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Checking SCCM Task Sequence Variables using Powershell

While running an OSD task sequence you can use powershell to check the TS Environment variables.

I added a ‚Pause‘ step using this guide. If, like me, you are using an x64 PE image, you need use the ’serviceui.exe‘ from either the Program Files location on the machine with MDT installed, or a MDT package : 142 weitere Wörter


System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)–Release 1706

Released the two weeks, the new update has many new features:

Some are important because they solve problems and previous demands but the new features are also of interest: 67 weitere Wörter

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Deploying BGInfo using SCCM

So, its been a while, but lets start.

Today, I was googling how to deploy BGinfo Using SCCM. Everybody suggested on community to use GPO for this task. 487 weitere Wörter


#Azure and #MSOMS notable updates week 35/17


Token Lifetime for AzureAD has been changed to improve user experience, the new defaults apply to newly created tenants.. Defaults can be changed using the New-AzureADPolicy cmdlet. 321 weitere Wörter


Switching dynamic IP to static in VMM

Creating a VM from virtual disk or existing virtual machine is a basic task in every VMM infrastructure. What if you want to assign IP from static pool instead of dynamic which is just the one option by default for such deployments? 167 weitere Wörter

System Center 2012 R2

Extending monitoring with Squared Up Web API - A Citrix Netscaler example.


Today I will talk about an interesting use case for Citrix Netscaler monitoring with the Squared Up Web API tile. Keep in mind that this is only used for visualization purposes, as the Web API tile will not alert on anything. 914 weitere Wörter


cm_siteconfig updates and my humor tank is running empty

I finally got some sleep. And immediately thereafter, I discovered a bug in the script. It’s in the detection method part of the Add-CMDeploymentType mess. The nested PowerShell code inside the @“…“@ stuff was expanded and caused it to wipe out the $reg and $val variables, so the result was like our Federal government today: useless. 153 weitere Wörter