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It's All God's Fault

Ok Yahweh, I’m tired of you trying to weasel out of things. Quit acting like a child and come down here and own up to what you did! noch 209 Wörter


[NB] Demonic Mimesis

Yesterday was a good day in numerous small ways and one of them was following a little nudge to wander by the library. I walk by the new books shelf and the first thing I see is Divine Scapegoats: Demonic Mimesis in Early Jewish Mysticism by Andrei A. noch 852 Wörter

Rethinking Old Ideas

Blown Away

Stick around me long enough, and you’ll figure out that I have an addictive personality.

Not addictive like you need to be around me because you love me a ton, but like that I tend to get addicted to things really easily and go through many phases of addiction. noch 657 Wörter


Friday Highlights 131!

The Fall is a series I picked up this week and literally had to stop watching in between to avoid my mind going into full-on paranoia mode. noch 645 Wörter

Jackie Jones

News: The Fall coming to Xbox One and PS4

Developer Over the Moon Games have announced that their episode sic-fi puzzle platformer will be releasing on Xbox One and in the not too far distant future. noch 162 Wörter


Why it's impossible to argue that God is immoral

God’s morality can be evaluated in two ways that I see: either one can assume that God exists and judge God according to the Book one accepts and what they believe It created, else God can be assumed to be nothing more than the work of fiction whose role changes depending on which story one accepts as cannon. noch 1.150 Wörter