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Construction and working of Master Cylinder of brakes

Construction and working of Master Cylinder of brakes


Master Cylinder: The Master Cylinder is the heart of the hydraulic brake

system. It consists of two main chambers. noch 241 Wörter


Replica 'Tron' Light-Cycle Up for Auction if you Got the Money to Blow!!

There are few vehicles in pop culture history so desirable and famous that they could make a grown man act like a little boy. Things that come to my mind are a Batmobile, a DeLorean time-machine, a ‘General Lee’ or even a ‘Kitt’ from Knight Rider! noch 120 Wörter


Tron's Light Cycle is real and on sale!

Anyone who is familiar with the video game or the movie knows how unbelievable this might sound because of how much this machine would have to offer. noch 102 Wörter


You Can Now Own a Real Life TRON Light Cycle

Sotheby’s will be holding an auction on May 2nd of this year, and this amazing Light Cycle will be part of that.  It happens to be a working motorcycle that looks just like those used in the movie TRON: Legacy.   noch 20 Wörter


Pixels - Trailer

I have to admit that I was getting a very cool Tron vibe (with a plot that’s curiously similar to what I have read about the–supposedly–upcoming sequel to… noch 58 Wörter


Thunderbirds Are Go! - Trailer

The official trailer for ITV’s The Thunderbirds Are Go! has dropped, and I like the way that they tried to integrate practical sets with CGI people and vehicles. noch 281 Wörter

Trailer Park

Sequel News!: FROZEN 2 IS HAPPENING! Also sequels to Tron:Legacy and Zoolander

Today is the day many fans of Frozen have been waiting for, the news of Frozen 2 has finally been confirmed! Disney released a statement that the movie would be going into production however a release date and plot details are still to be announced we are more than happy to wait! noch 233 Wörter