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'Unparalleled' number of dinosaur tracks found in Australia


SYDNEY: An „unprecedented“ 21 different types of dinosaur tracks have been found on a stretch of Australia’s remote coastline, scientists said Monday, dubbing it the nation’s Jurassic Park. 425 weitere Wörter

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Freddie Gibbs "Alexys"

by mannygotbricks


Freddie Kane has been dropping nothing but nonstop heat since he was released from that Austria prison under false charges. „Alexys“ joins other hard hitting singles like „Crushed Glass “ to help build excitement for Gibbs highly anticipated third album  6 weitere Wörter


[G1] Compliments

“My, but you make a pretty pet,” Mirage murmured as he dragged his fingertrips over the crown of Tracks’ helm.

Tracks’ engine purred. His optics glowed a bright, adoring blue. 168 weitere Wörter


RV Captures Old Nostalgia in "So Easy" Video (premiere)

RV is the perfect package. They’ve got a hot sound that you know but doesn’t overtly bite from the bands of the now. And along with a genuinely entertaining live show, they look tyght as hell doing it. 197 weitere Wörter


Tune of the Week: James Henry – Thinking With Your Ears [Mint Tea]

A new one from one of the members of Havana Breakfast Club and Label Mint Tea founder James Henry. His latest record, Thinking With Your Ears, is a must have. 96 weitere Wörter


Ears on: Sonos Playbase


I’ll be honest, I was a skeptic when I first saw the Sonos Playbase speaker system. A plastic-looking device that sits under the weight of a TV, it immediately seemed like a poor idea to me.  763 weitere Wörter


Mighty Casey And October Zero - Hood Report by Casey Gane

If you want the direct link for their post click

The Hood Report

Well-worth a listen! :o)

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