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Question of the Week: Tracks

Last week the question was:  What three animals left tracks on this washed out road?

From the left of the photo, we have a heron, bobcat, and raccoon.   69 weitere Wörter

Question Of The Week

Top Tracks: Charli XCX- "After the Afterparty" ft. Lil Yachty

Seeing that popstar Charli XCX is collaborating with ATL rapper Lil Yachty is assurance that the end result will be undeniably giddy, an infectiously joyous effort that’ll have you singing the chorus on first listen. 169 weitere Wörter


Introducing | Skott - Lack Of Emotion

Skott took the blogosphere by storm a few months back with her debut track ‚Porcelain‘, with support soon coming across the board from the likes of Radio 1 and even Katy Perry. 108 weitere Wörter


Malaysia cargo train derailment strands thousands


KUALA LUMPUR: A spectacular cargo train derailment in Malaysia on Friday (Oct 28) left cars piled up like toys, blocking two busy tracks and stranding thousands of travellers on the country’s busy rail network. 166 weitere Wörter

Current Affairs

Joanne by Lady Gaga

What can I say? I am Ga-Ga for Joanne. I’ve always been a fan of Lady Gaga and everything she represents. I feel like I am maturing with her and our music tastes compliment each other too. 154 weitere Wörter

Get Back by A-natural

If you want the direct link for their post click

the brand new single from A-natural from his forthcoming long-awaited debut R&B album The Chronicles of an Over Ambitious Fat Boy due in 2017! 12 weitere Wörter


DJ Shadow- "Midnight in a Perfect World" [Hudson Mohawke Remix]

DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing is one of the five or ten best records of the 1990s. Hell, if  someone wanted to push it out to „ever ever“ I wouldn’t mount a spirited argument against them. 205 weitere Wörter