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Friday Night Music Club

Evening all. Hope you’ve all had a decent week since I last graced these pages with anything new for you to chow down on. It’s Friday Night and that can only mean one thing: it’s time for the latest additions to the Music Club canon. noch 1.538 Wörter

Friday Night Music Club

Niamh McGrady : the feel, "The Fall", the flow.

When I discovered Niamh McGrady, there was two stages of surprise.

The first initial shock (the same I had with all these amazing British and Irish actors which I discovered in the past ten years) was when I sat down to binge watch “The Fall”. noch 391 Wörter


Blur--Look Inside America

For someone who’s spent 25 years defining the sound of British music, Damon Albarn has spent a lot of time thinking about America.  Blur’s early relationship with the US could be described as cynical and suspicious, but by the time he released the Gorillaz travelogue The Fall, Albarn seemed to have developed a respect for the place, having lived enough to understand its genuine small pleasures.   noch 203 Wörter


British Shows I'm Watching to Fill a Who-Shaped Hole

If you haven’t heard already, there are big changes happening in the Doctor Who world. The show’s intrepid leader (love him or hate him), Steven Moffat is leaving… noch 915 Wörter

Doctor Who

Gillian Anderson and Krister Henriksson pictured on the set of The Fall

Gillian Anderson is doing some good business at the moment – she always does, really – appearing in the much-anticipated new series of The X-Files as well as the BBC’s War And Peace. noch 133 Wörter

British Crime Drama

If God is good, why is there pain and suffering in the world?

Oftentimes you hear atheists and skeptics attack Christianity claiming that God is evil and unjust. As atheist Stephen Fry said about God in an interview… noch 395 Wörter


Premiere | Robert John Ardiff's intimate E.P. 'The Fall'

The Last Mixed Tape is proud to premiere The Fall the brand new solo E.P. from Come On Live Long’s Robert John Ardiff.

A record full to the brim with harmonically wrapped textures and soft intimacy, Robert John Ardiff’s  noch 247 Wörter