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Day 321

365-day music challenge: Day 321/365 – A song you like that begins with the letter R.


Day 307

365-day music challenge: Day 307/365 – A song you like that begins with the letter N.

I just love this band so much. They are absolutely perfect in my eyes. noch 20 Wörter


Snack per audiofagi... Them Crooked Vultures - live Rockpalast 2009 - IVANO ROSSATO

Che li si adori, li si voglia vedere morti o li si ignori completamente, Dave Grohl e Josh Homme sono fra gli artisti più interessanti, e per certi versi influenti, che gli Stati Uniti abbiano offerto negli ultimi decenni. noch 171 Wörter


Them Crooked Vultures (Them Crooked Vultures, 2009)

It’s hard to imagine that a supergroup like this could do something dull (although there are several examples of a total miss in similar attempts). And they sure didn’t. noch 109 Wörter


Lonesome Noise Radio: 9/15/15

By: Christopher Aloysius Mariotti

Archive – Listen Now!
Tuesday, September 15
10pm-11ish EST

After being away the past couple weeks, I’m incredibly amped to be back with some songs for you. noch 111 Wörter

CT Local

Day 251

365-day music challenge: Day 251/365 – A song you like that starts with the letter G.

Man, this is a great song. I knew immediately that I wanted to pick this one. noch 226 Wörter