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Simple Solid Granny Triangle

Hello Crafters!

I recently posted a tutorial for my Super Simple Solid Granny Square as a great all-purpose square that you can use for practically any crochet project! 347 weitere Wörter


25 for 25 - Put on Your Red Shoes and Dance the Blues

Nowadays, movies are saturated all the way through with stories about struggling artists and that has been so since the nascency of the very artform (the oldest I can think of on the spot is the historical  1.272 weitere Wörter

Field Guide to Math on the National Mall

For anyone visiting my old stomping grounds of Washington, D.C., this summer, the Mathematical Association of America has compiled its Field Guide to Math on the National Mall… 85 weitere Wörter

Popular Culture

A Love Triangle

The best example we have of a perfect relationship is found in the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Within the Trinity we see tenderness, compassion, mercy, being open and transparent, demonstrating goodness towards the others, sacrificial love, perfect communication, being honest and truthful, righteousness, perfect knowledge and understanding of each other, being reliable and faithful, working together to accomplish a goal/task, and voluntary subordination. 980 weitere Wörter

Developing Godly Marriages Blog

10 British Horror Movies You Have to Watch!

Written by: Wesley Thomas

So, when you think of Britain, what do you think? Tea? Crumpets? Scones? Castles? Horses? The Queen? Well, we can actually manage to offer some rather lovely-jubbly horror films. 500 weitere Wörter

Feature Articles

Bracing for the Win

Here’s a link to a quick game we play that might help reinforce a myriad of blocking skills like bracing, walling, and even communication.

Triangle Tag is quick and simple to set up. 126 weitere Wörter