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Writers weekend

I’m taking this weekend to work hard on Summer Poppies. It’s high time I gave it the attention it’s due. I’m not in a hotel, locked away as I used to do, I’m simply at home. noch 197 Wörter

All Things Good

Spur Contemplating

Thanks to Omaik Digital Art for his is concept of Spur while out on the broken bridge, contemplating their next move… Spur and his famous back of tattoos. noch 16 Wörter

A Lotus

The prologue to

Lex put her mouth over Roxanne’s and pushed in air. It was her third attempt at CPR and she wondered at what point she would have to ring the ambulance. noch 2.097 Wörter

Another Month Has Come To An End... | June Wrap-Up!

Random Fact of the Day: A species of earthworm in Australia grows up to 10 feet in length.

Hello sunshines!! This month honestly went by so fast and that makes me very sad because that it is one month closer to school ._. noch 352 Wörter

Social Media

Lost and found in translation

One of the most valuable things of research trips is that it makes me reflect on my earlier work. And it makes that have I to sharpen and polish the narrative about the key findings of that work. noch 1.202 Wörter

Urban Sustainability

The Books

The Books were a New York based act who worked from 1999-2010 releasing their first album Thought For Food in 2002. The album consisted of simple arrangements made on guitar and cello and featured a heavy amount of sampling which was the main focus for the compositions on the album. noch 797 Wörter


Semacam Rekomendasi Buku

Hai haaaaai, saya datang lagiiiii, dan langsung ikutan giveaway! hahahahaha. Yaabis gimana atuh ya, Giveaway for Booklovers gitu judulnya, jadi sebagai booklover garis keras, saya merasa terpanggil untuk ikut ambil bagian dalam perhelatan ini *tsaaah*. noch 687 Wörter

My Mind..