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High Value $3/2 Dial Body Wash Coupon = Men's Body Wash ONLY 60¢ at Target (After Gift Card)

Hop on over to where you can print this new coupon valid for $3/2 Dial or Dial for Men Body Wash. This coupon expires on 9/10 and has a limit of 2 identical coupons in the same shopping trip. 183 weitere Wörter

In-Store Deals

Ask the Right Questions 

„Small opportunities

are often the beginning

of great enterprises.“

~ Demosthenes



Target 1. found in train station. I remember that girl, but I can’t get it in my head right now.

Target 1.

She is crazy party-animal and she always drink too much. 120 weitere Wörter


Most Gang Stalkers Don't Know They Are Stalking - But They Are

Don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten all the photos. I am busy organizing them.

What is stalking? „It includes a course of conduct or behavior, the presence of threats, and the criminal intent to cause fear in the victim.“ 517 weitere Wörter

$10 at Target

Ok, so it’s not really Target where I spent $10. It was Giant Tiger, a discount store you will find in Eastern Canada. Although, it wasn’t Target, it sort of felt like a Target. 166 weitere Wörter


Well the Feeling Goes, but My Hair Keeps Growing

I’ll be honest and say I didn’t do much thinking today.

I slept til nine, got up, and went for a run with my sister’s dog Maisy, the sweetest mutt you ever did see with beautiful hazel eyes. 577 weitere Wörter



If you’re a human adult, you’ve probably run errands. I am one of those adults. I run errands A LOT, especially on Saturday since that’s my only day to really get anything done. 624 weitere Wörter