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Server 2012 R2 "does not have a network adapter available to create a virtual switch" when configuring VDI

I recently ran into this issue when doing an all-in-one VDI install, on top of a server that had been used for other things in the past. noch 181 Wörter

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Simply find the activity modified dates

Today i try to find the review activity approval dates.

to find the dates i search internet a little bit and i have found below script… noch 39 Wörter

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SCOM custom web console examples

For me, the presentation layer is always the most important in any monitoring solution. Besides digesting alerts, I’d look for something that gives a ‘big picture’ view (or at least, as big a picture as is relevant for the operations team). noch 573 Wörter

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SCCM with 100% USB/Mobile Device storage security

Security Removable Media Manager (secRMM) is Windows security software that audits and authorizes write activity to storage devices that connect using the USB port.  noch 239 Wörter


SCCM Collection Query for all Workgroup Machines

Nothing too special about this post, just a query statement. Use this query in an SCCM collection and it will give you all WORKGROUP machines. noch 52 Wörter

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SCCM Collection Variables Editor - SCCM 2012

SCCM Collection Variables Editor Installation & Information.

Download :- Collection Variables Editor 1.0 for SCCM 2012

Or :-  Download from Microsoft Gallery

########## Collection Variables Editor – 1.0 ########### noch 244 Wörter

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System Center App Controller 2012 R2 - Installation & Operations

Invoke Installation following the directory of SC2012 R2 SCAC.

Lanuch “Setup.exe”

Select/Input if this is an evaluation or Licensed.

Accept the Terms…

Let’s wait until it comes up with list of prerequisites need to be installed. noch 68 Wörter

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