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Convergence - Chapter 15: Convergence

Melissa and Katherine gasped for air as they stood shakily facing each other. The two women had fought with everything they had, and now were bruised, battered, and bloodied. 1.495 weitere Wörter


Release Day - The Mercenary's Tale

The fourth book in the Soldiers of Fortune series is published today. Aymer Montfort became a mercenary after the Battle of Poitiers. Ten years later he decides to return home and make his peace with his brothers. 75 weitere Wörter

The Books

Convergence - Chapter 14: Secondary

After hours of searching, the trio found themselves standing in front of a door in the Hallway.

„A door with no plaque,“ April said. „It has to be here.“ 3.651 weitere Wörter


*New Track for Upcoming Album*

This is an experiment in sampling with what I could find in my immediate surroundings.  Sound hunting has long been a favorite past time.  Last year I got married, and a friend gifted us a bamboo encased chime with metal tongs inside which are struck by a glass bead.  60 weitere Wörter


The Knight's Tale

Today the third book in The Soldiers of Fortune series is released.

Stephen is the third surviving Montfort brother. Wounded in the Battle of Poitiers, he decides to remain in Gascony with his friend and captain, Roger de Calais. 65 weitere Wörter

The Books

Convergence - Chapter 13: The Reveal

The Author turned to face the mysterious figure known to all as the Mist Sovereign, who was hovering above the ground surrounded completely in black fog. 2.628 weitere Wörter


Convergence - Chapter 12: The Hero

The three creations sat cross-legged in the midst of the destroyed White Room, staring intently at the red-bladed jian. The weapon was lying down on one of the few untouched carpets remaining, pulsing stronger than ever before in a shade of red so deep it was almost blood-like. 4.887 weitere Wörter