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Welcome to Alice Springs

Following my recent obsession with Robyn Davidson and her story, Tracks, I’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing about my time in the centre of Australia. noch 95 Wörter


Monifah - One Moment

Monifah is letting everybody know that it’s okay for her to be alone with her thoughts every once and a while.

The track, which mixes smoother R&B tones with a more EDM bassline, has the singer explaining why being in touch with yourself is not a bad thing.  noch 108 Wörter

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Kanye West (feat. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney) - All Day

We first got to hear the full version of the track when Kanye West performed it at the Brit Awards late last week.  Now the official version has hit digital outlets and it is just as good as we thought.  noch 89 Wörter

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Mylezia - More

Mylezia might be the hottest female in the club tonight, but her attention is being drawn in by hottest guy.  And when he works his sexual powers of persuasion on her, she can’t get enough.  noch 90 Wörter

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Jimi Noel - Last Chance

Jimi Noel has a track for those who are looking to get that last moment they can with the one they thought was it.  His vocals are strong and seductive to the point that you might ignore the lyrical content (more on that in a second).  noch 155 Wörter

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Jermaine Riley - Run Away (prod. by Darkchild)

Jermaine Riley is seems to be all about celebrating the beauty of the woman in his life.  With the first two singles her released this year, … noch 121 Wörter

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Leaving tracks

One of the joys for me during the winter season is seeing tracks in the snow and with our recent snow fall here in the midwest, I’ve finally seen some tracks. noch 55 Wörter