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Teen Divorce - "Anthem" (premiere)

A quick Google search will inform you that the noun „anthem“ is defined as „a rousing or uplifting song identified with a particular group, body, or cause.“ While listening to  242 weitere Wörter


Junglist Kiki

This is really good.  Nice one S.P.Y.!  I  get worried when I see remixes of such epic classics. The Dj Zinc one is so iconic, I wouldn’t want anyone spoiling it.   27 weitere Wörter

Drum N Bass

The Weeknd- "False Alarm"

Okay, at this point, the Weeknd can append his devilishly seductive voice to any surface and make it work. Stripper anthems. Post-disco cuts. Booming trip-hop tunes. 161 weitere Wörter


The Weeknd - False Alarm

If you’ve heard Beyoncé’s 6 Inch, consider this the spiritual successor to that. 545 weitere Wörter

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Exit Verse- "Sleeping in Graceland"

„He just needs someone to lean on,“ Exit Verse’s Geoff Farina spiritedly interjects on „Sleeping in Graceland,“ the first track on the Chicago trio’s Grant No Glory  113 weitere Wörter



Dear God, give me a camel and set me free. Sitting behind my laptop 12h a day working my ass off with a plane whooshing over my head every two minutes in jeans too tight to breath because they look so pretty, calling it life. 50 weitere Wörter