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Dawn Climie: Going to Incredible Heights to Keep Costume Continuity on Set

In any film or television production, the wardrobe department is responsible for designing and selecting costumes and attire for the cast. Regardless of setting or genre – whether it’s a Victorian or space age period piece, tragic drama, spy thriller or college comedy – costume design is an immense task that requires countless hours of planning, research, budgeting and acquisition. noch 1.275 Wörter


Watercolor Quorra

Monday Mashup: This week I change things up a bit by experimenting with the watercolor brushes in Photoshop. I have a picture of a woman who made a Tron inspired dress and did my watercolor about her.

Monday Mashup

Tron Legacy Fan Art |

As a kid, I always liked the movie Tron. Thirty-whatever years later Tron Legacy arrived with some of the most beautifully art directed cinematography of all time. noch 15 Wörter

The Thrill Of Ink

'Tron 3' Might Still Have Some Life According To Garrett Hedlund, Even If It Takes 30 Years

Fans of Tron waited quite a while for a sequel to the groundbreaking science fiction classic from Disney and Tron Legacy didn’t seem to disappoint. When… noch 259 Wörter


Is Marvel On The Verge Of Regaining The Fantastic Four?

This post is based on (admittedly) thin evidence, though there is a logic.

This year Fox released their latest version of Fantastic Four, which was–to put it bluntly–a box-office disaster, earning almost $167 million against at budget of at least $120 million. noch 389 Wörter


4 Movie MacGuffins That Raise More Questions Than Answers

MacGuffins happen when even the writer just wants to get on with the next fight scene. They’re objects which exist only to give the characters something to do, a reason to live, and a way to kill a couple of hours together. noch 1.233 Wörter