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Hands, feet and faces

Rob is in Toronto, squaring up to face the damage to our house from the recent ice-storm; I leave tonight for London, to spend a weekend with Jonathan and Hayley and the impish Gabriel, before heading down to Kent to spend Monday night with Mike Hanson. 44 weitere Wörter


Travelling by train in Europe

I love travelling by train. But booking trains over flights for international travel is something that I’ve always assumed is complex, difficult and expensive. I’ve taken the Eurostar a few times and I’m no stranger to hopping on trains within a foreign country, yet planning something like London to Barcelona by train, for instance, isn’t something I’ve seriously contemplated. 1.229 weitere Wörter


Bersilaturohmi ke Gunung Merapi

Gunung memang selalu indah, gunung juga selalu „meracuni“ dan meminta pendakinya untuk selalu kembali dan kembali lagi. Walaupun pada awalnya tidak mau kembali karena bermacam-macam alasan, seperti capek, dingin, dan lain-lain. 600 weitere Wörter


Palawan is the one!

It’s hard not to fall in love with Palawan. A dream come true for Louise and I to stay there for 3 days and 2 nights. 194 weitere Wörter


Days 70-73 - Georgetown: Coffee and Art of Penang

Hello strangers! Apologies for the long absence from the blog, since the last update we’ve arrived in Australia! The past few days have been quite busy moving around and getting ourselves settled, as well as trying to look around Sydney and Melbourne. 1.484 weitere Wörter


Lange Reisen mit einem kleinen Kind: Das Hilft Uns

Wir sind das erste Mal mit Nailah geflogen als sie 5 Wochen alt war, von Hamburg nach Tel Aviv. Da Nailah noch so klein war hatte ich gar keine Bedenken, denn alles was sie brauchte waren die Nähe zu uns, mich für das Stillen und frische Windeln. 2.546 weitere Wörter