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SCCM Console - unable to connect.

After installing fresh version of Windows 1803 on my laptop i have started to install all my tools on it.

After installing SCCM console, from location noted below, I couldn’t connect. 166 weitere Wörter


Management Packs: Keep Up!

Congratulations! You have your System Center Operations Manager up and running.  You have imported the Management Packs that you need to monitor your organization.  All that’s left is to watch your dashboards and make sure everything is green, right? 707 weitere Wörter

System Center

#Azure notable updates week 23/18

The disaster recovery service (Azure Site Recovery) for Azure IaaS virtual machines reaches GA. While the service has been in preview for a while, having it generally available makes it ready for prime time. 270 weitere Wörter


ConfigMgr Client missing Health Eval Task

I found a couple of servers that were reporting they had failed the Configuration Manager Client Health Evaluation. No problem, how about I just manually run the Health Eval scheduled task… 237 weitere Wörter


Miscellaneous SCCM Configuration Stuff using PowerShell with Fries and a Coke

Rather than trying to build some Frankenstein stack of horrors, I decided to piecemeal this instead. What I mean is that in the past I would approach everything like I did back in my app-dev life, and try to make everything an API stack. 1.297 weitere Wörter


#Azure notable updates week 22/18

Authenticating to Linux systems has always been a key concern for our implementations, those local sudoable accounts with the same password across many systems have always been a pain. 195 weitere Wörter


Admin$ access issue on SCCM Client Machines.

Disclaimer: Every environment is different and the solution provided below is a scenario I faced this may or may not work for you. Any problems caused by the actions will not be my responsibility. 290 weitere Wörter