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The future of cycling--The Cyclotron

If you happened to watch the men’s or women’s cycling races at this year’s Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, you know cycling can be exciting (and dangerous!).  322 weitere Wörter

Sci-Fi Café

Bruce Boxleitner Interview

By now we’re all used to seeing performances out of actors that are either or amazing. Sure, there may be a dud here and there but the good stuff is what always manages to stand out since it can greatly enhance an already great experience.   4.787 weitere Wörter


'Tron 3': Former Disney Executive Hopes the Cancelled Project Will Someday Return

I’m currently putting together a list of films that desperately need a sequel. One of the films that came up was Tron: Legacy. As you may already know,  277 weitere Wörter


Naughty Looks Back - TRON: Uprising

Back in early 2013, Cartoon Network finished the respective runs of Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series without renewing either title and effectively ending the short-lived DC Nation block before it really got rolling.   473 weitere Wörter


Hollywood Doesn't Get Data Centers

It’s no secret that movies often embellish the mundane to make it more interesting for the audience. But when you stop and think about it, I bet you’ve noticed some the blunders that Hollywood has decided to ignore for the sake of movie magic. 625 weitere Wörter


Saturday Soundtracks - Tron Legacy

Tron Legacy is a film that was thrilling from start to finish, much like the soundtrack composed by Daft Punk, the electronic duo who took on the chore of making this score and being the first time they have ever done so. 264 weitere Wörter

The Telltale Mind