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8 Sentence Sunday 4-26-15 and the Fighting Dragons of Chalvaren

A woman, a female elf with dark auburn hair raced out onto the battlefield from behind a boulder. She lifted her arm as if she might stop his father’s dragon from falling from the sky. noch 123 Wörter


Love Anthony

“Don’t aim for perfect. Aim for complete. Perfection is an unattainable illusion.”
― Lisa Genova, Love Anthony

This is a beautiful book about the love between a mother and her son.

noch 127 Wörter
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IF reminds us of what made The Books so brilliantly groundbreaking in the first place while also highlighting many uncovered gifts for maturity in song-structure. noch 797 Wörter

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8 Sentence Sunday with the Weekend Writing Warriors and my Dragons of Chalvaren

     Heated voices drew their attention, and elf and dragon lifted their heads toward the open dragon paddock doors. A surge of hot adrenaline flooded Lachlan’s limbs. noch 192 Wörter


Spring has sprung, romance, and a young woman's heart turns toward love...

We’ve been busy in the garden this Spring. Hopefully the honey bees will appreciate our efforts and visit in the next few days.

Hope you’re lucky enough to stop and take time to smell apple blossoms. noch 91 Wörter

The Books

Shut up, and write (a review of books-on-writing-books)

Writing is hard work. It is. For a long time I thought it was not. But I was wrong. Very much so. I have only begun to realise how hard through the two books I’m writing now. noch 891 Wörter

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New 'Magisterium: The Copper Gauntlet' snippet: Tamara asks Call why he's so important

We have been a bit spoiled with Shadowhunter snippets over the past couple of weeks so a fan asked Cassandra Clare if she could share a snippet from the second book in the… noch 560 Wörter