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NZ by tandem day 2 Darfield to Methven

After a good feed and good night’s rest we were ready to hit the road again – even with a steady drizzle it was still better than the headwinds of the day before. noch 311 Wörter


Transporting our tandem bike from the UK to Bangkok: how we did it

1. Research tickets.

Two months before the planned departure date I began researching available tickets, plus airline policies when it came to transporting bikes/oversized luggage. We picked KLM Royal Swiss airlines as having both cheap tickets and a reasonable fee of €100 for tandem transport. noch 1.266 Wörter


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its Darce

It shouldn’t be hard for you to imagine what it feels like to have the world rushing past you, we have become a society that has 99 lives all crammed into one. noch 923 Wörter


Coffeeneuring No. 5 and No. 6: Weekends in Motion

We were busy on all of the weekends last month, taking advantage of October’s waning daylight and warm afternoons. That’s my introduction for this flashback post to rides a couple of weeks ago as I try to get caught up on my coffeeneuring reports. noch 882 Wörter


New Zealand on a bicycle built for two

If you are reading this, then we are in New Zealand. Whether we are alive or still speaking to each other is another question. As far as we could manage from a map and some guide-books, we have planned a tandem tour around NZ’s South Island… on a second-hand bike we have never ridden. noch 171 Wörter


Our European tandem cycle tour: the route and the stats

We spent 181 days cycling around Europe during the summer of 2015. Here is our route.

And here’s some stats about our trip…

Time spent in each country by percentage (from highest to lowest time spent) noch 498 Wörter


It's getting a bit cold and rainy... time to go home

Sunday 13th September

Miles: 58

We were now on the home strait – in just a few day’s time we would be reaching Eric’s parent’s house, where there was blissful promise of real beds and home cooking. noch 1.700 Wörter