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Them Crooked Vultures - Nobody Loves Me & Neither Do I

Band:  Them Crooked Vultures
Genre:  Blues Rock
Language:  Mild

Supergroups are interesting things.  Sometimes they’re amazing gifts of music, other times they are just kinda overrated.   54 weitere Wörter


Album Reviews-Brand New x Them Crooked Vultures

Cameron: Hello Alex and hello readers. Today we’re bringing back a format we used once before on this blog over a year ago. In that post we discussed two albums that we had recommended to each other that the other person had never heard before. 2.695 weitere Wörter


It's all about the 'Supergroup'

Since I’ve just managed to bag tickets for probably one of my favourite super-groups around (The Last Shadow Puppets), I thought I would take a look at what exactly it is that defines a super-group. 307 weitere Wörter


Them Crooked Vultures - Caligulove #nowplaying

I’ve stumbled into Them Crooked Vultures territory and now I can’t leave…

Meanwhile, I’m wondering whether I should put together a blogging event of sorts. Might be fun… might be a flop (as anything I organise tends to be!). 10 weitere Wörter


Happy Birthday, John Paul Jones

Happy 70th birthday to John Paul Jones.

„Elephants“ live

„Ramble On“

Add your favorite JPJ songs, links, and stories in the comments.