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What does a theory look like?

What do theories look like? They are shaped like triangles. Theories are triangular. I am being glib, but according to one of the top OED definitions, a theory is a „collection of theorems forming a connected system.“ The least number of entities that can be connected to create a number of relationships greater than the number of the entities is… 828 weitere Wörter


Triangle Bargello Bleed Through

I always put scratch paper behind my drawings when I use markers. I decided to put a clean page behind the last triangle Bargello that I did, just to show the pretty design that bleeds through.


A Day In The Life: 2017.12.3

My friend A had invited me to lunch at the Mongolian restaurant and I’d been looking forward to it all week. (See Week Twelve). I finally had a chance to sleep in a bit and then ate a bowl of the… 1.765 weitere Wörter


Kami Photo Manipulation Final Product

This is the creature I made from parts of my face and a compass that’s always in my backpack. It has an evil personality because often times when I reach in my bag I will accidentally poke or stab myself with it.


Christine Keeler, the love triangle call girl in Britain's biggest sex scandal, dies

LONDON (Reuters) – Christine Keeler, the woman at the center of a 1960s love triangle between a minister and Soviet naval attache that produced Britain’s biggest political sex scandal, has died at the age of 75.