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Scottish-Yukon link up for Tour de Loire Valley

So with the awful weather brought in with all the storms with fancy names – incidentally don’t you think there should be a Storm Matilda … that would be fun! noch 937 Wörter

Cycling Highway 1 

Cycling from the Cau Treo border to Hué (part one)

Sunday 31st January

Miles: 38

I should have known that the deer we had seen in a cage last night had a bad fate in store. noch 704 Wörter


Leap of Faith

I had done a sky dive back in 2003 over mission beach Australia, and although it was an awesome experience, the goggles i had on didn’t fit properly and so the air came underneath and made it hard to see… By the time i got to the bottom i had some serious red eye going on!! noch 277 Wörter


"Gooooooood..." ...checks watch, yep... "... Morning Vietnaaaam!"

Cycling from Laos to Vietnam via the Ban Naphong/Cau Treo border

Saturday 30th January

Miles: 51

From our hotel in Lak Sao we had just over 20 miles to cover before we reached the border. noch 812 Wörter


Valley hopping from Na Hin to Lak Sao 

Tuesday 26th – Wednesday 27th January

We’ve had a change of plans.

Old plan: cycle all the way to the south of Laos, spend a few days in the 4000 Islands region before exiting just as our Laos visa expires. noch 568 Wörter


Visiting the Konglor Caves, and looking Magnificent

Monday 25th January

After some faffing about we learned that the songthaew to the Konglor caves left at 12. We then proceeded to make two mistakes: … noch 817 Wörter