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The Overwhelming Case Against Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson wants us to know that he is unwavering in his philosophical convictions. He is confident in his executive process beyond all reason. He is insular beyond justification. noch 1.533 Wörter


Model for a solid home base

Dimensions: H 33cm x D 22 cm x W 60 cm

2 wooden staples boards, 1 hollow plastic tube, 1 found metal plate with numbers inscription


Album Review: Schammasch - "Triangle"

A triple album can be an ambitious endeavor. And more often than not, bands tend to lose themselves in the expansiveness of their own ideas; stylistically and conceptually. noch 1.690 Wörter


Unbelievable Lost Ship Was Discovered In The Bermuda Triangle After A Century!

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The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most mysterious theories in this world. This is still unknown to the researchers, scientists, shipping and aviation experts. noch 13 Wörter

Circles and Squares

Detail of ‚r‘ – Day 10 – #100 Day Result © Maggie Winnall

‚r‘ – Day 10 – #100 Day Result © Maggie Winnall

Thinking about the square patch I’m using , I wonder where the square was first represented?   noch 150 Wörter