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How to Balance Training and Recovery for Better Results

One common possession of those who’ve reached their fitness goals is a training journal or log. Open it up and you’ll find meticulous notes of different exercises, most likely written in a specific order, with detailed sections of sets and reps. 749 weitere Wörter


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CAS: Do You Speak Emoji?

Do you use Emojis?

This is an interesting post about emojis!!

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How to: Organise Your Elective - Some Personal Experiences

If you had up to 6 weeks away from your day job to broaden your experiences around healthcare and science, how would you spend it? Sounds like a hypothetical, but that’s the very question you’re faced on the Scientist Training Programme.   815 weitere Wörter


Seriously? For fuck sake!

The following may contain some views that some readers may find deeply patronising and potentially insulting. If you are allergic to such views, then head on over here… 1.245 weitere Wörter


Simulation Training and How it Prepares you to be a Great Pilot

Every time a pilot gets in the cockpit they take responsibility for the many lives on board. It is up to them to ensure that all the passengers are carried safely to their destinations and on time. 490 weitere Wörter


The way back

By the end of the second week, I came to the realization that I had to right the ship. I wrote out all the stuff that I had been slipping on and gave myself a pass on 99% of them. 1.103 weitere Wörter