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Helen & Chris 20th June 2015

Helen and Chris were married a mere stones throw from Chris’ family home. When Helen first contacted me all I knew was that it would be in a field and there would be a marquee – it is a testament to their creativity and commitment that they pulled off such a personal, relaxed and beautiful day of celebration with family and friends. noch 291 Wörter

Sport | parachute jump

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tandem parachute jump

By TomasLuka



Painting 2

Trying to gain some courage

Choosing a battlefield

Roses with thorns

Broken mirrors

Fractured ankles

Bleeding of blood

Where am I?

My reality is not my dream… noch 28 Wörter


Queries all over me

Gun without a trigger as I see it

Darkness of tomorrow, I don’t know

Eyes are seeking

Sorrow maybe coming

Trying to stop the unstoppable hands of time… noch 32 Wörter

Animals | Gannets- Flying in Tandem

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Randy | Photos and The Pictures Show

By andrew2chu



Ad video for Generation Festival Bad Goisern

A few weeks ago the organiser of a local music and sports festival in Bad Goisern (in the middle of the wonderful mountains in Upper Austria) contacted us for a cooperation. noch 172 Wörter

Upper Austria