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Artist Blog Spot 5 (The Police)

Artist: The Police

A Little About The Police

The Police was a three-piece British pop band, which was strongly influenced by reggae, and came to prominence in the wake of the punk rock phenomenon. noch 1.076 Wörter



Every promise you break

Every orgasm I fake

Every morning you wake

I’ll be watching you

ADULT Fantasy

What band from the past do you wish was in it's prime now?

It’s kind of a silly premise, I mean if you like the band or artist, you already have all their stuff to listen to? Chances are, they are probably touring. noch 416 Wörter


EP Review: Parasites by The Decoy

Welsh hard rock trio The Decoy release their new EP Parasites on the 25th May. It’s a blistering four track EP full of funky melodic basslines, thumping riffs, a huge amount of noise and above all, fun. noch 191 Wörter


Reading Between the Lines: The True Meaning Behind the Misunderstood Classics

Over the years many famous songs seem to have lost their initial meaning and the interpretation that listeners have of the lyric and what the writer has written are sometimes polar opposites. noch 675 Wörter