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I AM _________

We frequently communicate with others by saying “I am _____”. We think nothing of it. However, your subconscious is cataloguing it all. On some level, you are making an identification of who you think you are. noch 343 Wörter

Theta Musings

You're invited to THETA 2015

The Organising Committee of THETA 2015 are excited to invite you to sub-tropical Gold Coast, Queensland for the THETA 2015 Conference ‘Create, connect, consume – innovating today for tomorrow’.   noch 242 Wörter


Etheric Doors

We have come to consider walking through a door to be the opening to a “new” place. This has easily transferred to the spiritual where people talk about opening a new door or going through a door to open a new spiritual pathway or some new understanding. noch 323 Wörter

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What Just Happened?

Have you been feeling that you are being bombarded with things happening in your life that aren’t going as you’d like or as you’d planned? Many people have been feeling that way! noch 1.002 Wörter

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How to Shift Negative Thinking Instantaneously!

Therapists have used something called the Scale of Emotions for years to help their clients lift the veil of depression. The Scale of Emotions is a list of emotions going from love at top to fear at the bottom. noch 653 Wörter

Theta Musings

Päästä aivosi tanssimaan sen kaikkiin ihaniin rytmeihin!

Jotta ymmärtää luovaa tietoisuustaitoa, sellaista kuin esimerkiksi Sisäinen teatteri on, täytyy ymmärtää aivojen erilaisia rytmejä. En rupea tässä nyt sen tarkemmin selittelemään niitä, vaan pistän tähän yhden kuvan, josta selviää jo paljon aivojen eri taajuuksien olemuksesta. noch 503 Wörter

Senior Saturday: Rezzan Hekmat and Katrina Barnett

Rezzan is a Biology major from Nashville, Tennessee. She has contributed greatly to our sisterhood with her gorgeous smile and wise soul. When talking about her college journey, Rezzan urges us that “balance is the key to everything” and working diligently in school is most important. noch 117 Wörter