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Tron: Legacy (2010)

After the events of the original Tron, Kevin Flynn disappears and his rebellious son enters the virtual world two decades later to find his father. 195 weitere Wörter


Film Making - Inspiration (TRON: Legacy)

I’ve Been Taking Kind Of A Break On Film Making This Last Week Or So… And During This Time I’ve Been Watching Some Films That Inspire Me… Two Thirds Into It I Actually Took Out My Camera And Aimed It At The T.V.

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A Double Picture Show

Once again I’m back with a lack of progress on the Skyrim mod front. This time, it wasn’t my fault though: I set aside yesterday to work on it, but the Creation Kit website with the tutorials I’ve been following was down. 649 weitere Wörter


My 2016 in Movies #4

Este ano tem sido mesmo horrível para ver filmes. Sem dúvida devido à falta de organização, mas também falta de paciência. Sabe-se lá mas estas férias passei por uma daquelas fases em que consigo aguentar várias horas seguidas de uma série, mas umas duas horas para ver um filme já parece uma eternidade. 2.018 weitere Wörter


The future of cycling--The Cyclotron

If you happened to watch the men’s or women’s cycling races at this year’s Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, you know cycling can be exciting (and dangerous!).  322 weitere Wörter

Sci-Fi Café

Bruce Boxleitner Interview

By now we’re all used to seeing performances out of actors that are either or amazing. Sure, there may be a dud here and there but the good stuff is what always manages to stand out since it can greatly enhance an already great experience.   4.787 weitere Wörter

Actor Interview