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The Fall recap: Here's the story so far as the crime drama returns for season three

This week sees the return of tense crime series The Fall and fans of the slick-psycho drama will be relishing the thought of a third season. 787 weitere Wörter



The reason why Autumn is my favourite season. It is just breath taking.


When Everything Went to Smash

„When Adam and Eve forsook God-centered transcendence for the false-hope, me-centered transcendence that the Serpent offered, the result really was a total disaster. You and I still experience the effects of that disaster every day of our lives. 91 weitere Wörter

Interview: Jamie Dornan, The Fall

Three years ago I interviewed face-to-face in the lead-up to a new series on BBC2 called The Fall. He was to play a serial killer called Paul Spector, opposite Gillian Anderson’s Stella Gibson, the police officers tasked with tracking him down. 1.141 weitere Wörter


Why Did God Flood The Earth If He Later Allowed The Same Thing To Happen Again?

Why did the biblical Nephilim become giants among men?  The consensus is that they are the progeny of a angelic paternal father and a earthly maternal mother. 587 weitere Wörter


A Deceitful Trick that Leads to Less

„The ‚you can be like God‘ offer in the garden was not an honest invitation to more; it was a deceitful trick that would only lead to less.“ -Paul Tripp

Me-Centered More

„Have you ever thought about what exactly the Serpent offered Eve in that fateful conversation in the garden? What he offered Eve was “more.” What he offered Eve was transcendence, but it had a fatal flaw. 167 weitere Wörter