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All those planes in catalogs seemed *so* cheap.

It’s hard not to look at historical catalogs and be in awe at how cheap those planes seem. In an 1894 Sargent catalog, a low-end No.107 block plane sold for $0.60, whilst the highest end plane, whilst the No.1317 with all the bells and whistles sold for $2.05. 187 weitere Wörter


First blog post

Hello, I am one of the team members over here at Pro Handyman Services and I started this Blog area to let you get to know a little about us here and to discuss projects for your home, must have tools, and  general handyman how to’s. 376 weitere Wörter

Surviving in Wilderness [Infographic]

Surviving in the wilderness can be a life changing experience. Having the right gear is important, but you won’t believe what millennials would take.

If you had to take a moment and think, what are the things that you cannot live without? 208 weitere Wörter


The In-Content Email Capture

Let’s say you were reading an article.You’re really into Tim Ferriss’ Slow Carb Diet, and you’re reading about how it all works, but there’s one problem: you aren’t sure how to prepare any of the meals on the approved eating list. 342 weitere Wörter


Finding Archaeological Sites from the sky using high-tech advances in archaeology

In recent months, news feeds have been erupting with stories of „Lost Maya Cities discovered using LiDAR“, „revealing the secrets of Stonehenge using LiDAR“, „LiDAR uncovers ancient city near Angkor Wat“, and the popularity of “space archaeologist” Sarah Parcak, but this technology is not limited to finding the remnants of „lost civilizations“ in far reaching corners of the globe. 365 weitere Wörter