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T.I. Is Irate Over Houston’s Restaurant Assault Incident In Atlanta [VIDEO]

T.I. has officially put Houston’s on notice. The restaurant chain has been caught physically manhandling three Black women at a Atlanta location.

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In a very fired up yet still focused video rant, the… 464 weitere Wörter

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Three black actresses arrested for using bathroom at Houston's, T.I. calls for boycott.

It looks like Houston’s is the latest restaurant chain to engage in racist treatment toward black folks after a police officer dragged three black actresses out of the dining destination because they were taking too long in the restroom. 344 weitere Wörter

Tiny Completely Supports T.I.'s Outspoken Rants: She Finds Him 'Sexiest' When He's 'Passionate'

No matter what, Tiny will always be a supportive wife to Tip! HL hears exclusively that she finds his recent response to his arrest and his rant after seeing an innocent woman attacked to be super endearing. 379 weitere Wörter


T.I. Is Wondering Why Tay-K Is Facing The Death Penalty But The Recent Texas School Shooter Is Not

T.I. may still be shaking off the frustration from his recent arrest outside his own gated community, but he still has time to advocate for others. 452 weitere Wörter

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T.I. Unleashes Wild Rant On Houston's Security Guard Who Allegedly Attacked Female Customer

After allegedly witnessing a security guard attack an innocent woman in the bathroom of a Houston’s restaurant, T.I. is going OFF. Watch his rant over the terrifying ordeal here. 388 weitere Wörter



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