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Technical Stuff:

  • Cleanly cuts 336mcm Linnet ACSR and triplex steel messenger cable… noch 456 Wörter
  • Open Source Software Development Tool: Upgrade Progress

    The purpose of this update task is improve capability of the Programmable Software Development Environment to certify that a product is error free and functions according to specification. noch 111 Wörter

    Working At Home

    How to Make a GIF

    Who would have thought anything with the word “lice” in it could be cool and exciting? But there it is. LICEcap has become one of my favorite tools for fun and for work. noch 345 Wörter

    Household Management

    Must-Have Tools and Brushes!

    (And please excuse how much I need to clean these :)

    I am a minimalist. If I don’t have to do something, I don’t do it. noch 974 Wörter

    Beauty Blender

    Having fun with the Kali Docker image.

    Hello folks, thanks for reading this blog post, it’s been a while i must admit, time goes by quite fast. (i had a minor surgery inside my nose so i was out for a couple of weeks) noch 446 Wörter

    Penetration Testing

    What does sun damage look like?

    When you hear the words sun damage, what comes to mind? Burns? Blisters?

    Does this woman look like she has sun damage?

    What if I told you that by using a special UV Camera, you could see this under her skin? noch 92 Wörter