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Gay Marriage

This month my blog site is one year old, and to my amazement I am still enjoying writing and my blog is growing and developing. noch 205 Wörter


The Fall (Seasons 1 & 2)

Firstly apologies for the lack of post last week but there were no new films out at my cinema and it was also my birthday so I figured I could give myself a week off :) Unfortunately there was also no films I was interested in this week so instead I spent my free hours watching the entire second season of the brilliant  noch 629 Wörter


In Memory Of John Peel Show Jul 24th - Podcast & Playlist

A show embracing the snarling voc of M.E.Smith alonside the 4-octabe perfection of Roomful of Teeth. Extraordinary stuff.

In Memory of John Peel Show LIVE on Fridays noon-2pm Pacific time on… noch 288 Wörter

Moldy Evolutionary Cake

Theistic evolution is a classic example of wanting to have your cake and eat it too.  If you are not familiar with the theory, it is basically this:  God is the Creator of all things, but evolution is the means He used to bring about all organic life on earth.  noch 1.039 Wörter

Trogo: Something To Chew On

The Seventh Tower: The Fall

Tal Graile-Rarem is only thirteen when his father leaves on a mission for the Empress and does not return. As the oldest child, it is then left up to Tal to look after his ailing mother and two younger siblings in his father’s absence. noch 309 Wörter

What I'm Reading

An hour playing only what a machine recommends...

So i’m bored on a Thursday night trying to do some illustration and flicking through Apple Music. So here are the results of a little experiment I thought might be fun. noch 130 Wörter