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Kevés olyan szerény, jámbor, jószívű és megfelelően kalinzolt ember létezik eme óriási ősmagyar világon, mint Fullánk, a hírös-becsös kenézpallos, bugatáltos vitézdalnok, aki nemcsak természete, briliáns elméje révén, hanem vére szerint is igaz hun-szkíta-sumer betyárlegény. noch 481 Wörter

Híres Magyarok

"down in the park" - tubeway army (1979)

Dystopias in art are really interesting to me. Especially when they are set in the near future with familiar elements that exist in the here and now. noch 978 Wörter

Thinking Out Loud - A Valentine's Day Playlist

If you’ve read this space more than once, you’ll know music rules my life in so many ways. The one aspect of my existence that doesn’t get a lot of run for tunes is luuuuuvvvvv or love. noch 417 Wörter


And now I'm really feeling alright

Yesterday’s keywords: Awakening Your True Self

This goes in accordance with my own observations. I haven’t really been myself for a long time, though this is thankfully finally reversing. noch 833 Wörter

On The Brighter Side

Every Breath I Take

I’m not sure whether you will find this song a little tiresome. I just like the music.