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About Selenium Conference 2015

I didn’t know there was such a thing as a yearly Selenium conference, after all this time implementing a Selenium test automation project at work, until I came across… noch 200 Wörter

Software Tester

Everything you need to know about the Beauty Blender

Today I want to talk a little bit about a certain sponge that has replaced a lot of my regular favourite brushes for the past few months, the perfect tool for applying foundation, blending, concealing and contouring… My… noch 766 Wörter


Managing that Research

Alternate title: Evernote Ever-Useful

One of the handiest tools I’ve come across in my ever-constant struggle to continue being a “productive” person is Evernote. noch 291 Wörter

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Amateur vs. Professional: Is the Only Thing Between Them A Toolbox?

“It’s always been my dirty little secret that I don’t like finagling Adobe’s software. I figured most people would not be able to see me as a professional if I wouldn’t commit to learning how to use the software. noch 585 Wörter

G.U.M hat dies rebloggt auf GUM: Growing Up Millennial.

Hello Fall! More Swaps to Share

Here’s an interesting way to use the Vintage Leaves stamps and coordinating Leaflets Framelits by cutting the leaves out of colored card stock and inserting them into a frame panel on the front of the card. noch 255 Wörter


Medieval woodworking

Last weekend I attended a medieval re-enactment event at Hernen Castle in the Netherlands. It was a gathering of various craft groups from all around the Low Countries. noch 224 Wörter


SQL Server health check using PowerShell and TSQL

I am back with another interesting blog which hopefully the production DBAs would find more useful. We often have the need to capture aggregated data related to SQL Server health which can not only be captured quickly but also be able to customize as per the requirements. noch 692 Wörter

Sql Server