post this earlier this week, but the Tron Legacy Light Cycle has been approved by Lego Ideas. There is no other information at this point as far price and a availability goes. 154 weitere Wörter


Tron Legacy Wins LEGO Idea Publishing!

Zy Marquiez
November 30, 2017

The BrickBros UK have been picked as the LEGO Ideas winner, with their stellar Tron Light Cycle below.

It’s great seeing the Tron Light Cycle get cleared by LEGO, but there were a few other models that seem noteworthy but weren’t given the go. 54 weitere Wörter


Joseph Konsinski Gives Update About 'Tron: Legacy' Sequel

The director of ‚Tron: Legacy‚, Joseph Kosinski, has given us an update on a potential sequel. ‚Tron: Legacy‚ is a sequel continuation of the 1982 ‚Tron‚, that was released in 2010. 382 weitere Wörter


Only the Brave (Joseph Trapanese) - Film Score Review

Joseph Trapanese is a name that does not come up often in friendly, casual conversations concerning film music. This is mainly because he has worked in the background on a number of projects including… 928 weitere Wörter


Movie Review: 'Only the Brave' is an effective ode to firefighting

When a movie about a crew of wildland firefighters tells you that it’s „based on true events,“ you can pretty well guess that things aren’t going to end well. 407 weitere Wörter


Box Office: Blade Runner: 2049, Tron: Legacy & The Challenge of Turning a Cult Classic Into a Blockbuster

Blade Runner: 2049 is the long-awaited sequel to a sci-fi cult classic that was a box office failure when it came out in 1982, but we’ve heard this one before. 517 weitere Wörter

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