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Challenge Complete: Skydiving!!!

While skydiving tends to be a “bucket list” item for a lot of people, it was actually something I had never considered doing until I started this project.  noch 738 Wörter



The phrase, “Every journey starts with a single step”, certainly applies to our current situation. Today, our motley crew of just 5 tandem riders met at HTCC bike shop in SS14 Subang Jaya. noch 932 Wörter


The loneliness of the long-distance water bottle. Co-Motion in Louisville

I emailed Co-Motion’s Dwan Shepard before the North American Handmade Bicycle Show to ask him what he wanted to accomplish with his display. He wrote, “We’re showing what we actually do every day here: Really nicely made bikes with well-established provenance, purpose, form and craftsmanship.” noch 623 Wörter

Report From The Road

Wednesday 22nd April - The Day of the Tandem

After many hours deliberating on the type of tandem that we should buy, our decision process was made all the easier buy meeting Ben. Ben is the owner of Turner’s cycles, a bike store and workshop in Bradford on Tone (near Taunton, Somserset) – a store we pass almost daily on our commutes. noch 425 Wörter

Bike lock fruit

I found a bike lock tree in the woods,

Right now it’s very ripe with fruits.

Fruit tree of steel with a light on the top, noch 72 Wörter

Peopley Story

The Journey from La Rochelle to Biarritz, with a rest day

(Sorry about the formatting, it doesn’t seem to want to work)

Tuesday 14th April

Miles: 47

Today we said goodbye to La Rochelle, which really was fantastic, I hope I’ll be going back there again at some point. noch 1.410 Wörter


Surrey Wheels For All

A few weekends ago Woking CC members were invited to join Surrey Wheels For All at one of their Sunday inclusive cycling afternoons. As part of our Christmas Party last year, the club raised £400 for the charity. noch 142 Wörter