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Has Frito Lay considered suing Trump for infringing their intellectual property? Surely the makers of Cheetos has trademarked that shade of orange.


I find the best music to listen to while running is from the late 70s/early 80s. 129 weitere Wörter

A Short Sighted Police Officer Called Mia

A short sighted police officer called Mia
Arrested a young lady named Tia.
On taking another look,
She said “I mistook
You for my nemesis Maria!”


80s Song Of The Day: 'Every Breath You Take' - The Police

„Since you’ve gone I’ve been lost without a trace

I dream at night, I can only see your face“

Every Breath You Take by The Police was released on May 20, 1983, with Murder by Numbers as t… 15 weitere Wörter


Tomen todo mi dinero: ¡Sting en México!

¿Alguien me quiere decir de donde voy a sacar tanto dinero? ¿Acaso el dinero cae del cielo? ¿Alguien regala los boletos? ¿Cuanto valdrá mi riñón?   98 weitere Wörter


murder by numbers

/// unnecessarily convoluted script lessens the fun to be had here

Mind-the-Blanks 1

. . . a story to play with–the story emerges from what the reader’s mind does with the blanks when the reader is reading. No rules–it’s playtime. 364 weitere Wörter