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There's a Little Black Spot on the Sun Today... (That's My Soul Up There....)

For me this is probably the most “moving” and beautiful Police song… Now arguably I also think that it is performed better by Alanis Morisette… Just Sayin… … noch 450 Wörter


More about marital rape


When I first started writing about marital rape back in 2009 I couldn’t have anticipated that it would become one of the key issues to bring people to this blog.  noch 1.297 Wörter


America's choice: stop the killing or have a revolution

Racism Has No Place in Law Enforcement or Anywhere Else

by Rev. Paul J. Bern

I once saw a one-hour documentary on cable TV that was all about neo-Nazi skinheads, their swastika tattoos, and how they are organized into gangs that operate outside the law. noch 1.733 Wörter

Progressive Christian


聰叔叔:  聰叔叔與炯叔叔温叔叔識於微時,一起吃喝玩樂多年。中學後分道揚鑣勇闖美國加拿大英國,廿年後再聚首一堂。喜歡懷舊,但也樂於接受新事物;喜歡80年代音樂,但也不抗拒新時代音樂,因為不想變成一件老餅。

前陣子在網上看到一個有趣的黑白MV,名為<Christopher G. Brown’s Teletubbies>,其實是把一些舊的Teletubbies 片段變成黑白,並配上Joy Division的”Atmosphere”為背景音樂。這樣的處理把原本色彩繽紛和活潑的”天綫得得B”變得怪誕詭異、陰沉迷離,有點令人不寒而慄的感覺,以為自己在看希治閣。當然,黑白並不一定代表古怪,事實上另一方面很多人利用黑白影像來營造復古典雅的味道。跟黑白照片或電影一樣,黑白MV帶出一種不一樣的氣氛、不一樣的質感。


  1. It Didn’t Matter – Style Council  (1987)

這是一個很簡單但好看的MV。吸引我的並不落在Paul Weller或Mick Talbot身上,而是在搶鏡非常的女和音Dee C. Lee : 不拘小節地”un”腳、全程統一的幾下簡單舞步、中段突出的幾句solo。Dee C. noch 293 Wörter


The Police - Every Breath You Take 7" (U.S. Pressing)

The Police have released many singles over the years, with some getting both a 7″ and 12″ pressing. All of their singles have pressings from multiple countries. noch 405 Wörter


Sandra Bland: When Conspiracy Theorists Strike A Chord

It’s hard to look at Sandra Bland’s lifeless eyes and stony expression in her mugshot and not believe the conspiracy theorists who claim that what we’re actually seeing is a dead Sandra Bland… noch 396 Wörter