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Windows Server 2016 & System Center 2016 Technical Preview 4

Microsoft released Technical Preview 4 for Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016 on 19th November.

Note that the Technical Preview is not a supported production release and should not be used in a production environment. noch 435 Wörter


Binding Enum Values to a form label

There are several blog posts out there which describe how to extend a default form with other information. One popular example is the indication of VIP users by either binding to a… noch 149 Wörter

Service Manager

Intel I219-V Ethernet Connection driver doesn't work in WinPE (SCCM)

Today I had an issue with one of our new notebook models at a client.

After you PXE-boot the device, the device doesn’t get his advertisement from SCCM and goes in a reboot to the original OS. noch 140 Wörter


Hyper-V and CSV overprovisioning

When you want to keep track on your datastore usage, in VMware it is very easy to check how much of your datastores are used and how much has been provisioned to virtual machines. noch 596 Wörter

Cluster Shared Volume

OMS - Price & Size Calculator

You might have already heard of Operations Management Suite (OMS) or you are already using the free OMS version which is great, besides the limitations :). noch 70 Wörter

System Center

MDT 2013 Update1 – Force Application installation order using UDI


Working at a customer who wanted to install Office 2013 instead of Office 2010 using the User Driven Installation (UDI) Wizard, I ran into a little issue. noch 238 Wörter

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