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Uniformed Services

So you know about my campaign to thank uniformed services well today I had the chance to put it into practice.

Today is the adult Nottinghill carnival and our street is flooded with the uniformed services. 316 weitere Wörter


Sub-atomic laws, scientific pause...Synchronicity (I)!


The title of this post is taken from the lyrics to „Synchronicity I“, by  The Police from their 1983 release „Synchronicity.“ 232 weitere Wörter


Dream (7/6/16): Roxanne is Part of the Bourgeoisie Bible

In this dream I was in a garage band, and we were playing music at my grandparents old house.

(source: Ozone Ferd | CC) 53 weitere Wörter

80's Mania Mondays: When You Find Your Servant Is Your Master

I just finished watching the Summer Olympic Games, and there were two well-known athletes who stated that these would be their last Olympics. Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps were already well-decorated Olympians before these games; by the time they ended both were considered all-time greats in their respective sports. 462 weitere Wörter