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Takeaways From Godjko Adzic & David Evan's "50 Quick Ideas To Improve Your User Stories"

Actively seeking and reading interesting blogs related to the work that I do leads me to interesting places. This time around, I ended up purchasing a copy of Godjko Adzic & David Evan’s  noch 416 Wörter

Software Tester

Tools to Improve Accuracy

As Guenther Woodworking continues to grow I’ve been fortunate to be able to add new tooling to the workflow that increase capabilities, speed, and accuracy. noch 319 Wörter

Recent Work

What’s Your Game Face?

By: Kristi Spargo

I believe that the ability to maintain neutrality on your face regardless of whatever emotion is being felt is an under-recognized valuable skill in the professional world.  noch 462 Wörter

Association Management

Work on your piping skills with Chef Scott Green!

With the long Easter weekend ahead that means you’ll have an extra day to get those piping skills perfected. With the help of Chef Scott Green and Thermohauser baking tools, you can spend the weekend decorating a beautiful Easter cake! noch 35 Wörter


Where's your energy come from?

While reading an article on renewable energy sources in Texas I clicked on a link and it took me to the “U.S. Energy Mapping System,” a cool interactive map showing power plants, wind farms, pipelines, transmission lines and lots of other interesting information about energy infrastructure in the USA. noch 12 Wörter


Generating Value by Creating a SIPOC

by Rod Baxter, Principal, Value Generation Partners

When you hear the term SIPOC, you might think the discussion is related to a Saturday morning cartoon or an alien monster! noch 446 Wörter

Operational Excellence