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I'm a Thankful Turkey

I’ve been using E’s bike quite a bit to get around Gnesta lately. I even take Mr. Elliott to hunddagis (doggy day care) in the basket because it saves me about 30 minutes over walking him there and back. noch 967 Wörter

Snatch a Dose of Horror with "The Body-Snatchers"

Robert Louis Stevenson does horror supremely with “the Body-Snatchers.”  After all, what better sustenance for horror than a story about the illicit collection of corpses for money?  noch 857 Wörter

Horror Stories

Over The Moon Games Shares Some Info on 'The Fall 2'

Over The Moon Games’ John Warner has taken to their official blog to share some information on how development for The Fall 2 is going. noch 343 Wörter

General Gaming News

Birds of the Bible – Foundation #2 Updated

We will continue with the Foundation from the Word of God (the Bible) about the creation of birds.

If you have not read “Birds of the Bible – Foundation #1 Updated  noch 742 Wörter



it’s hard to think cosmic
when bodily fluids are involved

you and I both
short on grace when it comes
down to Eve’s daughters… noch 32 Wörter


November Sing-a-long!

So we’ve been busy prepping and getting everything ready for an amazing Nov. 28th show at Cicero’s, and during this time, we decided that we were missing an important component…. noch 299 Wörter

New Obession

    I got this new show Obession. Everybody need to watch BBC The Fall. It is one of the best cop shows on tv. I like it because it more cop catching a killer. noch 127 Wörter

    Jamie Dornan