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PowerShell, Orchestrator, Gmail and uh...

This is very 101-level basic stuff, but only after arriving at the end.  Sort of like smelling something funny in the middle of the night, getting out of bed in the dark to seek out the source, and then turning on the light to realize you already stepped in it. noch 250 Wörter


2. Define Privileged Desktop & Universal Applications for Enterprise Data Protection

My very first challenge – which was in my modest opinion the hardest part – with Enterprise Data Protection (EDP) was defining protected applications in a correct way. noch 600 Wörter

System Center

PowerShell + SQL Server Memory Allocation

Dovetailing onto my previous post SCCM 1511 Command-Line Site Server installation via PowerShell, I left out the step which configures the SQL Server instance memory allocation… noch 417 Wörter


SCU EU 2016

Hello folks, this post is to inform you about the SCU EU 2016 Conference which is going to be held on 24-26 August, 2016 in Berlin (Germany). noch 91 Wörter


SCCM 1511 Command-Line Installation via PowerShell


The purpose of this article is to share some snippets of code for handling the individual steps involved with bringing a domain-joined, member server up to being a System Center Configuration Manager 1511 Primary Site Server.   noch 3.967 Wörter


Configuration Manager 1511 adventures

I am starting work on upgrading our ConfigMgr2012 R2 hierarchies to the new “Configuration Manager with no more version numbers” build 1511. There are roughly 120+ site servers in the central hierarchy (across 2 CAS hierarchies), so hopefully things go well. noch 372 Wörter