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The Fall - Hit The North

The Fall spent 3 weeks at UK#57 with this one, which is as high as it reached in the chart.

It was their 3rd of 16 top 75 hits from ’86-’04, and would spend one more week on chart.

my cat says eeeee-ack

Brix & The Extricated - Part 2

Brix & The Extricated
Part 2
Release Date: 22nd September 2017

After The Fall, here is Part 2 of it all. Brix Smith was a long stay of the band, adding a contrast to the shouts of Mark E Smith, and it’s about time she went out with her own band to bring that flavour back. 210 weitere Wörter


In Mary's Heart

A week after His birth, Mary held her child and thought about the events from the angel’s first visit up until now. So many miracles, wonders, signs and other amazement that no one had ever witnessed before. 83 weitere Wörter

Biblical History

Taking their post

The number of people coming to see the boy and worship him increased daily.

The shepherds had told everyone they met, neighbors too, and those people upon seeing him told still more. 83 weitere Wörter

Biblical History

Universal gift

The destruction of Babel had been intended to protect the rest of Creation from mankind’s poisonous sin. But all the living creatures God had Created had free will and it didn’t take long for Lucifer and his followers to spread their lies beyond earth to the three other worlds of Creation. 54 weitere Wörter

Biblical History

Was Scarcity the result of the Fall? (Gen. 3:17-19)

Was scarcity the result of the Fall? Gary North gives the arguments for both sides, favoring (rightly, in my view) the negative side:

Was scarcity the product of rebellion? 385 weitere Wörter


Shepherds visit

Gabriel watched the shepherds as they entered the stable and began to worship Christ. They still didn’t understand, humans seemed to have trouble understanding that the Kingdom’s power didn’t come from military strength and wealth but from humility, love, grace, and compassion. 115 weitere Wörter

Biblical History