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@CassellsBurger #DateNight #KTOWN

I’ve been wanting to come here for the longest time. There are very few places that exceed my expection when I do finally get to try it. noch 207 Wörter


CookSmarts, A Review

So, I just completed a three-month run of this program called CookSmarts, a service that puts together weekly menus with recipes and grocery lists. I found out about it through a blog on MyFitnessPal and decided to sign up the day after Thanksgiving with a Black Friday special – 3 months worth of recipes and meal planning for only $12.60. noch 1.019 Wörter


Basking in the Sunshine

The plus side of the cold temperatures lately has been beautiful clear sunny skies.  I propped up this cherry bowl in the window to bask in the sunshine and help along the curing of the flax oil.   noch 198 Wörter

Saw Bench Update

I worked on the bench a little more last weekend and have already put it to work over the last few evenings for some small projects.  noch 133 Wörter


Two Simple But Very Useful Tools for the Artist

My life as an artist consists mainly of three parts. They are: painting, doing research and seeking inspiration through other art works. Today, I am going to share information about inspiration. noch 859 Wörter


@Chipotletweets #Lunchtime

I’ve been obsessed with Chipotle lately. And yes, I can finish the whole fat burrito in one sitting.

My adds include: steak, white rice, lettuce, red salsa, corn, sour cream. noch 15 Wörter