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Snow, cross country tracks

Cross country tracks in the snow in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland.

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A blog a day..

I've sort of committed myself to posting to my blog every day. Unfortunately, I don't always have anything new and interesting to say…which could make it difficult. noch 72 Wörter


Senate Democrats demand more money for Amtrak repair backlog

WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Democrats on Thursday demanded that Republicans provide more money for Amtrak so the railroad can tackle a $21 billion maintenance and repair backlog, including replacing tunnels more than a century old. noch 523 Wörter


Social Networking in SharePoint

The next stage of development in SharePoint Server 2013 Essential Training is Social Networking in SharePoint. This section covers Viewing your newsfeed, Editing your profile, Following people, documents, and sites, Understanding tags and mentions, Microblogging in SharePoint, Keeping track of your tasks, Viewing your sites, Tagging documents and sites, Posting on your blog, Managing your blog and Changing newsfeed settings.

SharePoint Server 2013 Essential Training

Future Boy by Asa Taura

Future Boy by Asa Taura

Original sound from Japan for this Friday. A young lady artist Asa Taura presents an interesting electronica under Asian “sauce”. A mixture of ambient and techno in  noch 23 Wörter


RARE GEM: Roses by James Arthur (Featuring Emeli Sande)

James Arthur won the ninth series of the X Factor in 2012. His smooth, rich and raspy tone eventually made him an audience favourite to win the show. noch 171 Wörter


McClaren Over Tyre Tracks (OTTs)

‘Formidable’, ‘Impressive’ and ‘Struth’ are the words that come to mind when describing the latest addition to the AMJ Earthworks collection of attachments and accessories. noch 273 Wörter