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Download the paramount ancestry DNA test app for android

DNA test is very well-known this time. Intended for this rationale. This meticulous DNA test joke finds your DNA is based on your possess thumb. In view of the fact that DNA ancestry testing is without doubt the fundamental finger scanning android application… 128 weitere Wörter


Tool Wish List

You know Christmas is approaching and currently my primary readers are my friends and family so I’m going to kill two birds with one stone. More traffic to the site and a centralized location for my tool related wish list. 403 weitere Wörter


Simon Quellen Field, CEO of Kinetic MicroScience

Our guest this week is Simon Quellen Field. Simon is a chemist and former Google software engineer and is the author of over a dozen books… 669 weitere Wörter


Using Steel Pens: Part 4 - Ink and Paper

There are three elements of any writing experience.

  1. Pen
  2. Paper
  3. Ink

We’ve covered your pen and holder, but I would be remiss without addressing the issues of ink and paper. 2.183 weitere Wörter


Writing Tips: 9 Steps for Effectively Revising Your Novel | The Creative Penn

Getting out the first draft of your novel might be the hardest thing you ever do. Revising your novel then becomes the most important step toward success after that. 27 weitere Wörter

Guest Poster

your best day in 10 minutes!

Good Morning Bloomers! I am excited to share with you my life-changing new way I start my day. Let’s start by declaring that I am not a morning person. 812 weitere Wörter


Auction Saturday Brookhaven Open 8am Estate Auction 10:00 am 10/21

Estate Auction 10/21 Huge Barns Contents (Open 8 am Auction starts at 10 am)

(The old Brookhaven Nursery now Homestead, just off of Hwy 84 on Hwy 51, look for signs) 6 weitere Wörter