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Learn a text editor

Dear new developer,

As I mentioned before, the raw „stuff“ of software is primarily text files. Actually, the foundation of software is ideas and information, but unfortunately a computer can’t yet run on those. 352 weitere Wörter


YOU at College: Personalizing Well-being and Success for Every Student

One of my favorite WCET activities is coordinating our WCET Awards initiative. I am lucky to have the opportunity to learn about the incredible work being done by various institutions and organizations in higher education. 922 weitere Wörter

Student Success

Why My Grandfather was the Best College Counselor I Ever Had

As a new college admission season falls upon us, I am reminded daily of the power it brings. Hurling its way into my office in the shape of panic, anxiety and stress. 785 weitere Wörter


Learn Version Control

Dear new developer,

If in doubt, put it under version control.

Version control is a way for you to keep track of the core nuts and bolts of code, which are files on the filesystem. 286 weitere Wörter


My Favorite Exercise Tools

This video hits on all my favorite workout and exercise equipment and tools that I use to stay fit and healthy!

Products Mentioned…

Gym Bag: … 425 weitere Wörter


Road Warrior kit v.2018

I’m trying out a new road warrior setup: I’ve got a little Samsung Tab E tablet, with a 4G cell modem, which I paired up with my Logitech K480 Bluetooth keyboard. 474 weitere Wörter


I’m a fan of mindmapping tools in general. One I’ve been using and enjoying lately is MindMup 2. 

Two things I like about it:

  1. It’s simple to modify your mindmaps on the go.
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