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EP: Part I - Dream

This project has been in the works for quite a while now. I started making these after watching this film called ‚Waking Life‘. It’s a sort of animated film about a nameless guy talking to different sorts of people in a seemingly random and surreal journey. 142 weitere Wörter


Snoh Aalegra (feat. Vince Staples) - Nothing Burns Like The Cold

Another artist from our underrated album of 2016 list is coming with the fire for 2017…though it’s a cold burn this time.

Coming with that same blujazhop style that we loved from her last EP, the Swedish/Persian singer gives you strong lyrics with sultry vocals for a track about how distance and indifference can burn a relationship away as easily as fiery disagreement.  144 weitere Wörter

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Sidibe - Strangers

Her You Got Luck EP slid past a lot of people, but we are going to make sure whatever she comes out with next gets as much attention as possible. 763 weitere Wörter

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Circuit de Trois-Rivieres

SERIES: Pinty’s Series

LOCATION: 1450 Rue De l’hippodrome, Trois-Rivieres, QC

SURFACE: Asphalt 

SHAPE: Temporary Street Course

LENGTH: 1.53 Miles



FIRST NASCAR RACE: 11 weitere Wörter


Circuit ICAR

SERIES: Pinty’s 

LOCATION: 12800 Henri-Fabre, Mirbel, QC

SURFACE: Concrete

SHAPE: Road Course

LENGTH: 2.113 Miles



FIRST NASCAR RACE: 2011 – Present… 10 weitere Wörter


Delaware Speedway

SERIES: Pinty’s Series

LOCATION: 1640 Gideon Dr. Delaware, ON, Canada 

SURFACE: Asphalt 

SHAPE: Semi-banked Oval 

LENGTH: Half Mile



  • Turns: 5-7° (estimated) 

WEBSITE: 12 weitere Wörter


Story in the snow

Deer and coyote tracks. Don’t know how it ended. Don’t want to.

Living Simply