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The Police - Regatta de Blanc

ARTIST: The Police           

TITLE:  Regatta de Blanc



SINGLES: Message in a Bottle (#74 US, #1 UK), Walking on the Boon (#1 UK), Bring on the Night… noch 296 Wörter

Grade: A

Sing Street

In the Clapperboard Chatter inbox today we were graced with an email via Lionsgate for the upcoming, ‚Sing Street‘. A film about a young boy having to leave his private school to join an inner city school, where a young lady catches his eye leading him to start a band to woo her. noch 246 Wörter

Boogie Nights

I want to tell you about the conversation I had once with Davy Jones.

Which Davy Jones, you might ask. Why, the lead singer for The Monkees, I would reply. noch 725 Wörter


The Chain #5

Afternoon, link fans!

Happy to report that a steady number of suggestions to follow Lynyrd Skynyrd’s „Sweet Home Alabama“ were received this week (by which I mean the same as last week: two), both of which take us in directions I anticipated, albeit not the tunes I expected. noch 985 Wörter

The Chain

First post

I think the title of the post pretty much says what it is.

I’ve decided to try my hand at jotting down some thoughts on the creative medium I enjoy most – music. noch 386 Wörter


When There Is No More Room In Court, The Misfits Will Reunite

Original recipe Misfits Jerry Only and Glenn Danzig, 1979. Photog unknown.

In not very surprising news considering the recent past, founding Misfits Jerry Only and Glenn Danzig have announced they will take the stage with Jerry’s brother Doyle and a drummer to be named later for several performances as „The Original Misfits“ at 2016’s… noch 255 Wörter

Shit That Can't Be Real Yet Somehow Is