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4 Movie MacGuffins That Raise More Questions Than Answers

MacGuffins happen when even the writer just wants to get on with the next fight scene. They’re objects which exist only to give the characters something to do, a reason to live, and a way to kill a couple of hours together. noch 1.233 Wörter


Tron Lightcycle Roller Coaster Revealed - Shanghai Disneyland Ride Overview

Disney has revealed some amazing new details about their Shanghai theme park opening Spring 2016!

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Yeah, I admit I bought into the hype when TRON: Legacy came out in 2010.  I bought the amazing Daft Punk soundtrack and then a bunch of the Hasbro approved action figures which sucked and the cheap vehicles.  noch 33 Wörter


1000+ Followers on DisneyTronBlog! Go Tronblr!

It’s been a little over 3 months since I wrote the 700+ blog for my DisneyTronBlog on Tumblr! It’s fantastic to see how many people out there actually care about Tron… noch 57 Wörter


Visual Library Studies: Hard Surface (& Some Miscellaneous)

Starting this week, I’m working on some motorcycle sketching, painting, and visual library building as hard surface art and design is an area I know I need to work on. noch 69 Wörter


Jurassic World: More Chris Pratt, Please

It is the era of the Revival Film, forcibly dragging concluded stories out of their graves. First, way back when, there was Indiana Jones 4, noch 864 Wörter