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Daft Punk

I’ve always loved Daft Punk! They make great music! Technologic happens to be one of my all time favorite songs, to this day! I also really love… 633 weitere Wörter


Here's What Tron 3 Was Going To Be (and May Still Be) About

You may think a third Tron movie isn’t going to happen, but all hope is not completely lost. The potential director, Joseph Kosinski, spoke at a… 408 weitere Wörter



Disney have announced a follow-up to 2010’s Tron: Legacy, which was soundtracked by French superstars Daft Punk, is in development.

Plans for a third Tron film were originally scrapped back in 2015 after the studio encountered numerous problems, however, a source for The Hollywood Reporter claims the project is once again in the „very early stages of development“, with Disney eyeing up musician and actor Jared Leto for the lead role. 76 weitere Wörter


Revisiting 'TRON: Legacy'...

The other day, Disney shocked me… They announced something TRON-related. A franchise I thought they turned their collective backs on.

TRON has had it rather rough in this day and age, though I suppose I should shut up because a sci-fi cult classic that bombed back when it came out getting a sequel was more than enough. 2.507 weitere Wörter


Disney considering TRON reboot with Jared Leto

Well… that escalated quickly!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney is considering relaunching the TRON franchise with Jared Leto as its lead. While it is still early days, the news is that the new movie will involve elements of the abandoned  214 weitere Wörter

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Tron 3 is not as dead as we thought...

For those who don’t remember, TRON: Legacy was the much-hyped reboot of/sequel to the 1982 classic TRON starring Jeff Bridges. Released back in 2010, Legacy  235 weitere Wörter

Film News

Here's Why Disney Shelved 'TRON 3' And What The Plot Was (Is?) Going To Be

TRON: Legacy grossed only $400 million on a reported $170 million budget and didn’t sell a lot of toys either, which left plans of a… 529 weitere Wörter