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What's the most important thing in life?

This question is misleading (perhaps even wrong) because it’s not specific enough. The way it’s phrased, it can’t be answered. Why? Because it’s missing a word in between ‚in‘ and ‚life‘. 218 weitere Wörter


Battlegrounds Lag Leads To Massive Fistfight


Josh Wittmann was playing a game of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds the other day when server lag struck, stranding all 100 players on the plane before they were forcibly ejected, landing everyone at the same location. 42 weitere Wörter


Hack Your Morning: 7 Ways To Get The Day Off To A Great Start


There’s a reason so many movies start with a montage that could be titled “main character oversleeps.”

Those precious first minutes, often called the most important of the day, have the power to set the tone for the ensuing 15 hours—for better or for worse.  742 weitere Wörter

Money Matters

Map: The Most Hated Random Thing In Every State

A new study found the most hated random thing in every state.

There’s a dating app called Hater that matches people up by what they HATE. 79 weitere Wörter


Take time to get to know neighbours


While many of us speak of the „kampung spirit“, it seems that having a close relationship with our neighbours is not common (S’poreans prefer privacy to mingling with neighbours: Poll; June 28). 158 weitere Wörter

Current Affairs

The Worst Way To Meet Miyamoto


Photo: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

For a certain type of video game enthusiast, getting to meet Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto is the ultimate dream. You rehearse in your head what you’re going to say. 495 weitere Wörter