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Day 29 - a song you want played at your funeral

I am not happy with this prompt, because thinking of what song I want played at my funeral is the sort of thing I do when I’m very depressed. noch 36 Wörter


My Precious

A first edition of the Dutch translation of The Lord of the Rings. Called ‘In de Ban van de Ring’. Which means ‘Under the spell of the Ring’, no Lord in the Dutch translation. noch 47 Wörter

Roving Thoughts

Tom Bombadil

When I read The Fellowship of the Ring and read about Tom Bombadil, I didn’t quite get it. Who was this man, creature, being? Not reading about him ever again in the trilogy made him even more futile. noch 176 Wörter

Roving Thoughts

The trouble of a medium-n study—and how I got out of it

Over the last months I have struggled in getting the book (back) on track. With 60 examples of governance innovations of resource efficient and low-carbon buildings and cities from 6 different countries I haven’t given myself an easy task. noch 1.148 Wörter

The Book(s)

[Review] Tentang Kita

Ini adalah judul sebuah buku kumpulan cerpen karya Reda Gaudiamo, temans. Ada 17 cerpen di dalamnya, yang ditulis dalam rentang waktu yang cukup panjang: dari akhir 1980-an hingga 2014! noch 391 Wörter

The Books

Only 50 Cents Could Get You Amazing Love From Me

Now that I have your attention, I don’t mean any sexual love but just appreciation as a writer kind of love. So what is this magical place of 50 cents and what do you get in return? noch 98 Wörter


First Chapter Reveal: Read the first chapter of Cassandra Clare and Holly Black's 'The Copper Gauntlet' now!

We are now just over 2 months away from the second book in the Magisterium series, The Copper Gauntlet, being released.

Written by The Mortal Instruments’ noch 227 Wörter