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Panoramic Kuranda Skyrail

The Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, also known as the Kuranda Skyrail, is billed as Australia’s Best Major Tourist Attraction and has the intriguing tagline „The World’s Most Beautiful Rainforest Experience“. 152 weitere Wörter


Review: Theta by Lizzy Ford!

*ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
I’ve been dying to read this magnificent beauty of a book ever since I finished Omega on August of last year!! 576 weitere Wörter


One-Click 360

We humans are limited in how much we see through our limited field of view. This is reflected in the technology we’ve created through history – binoculars, traditional cameras, telescopes. 701 weitere Wörter


Enough - Is It Really?

Words are so interesting! Take the word “enough”. Most people associate “enough” with having a satisfactory amount, but not all that is desired. It’s adequate, but not enough! 492 weitere Wörter

Theta Musings

Miracle Money from Reverend Tom Cruise!

„I want you to reach out and touch your hand to mine as a point of Theta contact,“ said Reverend Tom Cruise on the first annual… 132 weitere Wörter

Church Of Scientology

What Defines Me?

So….. here’s a great belief(s) to clear…

„I allow my past failures to govern/direct/define/create/limit/dictate/etc. my future success.“

We tend to judge and critique our „failures“ (in quotes because, in the expanded view, there are no failures) and take them on as defining who we are as a person. 378 weitere Wörter

Theta Musings

Meet The Greeks

In options trading, you may notice the use of certain Greek alphabets when describing risks associated with various positions. They are known as „The Greeks“ and here, in this article, we shall discuss the four most commonly used ones. 968 weitere Wörter