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Beard Comb vs. Beard Brush

Don’t know what to buy when it comes to grooming your beard……a comb or a brush? Well first of all, you need to know what each tool does. 141 weitere Wörter


Compiler Enforced Normalization

Ever had a bug caused by forgetting to enforce a constraint on your data? It’s better to avoid those by changing your representation so that all possible values are meaningful. 264 weitere Wörter

Bug Catching

RYM 12 Week Challenge: Week 3

We are already beginning week three of our „Renewing the Mind Intensive“ Challenge. I want to encourage you to continue renewing your mind each day. 1.098 weitere Wörter


Digital Tools- Voice Activated Assistants

Does the Voice Activated Assistant have a place in the business?   Yes it does. There are lots of voice activated assistants available to help us with our daily tasks. 550 weitere Wörter


Why It Pays to Bat Your Eyelashes

Deemed the “Mascara of the Future” by Dermascope magazine, eyelash extensions remain an enviable skill and service to provide for the customer loyalty and high profit margin they offer industry professionals. 423 weitere Wörter


Evolution of Automation: A Technist Perspective

A previous article of mine laid out the basics of my theory on the different grades of automation and technology at large. A topic as complex as this one (no pun intended!) requires  7.918 weitere Wörter