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Why did God test Adam with the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil?

“If God knew that Adam would fail the test and eat from the Tree, then wasn’t it unfair of him to set the test in the first place?” … 581 weitere Wörter


All Time Favorites: Films

True Favorites

These are the films that I’ve watched more than once (and in the case of Amelie and The Boxtrolls, watched more than ten times) and am consequently certain of their places in my all-star lineup. 1.412 weitere Wörter


Survey of Genesis 1-11

Lesson 2 in Old Testament Survey I. In this week’s lesson, Pastor Cody Mathews examines the book of Genesis (Chapters 1-11) and highlights topics such as the creation of man, the kingdom of God, the fall and God’s faithfulness to His promises just to name a few. 95 weitere Wörter

For The Mission


Every family has a child who seems faintly slimy. The shadowy one who lurks and prowls and brings home dead things to cut up in the wood shed. 1.386 weitere Wörter

Character Study