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Audit Your Success Path with these 5 Questions

Your success is the purpose of this blog.

Those who have been on their own success path for a while know there is a point where stopping to review, assess, and align is key to re-clearing the path that leads to  your final vision. noch 291 Wörter


Notes from Rob Lambert's "Remaining Relevant and Employable in a Changing World"

Here’s one thing about software testing: it is a specialization that’s tough to pursue as a long-term career. It is difficult to know if you’ve become someone that’s remarkable at it. noch 355 Wörter

Software Tester

Grant the Tool Man

Every kid has their obsessions. For Grant he can get fixated on a toy or a book and want to do nothing else for anywhere from 10 minutes to a day or two. noch 167 Wörter

DIY Project

Preview of my Latest Project: Trash into Treasure

I am nearly finished with this latest project. It isn’t as creative in form as some others, but rather in choice of materials.

Here are a few photos showing the transformation of a piece of trash that was given to us for free into something personal and useful. noch 22 Wörter


What printer and paper do I use for my printable activities?

The reason for this blog post is to familiarise you with the type of printer, paper and laminator I use for our printable activities. I have had a number of people asking me the above and I thought I may as well put all the details together in one post. noch 781 Wörter