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TONIGHT! Watch Going Clear on HBO 8PM

Oh, I’m so excited. Going Clear will be airing tonight, March 29th, 8PM on HBO.

Practice what you preach 

it’s unvelievable! How the resistance of those around me to practice my path has dropped off like hot potatoes. Pleasantly surprised yet again!!! 💃

My mom asked me today if I could do “whatever theta thing I do” for her :) oh yeah! noch 61 Wörter


How I found myself

It’s been a year now, since I was introduced to Theta healing. When I look back at the last one year, I am amazed at what an incredible journey it has been. noch 477 Wörter


Business Life vs. Personal Life On the Spiritual Path

It seems that a lot of people are having conflicting beliefs related to who they believe themselves to be in their personal lives vs. who they believe themselves to be in their work lives. noch 532 Wörter

Theta Musings

Theta Data II Universal Transport

Theta Digital DATA II Universal Transport – now available. Solid-built, audiophile quality. Excellent condition. Transport only, requires external digital-to-analog convertor. Please contact for details and availability. Thanks, ~L

Go round or be square

Ricoh notes its Theta spherical camera has been recommended by YouTube for the creation of 360 degree spherical video.

The Theta m15 records HD spherical video, at 15 frames per second, with clips up to three minutes in length. noch 29 Wörter