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Violinist Georges Enesco was saddled with a poor pupil who eventually wanted to give a recital. Enesco agreed to accompany him on the piano but realized at the last minute that he needed a page turner. 133 weitere Wörter


about SHAPES in Animation

The animation world is made of squares, circles and triangles. Have you ever wondered how important are these shapes to create an animated story?

Please help me name this product triangle thing

I’ve worked as a developer, a sysadmin, a user researcher, a product manager, and UX’er, with different teams, and I’d like to share an idea here I want to be able to present visually, as a way to identify common patterns of behaviour that make products less successful. 2.467 weitere Wörter

11. step: to paint abstracted motive in cubistic manner

Now take a concrete motive as for example a four-leg-animal and subdivide the body, head and legs in simple rectangels and triangles – than make the same with the background, but the shapes there should be a little bit larger. 88 weitere Wörter


Coding Cobol: An alternate program

In the previous post, we looked at a program with calculated the type of a triangle. Now let’s look at a similar program which takes a filename as input, removing the restriction of the hard-coded filename. 390 weitere Wörter