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Mermaid Overseas: Seattle to San Diego

The soundtrack to a Mermaid making music across three continents.

Where: Seattle to San Diego, CA

When: 27/05/2015 – 31/05/2015

Lesson: Ocean Beach is better than Pacific Beach… noch 2.183 Wörter

Clare Kelly

Une histoire de marguerite en tandem

Voilà une bien jolie fin de mois d’août avec une nouvelle foire aux tandems, événement sympathique où auteurs et illustrateurs peuvent se rencontrer. Ça se passe chez… noch 65 Wörter

Mes Balades

New Year, New Trip, New Post

Where did we last leave off?  We had packed Bella (our Seven tandem) and boarded the ship to Venice.  From there, we (along with the Garveys) spent an additional week in Italy, touring by car through Piemonte, Tuscany and Rome. noch 134 Wörter


Things That Go Together

Recently, I’ve had this song stuck in my head called “Perfect Two”. It’s a song that lists things that go together. That song got me thinking of all the things that usually go together and since I love lists, I decided to make one using that as inspiration. noch 287 Wörter


Exploring Welsh Lanes

And so the tandem joined us in Wales. It was great to have this option of freedom with us, thanks to the new tandem bike rack – details of which Pete has now had chance to add to the… noch 425 Wörter

Multiple Sclerosis

Faulty Medical Devices Threaten Lives

I am a type one diabetic, and I’ve been experiencing some major complications in regards to my Tandem insulin pump.  There is a serious known issue with the pumps this company distributes, but Tandem has done nothing to correct it.   noch 1.593 Wörter