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The Fall - Sub-Lingual Tablet - Album Review

Is this album number 30? It’s easy to loose count. It’s also easy not to care about numbers when it comes to The Fall, how many members (?), how many albums, how many of their 36 years have they not released an album (10), how many years did they release two albums (3)? noch 454 Wörter


When you see a black chicken at a crossroads


More tales from the country. On sunday, as one of our neighbours was getting barked at furiously by both dogs, he told me, with the help of pointing, that the larger dog’s mouth was black. noch 347 Wörter


The Fall at Riverside, Newcastle on 23rd May 2015

After a last minute venue change I arrive at Riverside as the first of three support bands, Transfigure, are in the closing stages of their set. noch 838 Wörter

Sound & Silence

The Final Solution

. . . that they may be one, just as we are one . . .

If you pause on this snippet of Christ’s prayer long enough, you might need to take your model of God and the Church off the shelf, and try to make some room for alterations. noch 1.057 Wörter


"With Love From Manchester" - New Order, The Fall & The Smiths - Liverpool Royal Court, 8 February 1986

1986 was a politicised time in Liverpool. I was in my second term at Liverpool Polytechnic and the city was in a mess. The Militant Tendency factions in the City’s council were in a stand-off with Margaret Thatcher. noch 1.436 Wörter


British TV Mysteries - Recommendations

I have the biggest soft spot for British TV mysteries. Agatha Christie, Prime SuspectWallander, even Rosemary & Thyme, that British reserve giving way to human foible and depravity, yet with elegance just works for me. noch 265 Wörter

British TV Mysteries