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Hello lovelies,

This past week has been one of reflection. My family and I went on a quick family holiday, which is a first for us believe it or not and while the kids (and the husband) are all exhausted from spending time at the beach, I find myself sitting on the balcony of the hotel apartment, my mind constantly working. noch 595 Wörter


UPDATE! Tulsa shooting of Eric Harris - Robert Bates's training records falsified?

I have talked about a case from Tulsa, US where Eric Harris, a police suspect, was shot by a volunteer reserve officer. For more details you can… noch 408 Wörter

The United States


O som do dia 17 de Abril de 2015 fica por conta do The Police. A banda londrina formada por Sting (vocal e baixo), Andy Summers (Guitarra) e Stewart Copeland (Bateria) está fora da ativa desde o ano de 2008, mas ainda assim é considerada uma das mais importantes e expressivas no mundo da música. noch 227 Wörter


Brand new Spurts: Staying at the Ritz, hair dye, and falling down the stairs

April 17, 2015

By Ekta R. Garg

Enjoy these Spurts from the last two weeks, readers!

Our local park district is holding an art contest for anyone in the area who wants to enter, and both kids created pictures especially for the contest. noch 868 Wörter