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3-D Images of Your Book Cover

It’s amazing how fate can sometimes do you a major favor and save you from yourself.  Just the other day, I was mournfully contemplating how I was probably going to have to end up paying for a 3-D rendering of my book cover, when I came a site created by Derek Murphy.   375 weitere Wörter


Review: Chibitronics Love to Code Creative Coding Kit

Making Paper Circuits with Chibi Stickers

I’ve been a fan of Chibitronics since I learned that these sweet little circuit stickers existed! In 2015, I learned a lot about circuits alongside my… 1.384 weitere Wörter


practice makes perfect

While the DH just bought an electric powered Traeger pellet smoker, I’m still working with my „alternatives“.  And just ordered a 400w Goal Zero so I have a portable unit for keeping my Trike charged on the road, and for other portable needs. 375 weitere Wörter


Chrome tips/Favorite coffee maker/Repair holes in shirts

Chrome tips
Title of this article says it all: 27 useful things you didn’t know the Chrome browser could do. Pretty neat. — KK

My favorite coffee maker… 415 weitere Wörter


Paint Roller Cleaner

This is the best way I have found to clean paint rollers.

After squeezing and/or scraping as much paint out of the fur of the roller as possible, it only takes the Roller Washer about a minute or two to blast water deep into the roller and rinse away the remaining… 62 weitere Wörter


Having fun with iMovie

There was an iMovie workshop on the Island, and after learning about KineMaster I had to go along to check it out. It was so much fun, watch the   131 weitere Wörter