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Game Ai La Trieu Phu Mien Phi Online Theta

Game ai la trieu phu mien phi online theta

Game Ai la trieu phu Click Chơi Game Ai là triệu phú hay nhất Online. Game hay 24h , game vui , game mini | choi game online trung thuong Chơi game ai là triệu phú Online Offline miễn phí Home; Menu. 582 weitere Wörter

And it was all yellow.

Here I am. To profess my love for the color that is yellow. I just think there’s something so fabulous about this color (Also I may be writing this post while listening to Coldplay’s Yellow…but I promise I’m fine). 122 weitere Wörter

San Francisco

Power – Who Deserves Mine? 

OK here we go… this is HUGE. Are you ready?

Anyone reading this has probably already heard about “giving away your power” and how you should “stop it!”. 1.711 weitere Wörter

Theta Musings

What’s Up Doc?

It feels like collectively we are being asked to take a moment and BREATHE. Polarity and duality are becoming more noticeable to everyone now. And, it’s not always showing up in the most comfortable of ways. 694 weitere Wörter

Theta Musings

Parameters vs. Boundaries

If you’re reading this, you are aware of etheric boundaries. Many spiritual traditions talk about them and how to set them up so that you don’t take on the energy of others and energy that is harmful to you. 683 weitere Wörter

Theta Musings

IV: Ricoh Theta S - The Imperfect Blossom

There is a line from the movie „The Last Sumarai,“ in which Katsumoto states „The perfect blossom is a rare thing. You could spend your life looking for one, and it would not be a wasted life.“ I find myself thinking about how that applies to photography as well. 621 weitere Wörter

New 4k Ricoh Theta & Go Pro 5.2k Spherical Announced 

Exciting times for 360 lovers. Ricoh just announced that it will be showcasing a prototype of its Ricoh Theta with 4K video (at 30fps) and 4K live streaming at NAB Show 2017!   75 weitere Wörter

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