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The New Tools: Unplugging and Making Movies

A new episode of The New Tools is up and this fortnight we’re exploring how to when to throttle back on using tech. We also invited Eric Ensey, a leadership and Humanities teacher at Pine Lake Middle School, to join our discussion of why making movies can be a powerful part of any classroom. noch 33 Wörter


Tools I use to Create my Art

Hello Everyone.
Just another section of what I use to create my Art, and my Photography with. I use digital cameras to take photographs. I use Screen shot tools to fix my photographs. noch 444 Wörter


Reflector tips and tricks every Sitecore Developer should know

In this week whole Sitecore community heard a BIG News that our Sitecore Guru has decided to Bid Farewell to Sitecore community. Whole community was there to wish him luck! noch 547 Wörter

Tips And Tricks

Questing for ultimate GM Screen for RQ6: Ranged Combat Situational Modifiers

In my search for ultimate GM screen for RQ6 I gathered together the ranged combat modifiers into one pager. The pdf exists here

Other charts that might be useful for… noch 8 Wörter


Breakfast #walterscafe #wheresvioletshabanero

I haven’t had this is so long… Best breakfast burrito in town. And they deliver on bicycles.


How To Recover Deleted Files On Android

It is very often observed that data is lost from the Android phones by some or the other means. The data can be deleted intentionally or accidentally, however, the impacts of the data deleted are same. noch 479 Wörter


Good Hair Day

Straighteners come in a ton of different varieties. There are traditional straighteners, ceramic straighteners, travel straighteners, straighteners that curl, etc., etc. I could go on for days. noch 297 Wörter