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Convergence: Chapter 1 - Her First Trial

They were the oddest pair, facing each other in the sterile, chamber-like room of endless white. One was a late-teen human girl; Melissa Bailey was her name. 2.291 weitere Wörter


More information about Cassandra Clare and Holly Black's event in London tomorrow

As we previously posted Cassandra Clare and Holly Black will be in London tomorrow 17/08/2017 for a Q&A and book signing with fans. The event is sold out. 402 weitere Wörter


Meet Milana!

Like all kids, Milana is curious about the world she lives in and she’s not afraid to ask questions. In this three-part book series, Milana takes her readers on different adventures to discover how diversity is what makes us strong. 187 weitere Wörter

Milana's Stories

How Writing a Book Really Goes Down

          As an author, a common question I get asked frequently is, “How long did it take to write your book?”  For 5k, Ballet, and a Spinal Cord Injury, my answer is always “thirteen months,” and for Determination, my answer is always “about two years.”  Everyone has their own reaction to that, but most people are shocked by the amount of time spent solely on writing a book.   626 weitere Wörter

Chronic Illness

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Music & Visions – projects selected by Giovanni Papalia + ThePT

Take Time, from The Lemon of Pink studio album, released October 7, 2003, label: Tomlab. 586 weitere Wörter


Looking for A break

Hey guys!

The book I’m going to discuss today, really lies close to my heart. I got this a while ago for Valentine’s Day from my boyfriend and that’s why I really loved to read it and wanted to read it very soon. 1.006 weitere Wörter