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Reboot 3.5

OK. I thought three reboots would be plenty! However, a beautiful and thoughtful and very connected friend had a great point.

As our energy/beliefs/feelings/understandings shift and change to allow for more soul energy to directly flow in, our bodies are likely to process differently. noch 421 Wörter

Theta Musings

Teaching "th" sounds (theta and eth) + a card game

When I start my pronunciation unit on the „th“ sounds, half of my class sounds like snakes and bees.

That’s because many languages don’t have theta (/θ/) or eth (/ð/) sounds, so those sounds come out as /s/ and /z/ respectively. noch 988 Wörter


Reboot 3.0

So, did you check out Reboot and Reboot 2.0? If so and you’re reading this, you’re ready for Reboot 3.0 otherwise known as Awesome Expansion and Soul Connection 3.0! noch 913 Wörter

Theta Musings

Reboot 2.0

Here is the next step related to yesterday’s post „Reboot„.

For those of you who have an established connection to Source, reboot your DNA, your cells, your body parts, your body organs, your body systems, your subconscious mind, your ego, your conscious mind, and all parts of you – all in harmony and balance, instantly, fully aligned with Source, and only for the highest and best. noch 136 Wörter

Theta Musings


When was the last time you did an internal reboot? Have you ever done one? Change happens. As change happens, if your internal dialogue stays the same and it is in conflict with the change, it can cause “corruption”. noch 648 Wörter

Theta Musings

Freshman. Not a 1st Year.

My Theta sister, Wyatt, and I kiting it out as coaches at our 2016 KATS with Bats philanthropy event. So proud of our team, Ridhim & Co. noch 953 Wörter