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Recursively get all Review Activities related to a WorkItem

In the Service Manager world, review activities (RA) are an important part of most deployments. A review activity is kind of an approval item which is used to control execution of a business process. noch 613 Wörter

Service Manager

Automate OSDComputerName

I normally like to automate my deployment with the serial number value. Unfortunately during my test deployments of Windows 10, I was unable to use the serial number powershell scripts. noch 462 Wörter


SCSM – Passing Attachments via Web Service e.g. SMA Web Service

If you do automation in a “Microsoft World” you probably start these days with Service Manager and Service Management Automation (SMA). At one point you will have a need for building a connector to another system for exchanging data. noch 1.139 Wörter


MDT and Non-Serialized Computer Naming Automation

MDT 2013

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2013 provides an incredibly powerful bundle of tools to help you build a customized Windows image.  Best of all, it’s free.   noch 2.294 Wörter


MotionFront Pack 3.24.2015 Released

This is the final release until we receive enough follow-up feedback to warrant more updates.  We went back through the code to address bug reports, performance issues, feature enhancements and installation packaging comments, and 3.24.2015 appears to be the most stable release yet. noch 56 Wörter


PowerShell Application wrapper for Standalone,MDT and SCCM

My good friend “The Deployment Bunny” did a while back a nice script to install Internet Explorer 11 into a ref image. I now needed a nice way to deploy other applications using the same principle and way to deliver this to customers. noch 242 Wörter

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