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Frantically-Eaten Grilled Cheese- InescapableAbby

I’ve always had a soft spot in my book-reading heart for mystery novels. When everybody in my sophomore year of highschool was reading Twilight, I was reading Agatha Christie and wondering how Poirot would, inevitably, save the day and bring the murderer/jewel thief/con artist to justice. noch 474 Wörter

The Books

School Delay

Weekly Post Coming Soon!

InescabableAbby will post this week!

And… Mrs. Earendel will post this week!

So, watch out this week for two posts instead of just one!

The Books

More Prize Opportunities

Want more prizes? How about a chance to win ebooks or an Amazon gift card? Okay, no problem! Just follow these blog dates for Warrior Mine, Vail’s story. noch 127 Wörter

The Books

Nick Zammuto welcomes Spring with a live music and video show at Mass MoCA on March 21

From his days as a founding member of luminary art rockers the Books to his equally arresting and madcap work as a solo artist, the imagination of Nick Zammuto is boundless. noch 598 Wörter


Travel Delay

Because PuppySand was traveling to see Mrs.Earendel, there will not be a post from her this week about her latest eats and reads. Our apologies. Have no fear, she will be back with tales of her adventures. :)

The Books

A Fine, Pleasant Picnic - Mrs.Earendel

Lately, I have been rereading a delightful novel by Elizabeth Peters called “The Last Camel Died at Noon” during which the fearless heroine,  Amelia Peabody, and her family set off on the harrowing quest of finding a patron’s long lost uncle and family. noch 1.128 Wörter

The Books

Hobbits and Sticky Fingers-- inescapableabby

If I was not academically obligated to read sixteen textbooks during my fourteen-week semester, I would like to think that I would already be done with… noch 783 Wörter

The Books