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Daisy Style

Well, here’s another new experience to report on: riding a Tandem. I’ve thought about it a bit (but I think the Wiff is better off on her own bike – or is that me that’s better off with her on her own bike?). 643 weitere Wörter


The Mother of All 300Ks

The first 300K brevet Mary and I rode together was the new Mother of All 300Ks, in 2005. It was the new ride for the D.C. 1.018 weitere Wörter


Challenger banks' Go-To-Market a critical differentiation - Revolut has its nose ahead

In comparing multiple investment opportunities, I often use Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) as a key differentiator. This is widely used in the listed space, but can also be used while comparing private firms. 588 weitere Wörter

Consumer Banking

How I Improved My German Outside The Classroom

One of my life goals is to become fluent in at least two other languages. I first began learning German in the seventh grade, as part of the requirements of a magnet program for high achievers. 809 weitere Wörter

dag 8 bushcamp - Sur (92 km-1810 hm)

Voor 8u zijn we al op weg. De eerste 10 km zijn vervelend wasbord én vals plat, geen interessante combinatie. Het is heel warm ondanks het ochtenduur. 339 weitere Wörter

Oman 2018

Finding a language exchange partner (and other ways of practicing)

I have finally decided to write my first article and I am going to talk about what I do to practice a foreign language. When I say practice, I mean writing or speaking a language. 1.507 weitere Wörter