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Much Ado About Nothing to snack on- inescapableabby

I am back, late as usual, and returning with (gasp!) a Shakespeare play!…that I actually enjoyed.

Fortunately for you, Shakespeare is well within the chronological confines of the public domain, and therefore you should be able to find his stuff within a few well-chosen clicks while sparing yourself the misery of having to buy a $60 Shakespeare anthology textbook (oh, the life of an undergrad). noch 587 Wörter

The Books

A Very Sad Letter - PuppySand

It’s March in Wisconsin. We’ve had a few sunny warm days which will, no doubt, be followed by another brief bout with winter. It’s been a difficult winter; not especially snowy, but raw and grey and unpleasant. noch 868 Wörter

The Books

NOW PLAYING: Stage Hands ~ Stage Hands

NYC by way of Johnstown, PA sound artist Brandon Locher has been kicking up a cosmic racket for quite some time now, working with folks like the esteemed… noch 85 Wörter

José González

José González is a Swedish folk artist of Argentinean ancestry. Mastering classical guitar and finger-picking techniques, González exists in the same realm of Nick Drake, The Tallest Man on Earth, early Devendra Banhart and Rodrigo Amarante from Little Joy, where Spanish and folk influence meet the familiarity of indie-style, anglophonic singing. noch 131 Wörter


The Books' Paul de Jong Shares Collage-Pop Cyclone This Is Who I Am + Self-Directed Auction Block Video | Music News

The Books’ Paul de Jong Shares Collage-Pop Cyclone This Is Who I Am + Self-Directed Auction Block Video | Music News

by Erik Otis

I’ve spent the last few hours with… noch 364 Wörter


New Cover: Cassandra Clare shares new UK paperback cover for 'Magisterium: The Iron Trial'

Last year we were introduced to Cassandra Clare’s 1st non-Shadowhunter related novel which was co-written with Holly Black called The Iron Trial.

The book is the 1st in the five part Magisterium series that follows Callum and his friends as they work their way through the Magisterium (a school for magicians). noch 85 Wörter


Dodge City Tales - The Dead Lawyer

Dodge City has some fantastic stories, especially regarding pranks that some of the gamblers would play on unsuspecting citizens. The Dodge City Gang as they were referred to included well-known names such as Luke Short, Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp. noch 884 Wörter

Doc Holliday