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Caitlyn Jenner

Disclaimer before you read this post:

I don’t really know anything about transgenderism. This is simply my humble opinion about Caitlyn Jenner’s book “Caitlyn, The Secrets of My Life.”   I found it extremely thought provoking, and a must for KUWTK fans. 1.255 weitere Wörter

The Books

Reviews By Request #1: The Books - Thought For Food

Thought For Food… Is it food for thought? Yes.

The Books are an enigmatic group, in the sense that they lay between genres like an amorphous blob, avoiding clear definition or categorization. 738 weitere Wörter


Tonight's Efforts

Just finished writing Chapter 8 for The Book of Reflections! Also passed 40k words, which is halfway past my arbitrary goal of 80,000 for this book, so I’m making progress, guys!!! 118 weitere Wörter

The Books

"We're flying! We're flying, Daddy." - Every Last Lie + a Giveaway!

Mary Kubica has proven once again why she is my favorite suspense author. I have been wanting to tell you about her new book, Every Last Lie… 412 weitere Wörter


Convergence - Chapter 15: Convergence

Melissa and Katherine gasped for air as they stood shakily facing each other. The two women had fought with everything they had, and now were bruised, battered, and bloodied. 1.495 weitere Wörter


Release Day - The Mercenary's Tale

The fourth book in the Soldiers of Fortune series is published today. Aymer Montfort became a mercenary after the Battle of Poitiers. Ten years later he decides to return home and make his peace with his brothers. 75 weitere Wörter

The Books

Convergence - Chapter 14: Secondary

After hours of searching, the trio found themselves standing in front of a door in the Hallway.

„A door with no plaque,“ April said. „It has to be here.“ 3.651 weitere Wörter