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Error: "A management group with the same name is already registered to the data warehouse management group" in SCSM

After registering the data warehouse, and everything was going just fine, I lost the connection between the management server and the data warehouse, that’s when I lost the „Data Warehouse“ and „Reporting“ workspaces, but when I tried to register it again, I got the following error: 111 weitere Wörter

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Failed to connect to the SCSM console

When you restart your SCSM Management Server, or even shut downed it for a while and starting it up again, you would face the following error when you try to open the Service Manager Console. 130 weitere Wörter

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An error encountered while running the task in SCSM 2016 when browsing domain in AD Connector

When you try to create an AD Connector in SCSM 2016, everything would go just fine if you choose the default option while selecting a domain or OU step, but if you want to determine the a specific domain or OU, you will have to browse and select it, and that’s when that error will be raised. 31 weitere Wörter

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The data warehouse registration failed in SCSM

Registering the data warehouse is the first thing to be done once you install your SCSM Console, but facing an error during the registration process would cause a headache to you especially, there are no errors logged in the event log. 104 weitere Wörter

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Unable to connect to the data warehouse management server in scsm 2016

The data warehouse management server is one of the most important components of SCSM, that’s why the first thing we do after installing the Service Manager console is to register the data warehouse, but some times Winds do not blow as the vessels wish, and we face errors like the following one: 88 weitere Wörter

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Error when installing Service Manager Datawarehouse "An error occurred while executing a custom action:_CreateSrsFolder_SC"

It’s common to see an installation failure due to some misconfigured prerequisites.

But sometimes you may face some abnormal case, as shown in the following screenshot: 119 weitere Wörter

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Orchestration for Enterprise Cloud part 3

In the first article in this series, we gave an overview of orchestration as an extension to our previous series around automation. We also used the… 1.174 weitere Wörter