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2 Lucid Dreams and attempting to Stabilize

Before bed, I thought about if I have a lucid dream, what do I want to do? Or how can I phrase a question to the dream space or dream characters. 1.234 weitere Wörter

Dream Journal

"Triangle" - Season 2

Watch Youth Pride Center Alum Emery Johnson is the full season 2 of the hit series „Triangle“.


Week Five: 2017.10.15

I’ve now been here for one month, having arrived on 14 September. I’ve already had a week off, and I’ve semi-furnished my furnished apartment by buying a mattress, couch cushions, dishes, towels, cutlery, and a saucepan. 255 weitere Wörter


Trading blog - crypto update - 10/14/17

Ethereum and Bitcoin are showing good signs of continuation of bullish break out on the 4H chart. $Ethereum is creating an ascending triangle. $BTC is creating a symmetrical triangle. 18 weitere Wörter

Trading Blog - Etoro

Matte Glitter Triangle Nails

I think this design looks so much nicer with a matte coat over the top. Sometimes I quite like to put matte over the top of glitter. 95 weitere Wörter

Nail Art

Gilded triangle sunburst

Before I started the 30-day colouring challenge, I was >this< close to having got completely caught up with blogging my card backlog. I very deliberately stuck to colouring during the challenge so that I wouldn’t end it with a stack of thirty cards that needed to be photographed and written up. 346 weitere Wörter