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How to Create the Perfect Writing Process for You

Discovering and perfecting your own unique writing process is a little bit more than just trial and error. Here are some tried and true steps to help you along your way.


Vimrc using Neovim

You just created a .vimrc with custom configurations and that is not working try this:

source ~/.vimrc in ~/.config/nvim/init.vim


How to Use Stitch Markers

I recently had a conversation with a fellow knitter about stitch markers. There had been a little confusion about removable versus non-removable stitch markers, and I realized that maybe some other folks would benefit from a little discussion about the types of markers and all the wonderful ways you can use them.  612 weitere Wörter


Use an RSS Reader

Dear new developer,

I highly suggest using an RSS reader. I use Newsblur, but there are several good ones out there. This will let you keep on track of any publishing platform that has an RSS feed. 115 weitere Wörter

Letters To A New Developer

SQL Server Read-Only Routing

Not too long ago, I had a conversation with a friend about how SQL Server Always On Availability Groups and how they could be configured for Read-Only routing. 311 weitere Wörter

SQL Server

Is Carista worth it’s weight in beer?

We saw this a post in Facebook a few days ago that went something like this:

…any local person with Carista (or something like it) that can turn off the ridiculous fake noise (

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Melitta Perfect Brew Cone

This simple plastic cone coupled with a filter is the best tool I have found for quickly making great tasting coffee. I have tried a French press but found the coffee to be gritty and bitter never quite figured it out. 251 weitere Wörter