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Om Grinihi Suryaya Adityom

This is a Sanskrit chant I recorded using my voice, crystal singing bowls and deep alpha/theta binaural beats. For those of you interested in what binaural beats are I direct you to this wikipedia page… noch 7 Wörter

Sound Therapy

Seattle Downton Bus Tunnel -360 pic

Took my new Ricoh Theta S for a spin over the weekend and capture some pics and videos. Here’s a quick pic of the Seattle Downtown Bus Tunnel near Benaroya Hall. noch 11 Wörter


Beliefs and Disorders and Diseases

It is important as you progress in your understanding of the relationship between beliefs and disorders and diseases, that you remember that those identified relationships are guidelines only. noch 602 Wörter

Theta Musings

Choice – Fear vs. Desire

Yesterday I was encouraged by Spirit to post a message on social media for someone who needed it. It was related to feeling obligated and resentful about decisions pertaining to family. noch 812 Wörter

Theta Musings


All the rage, all the buzz, is about living an authentic life. But, what does that really mean? Different people have different interpretations about how that should look and what it really means. noch 549 Wörter

Theta Musings

Vandaag op pad met de Ricoh Theta S.

Gisteren had ik de Ricoh Theta S al binnengekregen van , maar vandaag heb ik echt even wat foto’s gemaakt. Het huis van vriend Richard leende zich er goed voor want ik heb nieuwe foto’s gemaakt voor hun presentatie op Funda. noch 80 Wörter

The Beauty of Savasana

It’s almost a bit of a joke when someone says that their favourite yoga pose is savasana, or that it is the one they find the most difficult… Little chuckles follow this statement, but never in cruelty… always laughter because it can be so, so true… noch 331 Wörter