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Old Trails, New Routes

Much like my fellow running blogger Donna’s recent entry regarding running routes, I too often tire of running the same courses.  I think as mileage frequency is increased this becomes even more apparent.  518 weitere Wörter

Personal Life

Fitness advice for college students and other important things

You’re a skinny little faggot, you’re in the university now, you don’t know what you should do, you see people smoking near the big entry, you know that it’s bad for you, but in the back of your mind you think it’s cool Something is alluring about it, you may have tried it already or not. 761 weitere Wörter


Win in preparation

What’s your life philosophy? Do you even have one?

Winning in preparation is the culmination of my knowledge base, experience and feelings toward the world and how to live life. 195 weitere Wörter



I am as a corps member(corper), a teacher of history at GSS Koroduma-Central to the JSS3 A, B, C and D class. I have taught a group of people before in my life but this one is a different experience. 136 weitere Wörter


Mountain Rescue

Thank you very much for visiting my blog. This is my response to Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge.  The two prompt words, to be included but used synonymously, are Ghost and Hollow. 229 weitere Wörter


Ronnie's Run 10 Miler Recap

Third time posting in a month or so…WIN! I’m excited to be here more regularly lately, so let’s keep this going!!

Last week I posted about on how I was having a low key weekend plus the Ronnie’s Run 10 miler race. 1.056 weitere Wörter

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Afternoon Walk

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