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The Thing

Producer Howard Hawks in a script conference for The Thing (1950) including Kenneth Tobey.  Director Christian Nyby may be seated with his back to the camera.

Howard Hawks

Steph Curry Is Not Very Good At Mario Kart


Things Golden State superstar Steph Curry is good at include basketball and golf. Things Golden State superstar Steph Curry is not good at include… 161 weitere Wörter


Your Uncle Who Worked At Nintendo Still Had To Pay For His Games


Even if someone’s uncle really did work at Nintendo, guess what: he probably didn’t get that kid down the street a copy of Mario for free. 188 weitere Wörter


The disruption of future media is already happening


Disruption is a word that nowadays almost carries little meaning. Disruptive technologies and innovations seem to happen every other day, provided that one is willing to believe what many in the tech industry are trying to promote. 714 weitere Wörter


Gaming with Cardboard Has Become a Thing with Nintendo’s New Labo


January 22, 2018

A new gaming sensation is in town, and nope, it doesn’t involve the latest and greatest in tech. In fact, it barely even approaches that realm. 299 weitere Wörter


Five Reasons To Wear The Same Thing Every Day


A few years ago, I began to intentionally wear the same outfit every day—a dark grey T-shirt and khaki pants. At first, I tried it just as a one week experiment. 467 weitere Wörter

Money Matters

102. Satan-ising Children

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The Laws of God

King of kings‘ Bible

Leviticus (3rd Book of The Laws of God) 11:43 Ye shall… 348 weitere Wörter