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Dance meets Tai Chi?

As if performing these movements solo is not hard enough !  A synchronized duet?

My Freakin' 365 + 1 List: Day 291

Day 291! Rode my first Tandem bike with my friend Cristina! It was a bit scary. I didn’t realize how different it would feel. I like the front better than the back. 21 weitere Wörter

Reflections on Le Tour de Loire Valley du Tandem 2016 ....

During the week of relaxation and recuperation further north at Port-en-Bessin, near Bayeux in Normandy, there was plenty of time for Team Tandem Ecosse to reflect on what was an incredible Le Tour de Loire Valley du Tandem – and an amazing sense of achievement in completing the route. 1.567 weitere Wörter

Blog 5 - San Fran Day 2

San Fran, day two…

The morning after our cheesecake and mojito fuelled frenzy we wake up extremely early yet again, watch American TV yet again and then descend upon San Fran once more. 667 weitere Wörter


Back on the road: Shiraz to Isfahan 

After leaving Azhang and Bita we continued to cycle out of Shiraz. Traffic was heavy due to it being a weekend, with lots of people heading out of the city to spend a day in the surrounding countryside. 1.538 weitere Wörter

Rebecca's Private Idaho - Poem

By:  John D. Gipson

To Sun Valley we drove,

in anticipation for gravel.

Found an alcove

and rested from travel.

The next morning we rose… 71 weitere Wörter


Idris Elba's Green Door Pictures Teams With Tandem & Save Ferris For Congo-Set Drama 'Brazza'

Idris Elba’s Green Door Pictures is set to collaborate with Studiocanal-owned Tandem Productions and Havas Media’s Save Ferris Entertainment for new drama series Brazza. 194 weitere Wörter

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