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The Summer Triangle Is Back!

Hey, sky fans. We’ve been talking a bunch about the comings and goings of the planets Jupiter, Saturn and Mars over the last couple of weeks. noch 919 Wörter

EUR/USD: patience, wave D still unfolding

The base scenario still is the triangle. In this scenario, wave D is unfolding, and should ideally go to the lower 1.06 levels (1.0600 is not excluded). noch 11 Wörter


Service Changes Are Here!

With GoDurham service changes going live on August 6th and GoTriangle changes happening August 7th, we’ve got a lot of exciting news for you! Read on to see what updates have been made to your bus route! noch 109 Wörter


Ugly uniform for 7/19/16

   The ugly uniform for today is the Vancouver Canucks jersey used for the 1978-79 season. These unis are notorious for their look, as the Canucks colors tend to be blue and green. noch 48 Wörter



As usual, i kill a lot of time, so i decided to make some „hippie wallpapers“ for anyone that want to use them.

I will post them as soon as i make, enjoy.

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The Triangle Rule

Remember how your math teacher said you’d use math every day for the rest of your life? Well, as a scrapbooker, you definitely do! You measure, you count, and if you try out today’s tip, you’ll apply your math skills even more! noch 421 Wörter