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Tuesday Trails or Tracks or Roadways 1

From now on every Tuesday I will upload a picture of either a trail or a track or a road.  Hope you enjoy it.

Feel free to join.


These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things: JANUARY

A new year, a new adventure and a whole heap of new things that I’m absolutely in love with. So if you’ve been as busy as I have, then you’d agree that January has been an absolute blur! noch 786 Wörter


Have Fun Exploring Tracks in the Winter Snow

Have fun looking for tracks in the snow or mud. Note the inches on the right side of each track pattern. This great image is from the DEEP, which includes large dogs to help distinguish other interesting species that you may come across in our town forest. noch 225 Wörter


Allure – Touch Me (2016)

‘Touch Me’ is the latest track to be pulled from Parisian producer Allure’s upcoming EP, featuring a romantic R&B groove that is nicely blended with a touch of his smooth disco-inspired sound.


From a movie!

This is a track from a short film that’s being released soon by independent NYC based Production Company called SuperEpic22. What initially started out with only this track turned into a whole film scoring project for the whole short movie! noch 108 Wörter


The Heartless Tracks of Silence

My journey started with the mundane putter-patter of rain against the frame of my glasses. As I looked across the sky, which once showered me with the rays of blue and the clouds of white, I saw only grey. noch 603 Wörter