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Neurofeedback as a medium of digital portraiture

I wanted to share this photo again as I particularly like this mediation of my artwork ‚The Phrontesterion‘ –  it captures the essence of biofeedback / neurofeedback in a digitally enabled and augmented portraiture medium, with a nod to the classic genres in painting, sculpture and observation / witness / patient ( by the next participant waiting in the wings ) We the audience witness the fleeting changes from Beta, Alpha and Theta into Hypnagogic brainwaves undulate on a screen, as the percipient, the solo audience member being monitored engages in a discrete interaction with the sound of their own thoughts, frontal lobe decisions and potential surreal reveries sonified ! 35 weitere Wörter

Science And Art

Scientology & Disconnection

The Church of Scientology is pleased to announce its newest venture: Theta Movers. This full service moving company is here to service all your moving needs when OSA has ordered you to move far away from neighboring SP’s, particularly when these SP’s are family who want to stop your Bridge progress. 352 weitere Wörter



.. as an inspired form of giving, love breathes life into the heart and brings grace to the soul.

Aquatic Healing, Yoga, Wataflow, Yogapurna, Delfinaflow

Beijing in the round

While in Beijing taking spherical reference snapshots for an AR project with my trusty Ricoh Theta, it occurred to me that the „flatties“ could serve as templates for 360-degree hutong doodles. 18 weitere Wörter


July 4th Message

As you celebrate Independence Day for our country (those in the U.S. and your own version wherever you are), take a moment to celebrate your own personal independence. 439 weitere Wörter

Theta Musings

The Phrontesterion : inside an installation steered by your brainwaves

See and head the outcomes here as 10 minutes is compressed to 1 minute 43 seconds, all sounds are triggered by EEG and all Entoptic and Phosphene ephemeral visuals are experienced by the percipient in the dentist chair, behind closed eyelids. 189 weitere Wörter

Science And Art

Holding Space or the Path Less Traveled

Today, I got some great news! A friend of mine wanted a new living space and had found the one she wanted. However, someone else had already reserved it. 516 weitere Wörter

Theta Musings