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Triangle of Detail

Micron pen and Copic marker on white paper. Contact if interested in print or original.





[VIDEO] MBCKpop: Triangle OST "Coincidence" by Kim Jaejoong

JYJ3’s Note: Previously MBCKpop shared Dr. Jin OST “Living Like A Dream” link

Triangle OST “Coincidence“

Credit: MBCkpop
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Shiver Me Timbers: BlackJack Is A Pirate-Themed Brewery!

BlackJack Brewing Company in Raleigh is a new brewery with owners who have a lot of experience in brewing great beers. One of the three owners spent 10 years as the head brewer at Abita and also worked as a brewer for Big Boss down the street. noch 605 Wörter

Brewery Visit

From a different angle

Today while waiting for my dad to fetch us, somewhere along the way i think he forgot about us, my mum and I were discussing love triangles. noch 1.879 Wörter