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Vegan products at organic shop Luzerne, Beernem

Shop review #43 – Luzerne is an organic shop in Beernem, about 15 km from Bruges. Luzerne means lucerne or alfalfa. The shop was founded more than 25 years ago and although Beernem is a rather small town, organic shop Luzerne is quite well stocked with a wide variety of products (food, but also cleaning products and body and care products). 478 weitere Wörter

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Skydiving: My Second Tandem Jump

At 14,000 feet, nothing else matters. Believe it or not, skydiving is both a blissful and mind-blowing experience. And „if it scares you it might be a good thing to try“. 479 weitere Wörter


Cycling and the YHA

Before Britain had motorways, traffic congestion or road rage, the humble bicycle must have been a much more enjoyable form of private transport than it is today. 446 weitere Wörter

Social History

Press Release - Microwave-assisted iodine-catalyzed rapid synthesis of 6H-indolo[2,3-b]quinolines

This article by Dr. Bimal K. Banik et al. is published in Current Microwave Chemistry, Volume 4, 2017

Indoloquinoline alkaloids have received significant popularity because of their antimalarial and DNA intercalating properties as well as their use as folk medicines for the control of fever, amoebiasis and malaria. 656 weitere Wörter

Bentham Science Publishers

Bridge Day

Three, two, one, see ya! Next thing you know, you’re falling at an immense speed through the air toward a river below; hoping that you land on the beach and not in the river or trees. 1.243 weitere Wörter


A minha experiência em salto Tandem ou o dia que aprendi a rezar!

Caminho determinado para o pequeno avião e entro nele com confiança, numa tentativa de manter iludida a ansiedade que até ao momento pouco se manifestou. O aparelho é diminuto; sento-me desconfortável no chão e não tenho espaço sequer para esticar as pernas. 380 weitere Wörter