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Finance Dummies Series: Options (Part 4)


In our last article, we covered the Greek delta, which helps estimate how sensitive your option is to changes in price of the underlying stock. noch 510 Wörter

Money Matters

Miracle Money from Reverend Tom Cruise!

„I want you to reach out and touch your hand to mine as a point of Theta contact,“ said Reverend Tom Cruise on the first annual… noch 132 Wörter


What Defines Me?

So….. here’s a great belief(s) to clear…

„I allow my past failures to govern/direct/define/create/limit/dictate/etc. my future success.“

We tend to judge and critique our „failures“ (in quotes because, in the expanded view, there are no failures) and take them on as defining who we are as a person. noch 378 Wörter

Theta Musings

Meet The Greeks

In options trading, you may notice the use of certain Greek alphabets when describing risks associated with various positions. They are known as „The Greeks“ and here, in this article, we shall discuss the four most commonly used ones. noch 968 Wörter


Surf Series

Date: 06/24/2016
Duration: 2:00:00 (Approximate)
Category: Meditation Music, Sleep Music
Brainwaves: Alpha, Theta, Delta

While I frequently test new binaural beat tone sets on myself, I’ve never officially released any of them. noch 545 Wörter


Creator, Line One!

A day or so ago, a friend texted me that she had her phone in her purse and Vianna’s ThetaHealing® Meditation kept coming on without her touching it. noch 615 Wörter

Theta Musings