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The Healing Power of Pop-Star Demons: An Appreciation of “Brimstone and Treacle”

As you all know, I really do like to write my long-form movie appreciations on this here blog, but also as you know, I sometimes get so busy with all my other projects that my long posts kinda fall by the wayside. 1.986 weitere Wörter

General Horror Stuff

Girl Printed Out All The Mean Subtweets Her Roommate Made About Her, Now The Police Are Involved

College can become one big blur after a while, but the vast majority of us probably remember our freshman* dorm room and our freshman roommate. Sometimes this person (or these people, in my quad room) can become close friends, sometimes you are cordial and never see each other, and sometimes they are roommates from hell. 278 weitere Wörter

Every Little Thing

Maybe you are hearing the same song I am, don’t get too engrossed I intend to direct you away from the Police to a loving Father for at least a little while but hopefully longer. 351 weitere Wörter


Second-hand vinyl: bagging a bargain with The Police

Last Monday I found myself with a little spare time in Bath. For me, this means time to browse the charity shops, searching for second-hand goodies. 317 weitere Wörter

Charity Shops

80s Song of the Day: Don't Stand So Close to Me by The Police

Her friends are so jealous
You know how bad girls get
Sometimes it’s not so easy
To be the teacher’s pet

Don’t Stand So Close… 80 weitere Wörter