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Triangle Bulbs T30023-6 (6 pack) - F8T5/CW, 8 Watt, T5, 4100K Cool White, 12

Pack of 6 Triangle Bulbs fluorescent light bulbs. Each of these bulbs is 8 watts, with a T5 shape, and is 12 inches long. Each bulb is a cool white color (4100 kelvin), offers 12,000 hours of 420 lumens of light, and has a G5, mini bi-pin base. noch 26 Wörter

Sierpinski TIrangle

Using the same method used in my previous Sierpinski Triangle program, which is written in Python, I wrote a fractal generator for my graphing calculator TI-84 Plus in BASIC. noch 179 Wörter


Try A New Tri Lighting System.

With the advent of LED lights, we’re no longer restricted to the tube lights of yesteryear. Created by Jehremy Harris, the triangular Triad light was designed to explore alternatives and the result is a modern, modular system that can adapt to any space. noch 54 Wörter


The Power of Three

Painted with Winsor and Newton professional watercolours and ink on Daler Rowney The Langton paper.

La physiomorphologie ... Qu'est ce que ca mange en hiver?

On l’a toute expérimentée durant au moins notre adolescence, ce ne sont pas tous les vêtements qui vont à tout le monde. Ce n’est pas parce qu’un vêtement va bien à ta meilleure amie qu’il t’ira nécessairement aussi bien. noch 340 Wörter