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Gary Lazer Eyes - "Galapagos" (premiere)

We open with a high, wide shot of the Pacific Ocean. The water is a crystal clear blue-green, sun reflecting off its mirror-like surface. A lone speed boat enters stage left. noch 232 Wörter


TRACK REVIEW: Soul Of Bass - Just The Thing

While many of us are able to leave our teenage creations and names behind us (MSN’s destruction has lead to a lot of cringe worthy material disappearing from the face of the planet), Ƶed Dew is not so lucky. noch 252 Wörter


My top ten tracks of 2015

Now that we’re all firmly lodged in the windy crack of 2016, it’s time to look back at a happier time. A peaceful time. A time of song. noch 533 Wörter

Enjoy Selected 16 Tracks From Prince Released On Stage by Soul Clap.

The popular and influential music icon, Prince Rogers Nelson died at his home in Minnesota at the age of 57 a few weeks ago. Until now and many years to come – if not forever – the legend will be remembered for his contributions to music, fashion and the lives he touched in one way or the other. noch 405 Wörter