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Jazzy Monika - Nothing To Me

Toronto’s talented Jazzy Monika makes it clear that money and the rich life do not impress her in her new original song Nothing To Me. 52 weitere Wörter


Introducing | Rosie Carney - Awake Me

I wrote about Rosie Carney a few months back with the release of her stunning debut ‚Better Man‘, and her second is definitely worth the half-year long wait it’s been. 98 weitere Wörter


Kachinga - Beyonce

This is an album teaser for Kachinga’s upcoming album „Harmon Circles“. The song is a sad song about a happy breakup


New Track: Waiting for Spring

A snowy day
       the land begrudgingly acquiesces to
       the cold, white usurper
       brown and green will soon be restored to
       their rightful place
waiting for spring… 10 weitere Wörter

Kiki & Al

I saw a re-post of that time Obama sang Al Green’s „Let’s Stay Together“ on Tumblr today.



Culture'95 - ReaL

Downtown boy Culture’95 reminds us to separate the friends from the fakes in his new single „ReaL.“ Dropping on President Trump’s inauguration day is a bold, possibly accidental tactic on Culture’95’s part. 23 weitere Wörter