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Interview with Maggie Siff.

Published in The Fall, January 2017.

The Fall

The Artist

Career-spanning interview with Sam Rockwell.

Published in The Fall, January 2017.

The Fall

The Midseason Review: Fall 2016

It’s been a difficult year, especially for women’s rights, and we’re staring down some serious fights. In this sort of atmosphere, it’s more important than ever for women to be well-represented on television. 123 weitere Wörter

Empty Answers

My heart is fractured by beating fists.

Voices reach the inner workings of my body

And push me to hide–

But darkness looks a lot like fear. 16 weitere Wörter


Grace’s Journey: Inability to Determine Good from Bad

Continued from here.

I learned a valuable lesson from my experience with the flu and Italy: I do not have the ability to accurately label whatever happens in my life as “good” or “bad.” I certainly believed that suffering from the flu was “bad” because I was in pain. 465 weitere Wörter

Grace's Journey

The Fall

Do I make any sense or do I just go on and on? I change my mind a lot. No, I believe I change a lot. 94 weitere Wörter

Stream Of Consciousness