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Celebs Decided to Think Pink For Last Night's SAG Awards

So many stars rocked pink on the red carpet last night. Maybe it was their way of paying tribute to the thousands of women marching in pink pussy hats this weekend, or maybe it was simply that Miu Miu has a ton of gorgeous pink gowns this year, or maybe they just love pink as much as Elle Woods… 47 weitere Wörter


These innovations can change the experience for your talent relocating in the US or abroad in 2018!

I recently read a story about when Henry Ford manufactured his first automobile, it didn’t include a gear for reverse. Can you imagine what it would be like if he decided to quit improving the experience at that point? 409 weitere Wörter

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#Nicole Kidman is trending today on Google.

Nicole Kidman is trending today on Google.
United States⋅Monday, January 22, 2018

ABC News

Nicole Kidman

20,000+ searches

Nicole Kidman slams ageism in Hollywood, says women over 40 are ‚potent … ABC News… 68 weitere Wörter


Kate Middleton wore a SECOND bridal gown during her wedding nobody knew about - this is what it looked like

The Duchess of Cambridge in her wedding dress It’s hard to think about Kate Middleton – who is expecting her third baby – and not think about her stunning Alexander McQueen wedding dress. 52 weitere Wörter

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I read this quote the other day: „Freedom is acknowledging the mask you wear and having the courage to take it off.“

It’s ironic that we all hide our true selves whether we realize it or not. 187 weitere Wörter


An Established Fashion Trend

As we prepare ourselves for the next season it is time to dust out our cupboards, throw away the old things and kit ourselves out with some new items. 1.355 weitere Wörter

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Shoes were made for walking but are they Just Fab?

“Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically, and emotionally.”  This was said by Christian Louboutin the maker of those famous and coveted red bottoms. 1.027 weitere Wörter