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I have been thinking of a power meter for a while, mainly after reading Joe Friel ‚The Triathletes training bible‘ and how power (Watts) is more appropriate for measuring intensity than HR (heart rate) or RPE (relative perceived effort). 261 weitere Wörter

Thoughts for Yoga Teachers - explaining yoga as therapy

The practice of yoga is therapeutic. Anyone who has practiced yoga will agree with this statement, but the idea of „yoga therapy“ is contentious. In January 2016, the Yoga Alliance requested that any yoga school remove the terms „yoga therapy“ and „yoga therapist“ from their title. 831 weitere Wörter

Why does my SCHEDULE tab look different in Venus 1500?

If you have recently switched to a new computer and installed Venus 1500, you might be wondering why your SCHEDULE tab looks or functions differently than before. 191 weitere Wörter


Training Trails: Atkarwadi-Sinhagad-Kalyan-return

I will from time to time post information about interesting trails near the cities of Mumbai and Pune: these are interesting day hikes, and are very conveniently located (less than 2 hours travel from the main cities) for fitting in a good training session too. 270 weitere Wörter


sounds serious

II just read on Swim Vortex that there is now a Professional Swimmer’s Association and that FINA has been taken to court by Katinka Hosszu and Michael Andrew. 320 weitere Wörter


What does a well-founded risk decision look like?

By Mark Smith, Mission-Centered Solutions

©Mission-Centered Solutions

This paper is the result of an ongoing dialog around risk I’ve had within the post-Yarnell Honor the Fallen group. 2.904 weitere Wörter


Promotions & Self Imposed Pressure

There’s no larger pressure than the one you put on yourself.

When you get promoted to a new rank, the expectations are that you will be able to uphold or defend the rank. 110 weitere Wörter