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Box Office: Blade Runner: 2049, Tron: Legacy & The Challenge of Turning a Cult Classic Into a Blockbuster

Blade Runner: 2049 is the long-awaited sequel to a sci-fi cult classic that was a box office failure when it came out in 1982, but we’ve heard this one before. 517 weitere Wörter

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Coming later: 5 belated sequels/prequels

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Coming later: 5 belated sequels/prequels

As Blade Runner 2049 is released, we look back at 5 other examples of the ‘sequel gap’

By Jedd Jong… 2.264 weitere Wörter

Star Wars

Mengurai Kekurangan Tron: Legacy

Saya ingat betul, sebelum perilisannya, film ini cukup gencar dipublikasikan melalui majalah-majalah film. Prediksinya, film yang memikat ini akan menjadi box office, sekaligus gebrakan Disney selaku distributor dan rumah produksi. 535 weitere Wörter


Soundtrack Thursday #32

Today’s track goes to:

„The Game Has Changed“ – Daft Punk

Film: TRON: Legacy

TRON: Legacy is a beautiful film and what helps to cement that world is the excellent soundtrack by Daft Punk. 121 weitere Wörter

Soundtrack Thursday

Walt Disney World is finally going to get a ride that people have been going crazy for in Shanghai since last year

Disney fans lost it Saturday when Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Bob Chapek announced that the „TRON“ ride in Shanghai Disneyland is going to come to Disney World.  169 weitere Wörter


I could be wrong but ... "Tron Legacy" is better than "Tron"

The original Tron was, for its time, a visually groundbreaking film.  Embracing the arcade gaming culture of the early ’80s, it was a colourful, highly original visual feast.  672 weitere Wörter